April 2009

hey Alga! my name is Bruno Monteiro and i'm a illustrator from Brazil
Look this drawing... hehehe i try. Sorry! http://flickr.com/photos/bruneskine/3293364532/
BYE Bruno

Hey Bruno. Mmmm! Nice one! You have talent for sure! Good work!

dear olga, as tho, I've seen that you are playing on the paaspop festival in schijndel. all tho, I'm a big fan of yours and all of the toy dolls and I want to give you and your mates a bottle of lambrusco, so my question is if you will accepts this nice botlle of lambrusco? all tho it will of course be sealed. greets from holland, aarsieman

Aarsieman hi there
Wow, sounds good, been a while since had sip o’ Lamby! We will be out after the show, hopefully see ya there! Lookin forward to Paaspop, its been a while!

I just love your music! Please come to FINLAND!!! It's next to Sweden!!

Hey, we only went to Finland once! And it was rockin! Great place, I really hope we can get back there!
Take care

Hi I'm Maxime from France. I got some bad-englished questions to you :
-When will you come France again?!
-Why is "toy dolls" written with a "z" on my orcastrated album ?
-What's the "captain oi" mension on the same album ?
Thanks for your kick ass music and see you soon

Hi Maxime from France!
1.SOOOOON I hope! Lets hope a French festival will happen in 2009!
2.Oh, good question, my fault, I thought it was time for a change, I am so radical! Bad idea, that's why we changed it back!
3.Captain Oi are a record label in UK, great company.
Merci Olga

Hello Olga, how are you, my name is Arno, from the punkband SIDEKICKBOB from Holland!
Thé Question; It's about your gear. I watch you play and you always have the same sound or almost always the same, the thing is, you used different guitars through the years, Telecaster's, Strats, Les Paul, always on Marshall. Thats the thing I can see. Is it just YOU and the fingers????????????????????????????, or is there a little box between some wires( the Olgabox??;-) ), the high pitch sound, there is only one! So....................whats makes the Toy Dolls guitar sound????????????? And of course thanks for doing what you are doing, you're music makes people happy!!!!!!!!

Arno Hi
Best of luck with Sidekickbob, nice name! I have used various guitars, but always go back to me good ole Telecaster! I always try to make other guitars sound like that one!! For recording there are NO effects used, though live I use a tube screamer for the feedback at ends of songs only, the guitar sound comes from the Marshal JCM 800. Hey, thank you for listening! Hope to see ya in Holland.

Hi Master! I waiting for the next show in São Paulo-Brazil!!! I saw the last show and that is one of the best things in my life. You, Tommy and Duncan are the best team of Toy Dolls. I start to play guitar because i listened you. Thank you, thank you!!! Tico

Tico Hi
I like this name “Master” ha! Thank you! Thank you for that, I also think Tommy and Duncan is the best Toy Dolls line up! Cheers. We will be back in Brazil eventually, we miss it there! Best of luck with the guitar playing, enjoy it. Thank you!
Take care

Hi, Olga!
Well, when it comes about guitar, (respectfully) forget about Satriani, Vai, and others alike... you are the man, indeed. Said that, I must admit that I love the guitar classes offered in your site. But you see, they seems to be just like teasers to me. Most of them don't cover the whole song and I miss a lot solo lessons like the one that's available now (Alec's gone solo). I am pretty sure that a lot of fans would be amazed if you launch a DVD, including whole lessons for the most popular Toy Dolls' songs. And you could even make a survey to select the songs that would be included. What do you think? I think that this DVD would sell millions of copies, based on the huge number of fans you have. All of them dreaming of playing the guitar like you. So, I am begging you: think about it, man. And keep up the good work!

Rileore Hi
Thank you so much, too many compliments this time around! I will try not to let it go to me head!
We are thinking about such a DVD, after the album is written remind me again, I might actually get around to it! Just one million copies would be fine!

Hello, my name is Krzysztof and i'm from Poland. I'm Toy Dolls (and Toy Dollz ;] ) big fan and I have one request and question ;]
1. I have a big request... If You (Olga) could play on "Play With Olga" the track 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' and 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' (this track is on 'On Stage in Stuttgart' album from 1999). These songs are easy to play for You so there's no problem ;]
2. Question: When will you play in Poland (or Czech Republic)? ;p
Christopher (Krzysztof) ;]
BTW: Sorry for my English ;p

Polish Krzysztof Hello! Don't worry, your English is just fine! I will think about your request for sure! Thank you No Czech or Polish shows planned at the moment, but we WILL get there! Poland and Czech Republic both rock!

You guys have a huge following in Australia! Just wondering (and hopeful) if you had any plans to tour Down Under? We would love to see you here.

No plans just yet, but we wanna get there! Our management are always in talks about playing there, but nothing has ever been confirm yet, hopefully one day…
Take care

Oh Olga ... I CANNOT!!!
I will reach Hunxe Saturday and your Gig is Friday. We have no luck to see us again :-( I already tried years ago to see you at the Rock my Ass Festival but it didnt work. You're awesome, please check Leverkusen Opladen out. The place where I live. We have a "Stadthalle" here, where Bill Haley's The Comets played!!! YOU CAN ALSO DO IT. YES YOU CAN :-) So maybe I'll get the great chance to see you again. My Question: When do you gonna play in the Stadthalle Opladen?
:-) A little girly-fan a la Lotta

Little girl Lotta Hi! Thank you, Danke! The Stadthalle looks like a great venue, maybe on the next tour. Oh, shame you will miss the Hunxe festival, some great bands on there, but I am sure you will enjoy the Saturday without The Toy Dolls!
Take care

Hi. Do you have any plans to release the record "Our last album?" on vinyl? Or is it up to Secret Records do decide? I'm running one of the last existing vinyl pressing plants in Europe: www.tailrecvinyl.com (in Sweden) and I would be honoured to manufacture the 12". Cheers Johan

Hi Johan This is really up to Secret Records Limited to be honest, hopefully they can agree something with ya if you contact them.

Hello Olga, I am really lucky about the news, that The Toy Dolls will visit the “ruhrpott-rodeo-festival” on May the 29th/30th in Hünxe/Bottrop. Bottrop is my hometown and so it´s a very big pleasure for me to see you again, while my journey will not take more than 15 minutes per bike!!! That´s quite unbelievable, ´cause last times I saw you it was in Essen , Düsseldorf, Utrecht/Holland, and so on. Well, I would like to ask you, if there´s any chance, that The Toy Dolls will play one more gig in Dorsten in May – maybe two or three days before the festival in Hünxe/Bottrop will start?! Dorsten is not far from Bottrop and since the summer of 2008 it´s my job, to manage the cultural programm in the “Gemeinschaftshaus Wulfen”, If you would like to, you could visit the homepage of us, www.gemeinschaftshaus-wulfen.de, to get more information about our programm. It really would be a very big deal for me, to plan a gig with you this year. About 700 visiters could join your concert. Have a good time, though you have so much work! I really do hope, you´ll find the time to answer my question. Thanks a lot! See you, Oliver.

Oliver Hey, I will check out that homepage, thank you! I am not sure about playing more shows in Germany in May, have to see what our management say! Though we do love GERMANY! Most of our crew live there! Looking forward to the Ruhrpott-rodeo-festival” for sure, hope to see ya there!

hello there olga. its juan ..from texas. usa. still waiting for you to come do some shows over in the US. cant wait for the new album too. anyways i was just wonderin... in the song....drooling banjos... i think... uhmm if you listen closely like  in one part where it gets quite..... i think you can hear someone fart!  who dun it!!

Hey Jaun
We are still waiting also! Cant wait to back someday!
Really? I will check it, wasn't me for sure!
Take care