August 2009

Hi – Just happened to see on the RokajFest09 website that you guys have been known to perform "Fish Cuffs In Frederick Street". And here I thought it was “Fisticuffs” all this time. You learn something new every day. ;-) Cheers, Gryf

Hi Gryf Ha! Just shows wrong you have been!

Hi, Olga Hope you are enjoying summer :-) You know the playstation game Rock Band? It would be soo great if it was possible to buy Toy Dolls songs in the game`s music store. If MTV Games or Activision makes you an offer, please say yes :-D I look forward to the new album, and hope to see you in Norway again soon. Hugs, Ellen

Hi Ellen Ha! Summer! I live in England! Maybe it will appear soon! I doubt if we would get the offer! But thank you! I cant wait to get back to Norway to be honest. See you there next time around!

Olga! I am Stefan of Pitopi. From Brazil! I am sending 2 more songs! (Toy Dolls cover) - Toy Doll Tonic & Toccata in Dm. And here are some our videos! Toy Doll Tonic & Toccata in Dm. We love toy dolls!†

Cheers for that Stefan, nice work! Well done. See ya in Brazil.

hi olga! this is maja & tina. we just wanted to say that we had a great time at your gigs. you should come again soon both to croatia and slovenia :-). and we can't wait for your new album, hurry up with it :-)! cheers m&t

Maja & Tina Hello! Nice to hear from you both. Thank you for coming to the shows! And yes, we will be back for sure. Still on with the album here! Take care

Hi Olga, I saw you back in the early eighties at the 100 club and you were brill. While listening to your albums i have got my 20 year old son hook on you. We were wondering when you would be playing in the UK next and maybe in the London area as it would be awesome to see you live again. It cheers us up to listen to those happy fun tunes. Cheerio and toodle pip. From Carl an old fan. And yes you can write a song about me at 43.

Carl, you aint that old! No UK gigs planned at the moment, can you get to one of the French shows? Cheers for convincing ya son!

Don't have a question, I just wanted to say thank you for the show!!!!! I listen to your music since i know what music is and it was the best night in my life!!!!!Hope you come back and give a pure toy dolls concert not a festival one!!! Cheers and good luck!!!!! Thanks again! Vid

Vid Hi Not sure which show ya mean, but we loved it! Thank you!

Hi Olga. I'm a huge fan. I've been looking for the video that was made for the She Goes To Finos song that was actually shot in Finos, remember that? I can't find it anywhere! Help! Leslee

Leslee Hi Thank you, good question, yes I remember it, last time I saw it was on the telly in Nagoya, Japan, in 1988, aint seen it since, would like to though! Let me know if you ever track it down!

After all these years I thought I would test your memory. Do you remember being in the states this month and being driven around California in a 15 passenger van? The San Diego was canceled due to a crappy sound system. Your driver was one hell of a guy, well in my opinion I was. Yes, I am the guy who drove you guys around and got you there safe. Just keep playing and having fun. If you ever need to hire a driver for the states call† or email me.
Larry Bat

Larry! Great to hear from you! Will bear you in mind for sure, hope you are keepin’ well and rockin’! Cheers

More of a statement. Actually a thank you. Your music has been making me happy for 20+ years.
Thanks for that. Greg

Greg Hey, Thank you, what a nice thing to say, Cheers!