December 2009

Hi Olga, A friend is taking me and a few other people to see you in Paris in December. It is my Christmas present (we are getting sentimental with old age) and to thank him I was wondering if he would be able to meet you after the gig. I appreciate that it might be difficult but he would really like it. That would cheer him up no end for the drive back to Stafford.
Thanks for letting me know.

Pascale! I guess this question come in just as the last updates were being prepared unfortunately. I really hope you enjoyed the show, sorry I didn't get to meet after the gig. Let me know what you thought! I was losing me voice, hope that didn't put ya off!

Hi Olga, I am Talle a fan from België.  Just one question....  when do you come to BELGIE AGAIN PLEASE!!!

Pukkelpop 2010! See ya there! It's a great festival!

Hi Olga / Toy Dolls, It's Lukas from Poland. I'm huge fan of You. I think Your playing on guitar is "masakra" :) I'm wondering how is that, You newer had concert in Poland ?? Is it possible that in future You will have one.
Best Regards, Lukas.

Hi Lukas, I am pleased to hear you think my guitar playing is Masakra!! I hope that's good! We played in Poland twice in 1995, we are eagerly wanting to come back! Lets hope it happens.

Hi Olga, my name's Rik and i think you guys are awesome, i discovered you by chance when i was lookin for a different sound and never looked back lo. me and my friends were wondering if you'd ever do a gig in either sheffield or leeds as they're the only places we can really afford to travel and it would be smashin to see you live as we're reallly big fans and have everything you've ever done. Please post either way fella, oi! to you all! 

Hi Rik, cheers for that! We have done loads of shows in Leeds, and Sheffield, always rockin! Thank you for your support.

Olga here's Alko from Poland <once again, I lost your mail unfortunetly :(((((> I wondered when will you come to Poland ? :D <I know I know this question is already boring but ... :D I have toy dolls's polish fansite and I would like to have fresh info in this subject :P> geetings with our guitar riffs ;)

Alko Hi I hope you are well, and I really hope we can get to Poland in 2010!! Again, cheers for your support!

Hi, i'm Ben from Paris. I going to see you soon on December the 5th. Can't wait to be there!!!! I just wonder if you guys will play some songs from "absurd-ditties" album, like Melancholy Margaret, My wife's a psychopath, Dez the demon decorator, there are among my very favorites!! Even I know you don't often play those on stage... Well I know you have to rehearsals the songs with the band long before being on tour, but I just wanted to tell you... in case of you read this message just before going on stage in Paris :) We truly need music like yours, life feels better thanks to you. Thank you so much for that! (Sorry if i made mistakes, i'm quite bad in english...) Have fun! Say hello to the rest of the band! Bye!

Hi Ben from Paris! Did you enjoy the show? Did we play any songs you like!? Your English is completely fine, don’t worry, let me know what you thought of the show! Take care

Hi Olga!! it true that you are planning to come to Argentina next year?!..OMFG!! please say its true!!..I was on your show "the last tour" in Buenos Aires 2006..and was so awesome!!!...One of the happiest days of my life :)
kisses and hughs!!
buenos aires

Hi Anabela, its looking highly likely that we will be in Argentina in 2010! Hope you enjoy the show as much as the last one. Dates should be announced soon.

hi olga it's jean philippe from bretagne, france... we saw you last summer for the first time with buzzcoks so now we're fan!!!  we'll see you at Caen on december... I hope that I can give you our cd's... It's punk-rock with "accordeon"... the band is "les sarkofiottes" thx a lot for your fucking music !!! your musicians are also fantastic !!! see you soon in france !!! just one question : what's your secret to keep a chewing gum during all your concert ???!!! !!! salutations rock'n'rollienne
janfi sorry for my xxxxing english...

Hi Philippe, We enjoyed the festival with The Buzzcocks! Glad you did too. So did you manage to get to the Caen show? What did you think!? The gum is just to help me singing (shouting!)

Hey there! ok here is my question for you.... I had a punk band called the Burdens  we were on a label out of the USA called GMM records the anti heroes label.. now I have been writing a new record  for my new splendid band  " SHATTER"
will you take a listen when its done and help me become famous for my great creative talent? Cheers!
JIm Russak

Jim Hey, Of course yes! Good luck with it all.

howdoo olga man, first saw the toy dolls in about '83 at blackpool or carlisle, fantastic!!! a far out disc, dont put it down, was me first album, brilliant!!! me kids (cameron 9, amy 7, harvey 3  please send big hello to them! all love yer stuff especially olga i cannot, florence , lambrusco kid & nelly (i prefer the slower original version too) our question olga i cannot a true story? bye 4 noo. iain cumbria.

Cheers Iain Wow, 83, I musta been about 12! Yep, Olga I cannot is a true story! I will never forget it! Hope ya aint too wet up there in Cumbria! Take care

Hi Olga this is Marc from Switzerland. I was at the Winterthur show last week and as always, it was a just superb! TOY DOLLS at it's best. And this after 30 years - congratulations! I started to enjoy the show in the back part of the crowd... Cloughy (on of my alltime favorites) as the starting song, to me, was a dream come true... And as you said "My girlfriend's dad is a vicar..." nothing could stop me from jumping into the "pogo zone". After 2 Songs I was completely out of breath and I had to slow down, otherwise I couldn't sing a long anymore... So I chose singing. :-)  I'm 37, so a few days younger than you... ;-) So, my only question is: How do you do that, playing so many gigs in a row in these smoke-filled, stinky clubs even with asthma? Thank you very much Olga, for 30 year's of excellent music! See you next year in Switzerland!

Marc Hey! Thank you! We really enjoyed the Winterthur gig also I have no idea how we do it! Ha, you tell me! I love it though, always have, always will! Cheers for coming!

hy mate going to paris tomorrow for the gig! if you want give me two full access to see you,its ok ! thanks take care

Denis Hi Sorry this mail wasn't in in time for the last updates! Hope you enjoyed the Paris gig, let me know what you thought! Take care

Hi the toy dolls Hi Olga My name is greg and i follow your band since i'm 14 years old and know i'm 40 lol (not jock) I went to see you'r prestation to hérouville saint claire (big band café) the years befor it was to (élysé montmartre). I waiting your next LP with impatient,  i ear i see and i can tell you , you have not change your's the best band i know on rock tribute dont stop  dont kick off in backet. I hoppe find in you'r next production an vinyl LP, because my collection off your is only
in this format sorry i prefer this sound. King regard for all
greg (sorry to my english)

Hi Greg, wow, that's a long time fan, Thank you! Hi hope you enjoyed The Big Band café! Thank you for all your nice, kind words! I also prefer vinyl, I hope it will happen!

Hey there!! I just wanted to say a great MERCI for this fabulous concert you gave us on Saturday in Paris!! Jeez you must NEVER stop playing your good music! You all are so talented and so pleasant to see and hear, it can simply just not stop! Please continue touring, even in 40 years and even if you're on wheel chairs who cares?? It can even be very funny!! (we'll need more space though because we, your fans will also be on wheel cairs!!) Again, thank you so much, we really enjoyed! Cheers,
P.S. my 5 years old son could not believe that I saw "for real" the ones who sing his favourite song Nellie the Elephant!! So please make sure you're still on in about 4 or 5 years 'cos i'll bring him with me!

Hi Elodie Merci to you too, we had a wicked time, and what a fabulous venue! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I look forward to ya bringing your son a few years down the line!

hope ur gigs in france av gone well? this is our cover of Glenda, watch out 4 the amazing solo!! Hahaaaaaa ;) would be great 2 here wot u think of it (good or bad). thanks,
Emma-May x
The X-Ray Cats

Thank you Emma, that is some solo! Ha, nice one! You should send it to Ciaron, the webmaster, he will put it up on the cover versions section.

30th Anniversary coming up & I think it's about time Fender honoured Olga with a Signature Telecaster. I've already contacted    And we the fans can get them to take notice & make them realise that Olga has to be honoured with his own Signature Axe....anyone with me on this?

Wow, what a nice thought! THANK YOU !

Update regarding the Olga Signature Telecaster campaign...I've set up a MySpace page for fans to join & hopefully get Fender to take spread the word...