September 2008

hey it's brad again(ha!),
that was very helpful because im looking for a new guitar (my last one got smashed at a gig. go figure). anyway to my question, I've been looking around for the solo to dig that groove baby. I learned the song fine but the solo tabs online are wrong and i cant figure the solo out myself. My band wants to cover it(we cover two or three of your songs at the moment) but it's just not right without that solo.
Thanks a bunch!

Hi Brad again!
Sorry to hear about yer guitar smashing incident!
Isnt Dig that Groove baby on the guitar lessons bit of this site?
I think it is, but I may be wrong (getting’ too old!) anyway, check it out if ya can, and good luck!

Hi, Olga
I am sooo looking forward to the new album :-) Can`t wait!
My question: I am going to Tokyo in October, and I know you have spent a lot of time there. Do you have any favourite restaurants / parks / clubs that you can recommend?
Also hope to see you in Norway again soon.
Best wishes, Ellen.

Ellen Hi
Thank you!
Tokyo in October!? Lucky you! Probably the best month of the year in Japan I reckon.
You should get yerself to Inokashira Koen (park), a great park, and loadsa nice bars/restaurants near by.
Most Izakaya pubs are great in my opinon, and theres millions o’ them!
The Loft in Shinjuku is a great club, as is the Shelter in Shimokitazawa.
Enjoy it!
Will see ya back in Norway!
Take care

Hi Olga ... I•m Gustavo From Hell, live in Brazil. You see, when you play, for an example, a G chord you put your thumb on the 6th string where it makes a G note. My doubt is if this G note is to be played or do you play Üthe cord Üstarting by Üthe D note on the 5th string? Another question is what kind of strings do you use?Ü
I went to yours gigs in SÑo Paulo in Hangar 110 2005(with Lambrusco Kidz) and 2006, and I hope I can see you live again, will never forget those gigs!!!!!

Hey Gustavo,
Good question, I use my thumb for the bottom note, it is played yes!
I learnt to play with my thumb coz its easier for the jumps when I land!
Strings I use are Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.
The Hangar 110 were great gigs, I love it there, a bit hot mind ya! See you back in Sao Paulo!

I used to work for Pinnacle Records and have fond memories of Nellie etc..and that successful era for you. I loved the music. I am now a sad old 41 year old, but my fathers day pressie from my 14 year old was Treasured Tracks - and I am born again. It may or may not make you happy to know that at least one boring looking sales rep in his Nissan Primera, is actually yelling his head off to Poor Davey & Tommy Koweys Car!
Keep it up.
And don't waste your time replying to me...just keep writing!
Mark L – Essex

Hi Mark,
Ha! Thank you for that! Glad you like the album!

Hi Olga, hope you and the guys are good, couple of questions for ya, have you any plans for an instrumental on the new album and will it be your version of a classic such as your previous Toccata, (Superb!), Sabre Dance, (Wickedly Awesome!).?
Secondly, just got a mate of mine, (Vaark),into your excellent music the first time he heard your stuff he was hooked!, (I've been into it since the early days, yup an old Punk that won't go away! lol), and both he and I are wanting to come to a UK Gig, any booked this year and if so where?
Regards, Salutations and keep on Rockin guys

Foxy Hey,
Not sure about an instrumental on the next album, but maybe!
And thank you! I like Toccata and Sabre Dance! Great not to hear my voice eh!
No UK planned this year, but keep yer eyes peeled!

Hi, Olga!
It’s great to hear you’re hard at work on the next album. Can you please describe the basic process you follow when writing new tunes? For example, I think I read someplace that you write all the instrumental parts; do you play and record all the parts so the other guys can learn them, or do you do charts, etc.? And what’s hardest, coming up with the lyrics or the music?
Thanks! Looking forward to hearing the new stuff!

Hello Gryf,
No rules for writing, sometimes the melody comes first, sometimes a riff, sometimes a title or lyrics.
I write the parts, and use a drum machine for demos at home, then the other guys learn them from that.
I reckon Lyrics are the most difficult for sure, good ones anyway!

Olga- I'm Mike Valentine, and I live in Los Angeles, CA. Some friends of mine introduced me to your stuff when I was in high school, back in 198something or other and I've loved it ever since! I now have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Emma and I recently started playing one of your best of discs for her in the car CD player. Now, whenever she wants to hear "Dig That Groove, Baby" she asks for "Olga Song!" She also quite enjoys "Florence is Deaf (but there's no need to shout). I showed her a video of DTGB on youtube and, as one might expect, she says you're silly. Anyway, thanks for being you. I can't believe you're still at it! Anyway, I'm off to tryy to figure out how to play DTGB on ukulele!

Hey Mike
LA rocks!
Let me know how you get on with the Ukelele!
Ha!, I cant believe I am still at it either!
Say Hey to Emma!

Hi! Im Roger from Sweden. I love the way you're playing guitar. I got†my guitar signed by you at Augustibuller 2007 backstage!
I actually have 2 questions for you Olga;
1. What happend to your pink telecaster you used in the old videos like dig that groove?
2. How big is your collection of sunglasses? How many?
Looking forward to the new album. I'm sure I won't get dissapointed.
Cheers/ Roger

Hi there Roger,
Thank you very much!
Yes, I remember your poor guitar! Augustibller was a blast for sure, great!
The red Telecaster was only around for a few months, it got smashed up somewhat!
Not as big as I want, I only have about 3 pairs knocking around at the moment, though I have got through 10000s!

Hi I'm a fan of Toy Dolls since 1986 and my question is about your favourite amplifiers. What do you prefer an 2203 or 2210 JCM 800 are differents or similar? In some gig did not be able to play with your favourite amp what happened?

I think every amp is different to be honest, even the 2203s can vary!
I prefer a 2203 for sure, natural, and warmer.
99% of the time the correct amp is provided, if not then I am usually depressed for a week after, but suffer it and rely on our soundman to compensate.

Not so much a question as a hallo
I was living with one of your roadies in 1984 in a house in North Tyneside, it was just b4 you did Nellie . It all seems a long time ago now. Best wishes
I still have the tape of the first album i bought from Volume Records

Paul Hi
Actually it doesnt seem very long at all! I guess you mean Fat Bob?
Would love to contact him and have a beer, but lost contact with him decades ago sadly.
A tape eh! Mm, guess it was a long time ago!

hey olga...
i'm singing in a punkband 'enhelrØvfuldfrank'Ü and were really want to play 'bitten by a bedbug'
my guiatirst can play the tunes, he's a crazy motherfucker, he learnt it by it cool that we're playing this number?
We're hope so and cheers...

Best of luck with enhelrØvfuldfrank, its cool with me to play Bitten by a bed bug! Best of luck with it! And well done to yer guitar player for learning it!

Hi Olga.
I live in Japan. A name is "Masaharu". I am sorry to be poor English.
I love the yellow guitar which you have.
Did that yellow guitar paint with a color by oneself?
Or did a color change by progress of time?
I want to paint my guitar in a color same as you.
I wait for an answer.
You please do your best cheerfully, too

Masaharu konnichiwa
Ii eigo, taihen yokudekimashita ne!
My guitar was originally sunburst in colour, but I had it painted in Newcastle, north east UK, by a professional painter around 1983.
Gambatte ne.
Olga yori

Hey Olga,
I'm Lukas from Belgium, I'd like to have your guitar pick!
I really love the Toy Dolls, and I wonder if you guy's will ever come to Belgium again!
I'd really love to see you! Please come here!

Lukas hi
I don't actually use a guitar pick, its a crazy thing I made, taped to me finger! I am sure we will come to Belgium again!
Hope to see ya there!
Take care

Hi M.Algar
I just find two singles from Showbiz Kids band, featured with Olga.
I'd wanted to know if it was true that it was your first band before Toy Dolls?
Could You say to us about it a little more over this period?
I just listen to She goes to Finos Really nice in this version,ÜI really like this Old Hot Style. I know your band since 85' and listen to You again .
Thank You for all

Fabrice hello
The Showbiz Kids was my band before The Toy Dolls yes, though I had a few bands even before then!
I was with the Showbiz Kids for a year or so, touring UK, sleeping in the van!
The singer Rob, now sings with Dr Feelgood.
He sings Finos well, better than me anyway!

We are Alec and Maxim – 2 brothers form New York City. We are huge Toy Dolls fans as is our dad who claims that he saw you guys at the Ritz in ‘86 and CBGB’s in ’98. Well, it’s our turn now – come to the States please !!!!!!!.
Here are a few possible inspirations for songs #7 and #8 –“Maxim’s gone…to grandma’s house” and a next big hit - “Olga Korbut stole my name” . Cheers !.

Cheers for that Alec & Maxim,
Your Dad would be correct, The Ritz 86 and CBGBS 98! Well remembered!
Really hope to get back there asap!
Nice titles!

Hello there Olga !
I have 2 quick questions for ya ...
I recently got an amazing American Telecaster from the early 70's and I play the same kinda music as you.... I know that you changed your bridge pick up for a Seymour Duncan Alnico. But I wanted to know which one you would suggest , I also was looking at the DiMarzio "hot rails" I want something that will do all the right things to this beast of a guitar and next question is what size of strings do you use from ernie ball?
your fan
Jipetto from Canada

Hey there Jipetto
The pick up I have is a Seymour Duncan Alnico lead pick up, which retains the typical Telecaster sound but with more sustain and drive. I guess the Hot Rails pick up will be a lot thicker/heavier, but that's just my guess!
My Strings start with 10, regular slinky.
Hope that helps!?

As a long time fan i wondered if Barry Manilow will ever get recorded properly ie studio version(i know its on the flipside vid),also how about an interview album i would love to hear your voice..Lastly whatever happened to your proposed heavy metal album did it get demoed? from paul panic birmingham(great gig at the academy on your birthday!)

Paul Hey,
We really enjoyed the Birmingham show also, cheers!
Barry Manilow did get recorded, but never released! An interview album is an interesting idea! Though my voice is nowt special, I can tell ya!

Hi Olga !!!
When Toy Dolls will be in Moscow again??? I and my wife wait you. We married one month ago, and - it”s really – the first song which we hear after our wedding , was “My wife”s psychopath” :))))
Toy Dolls foreva!!!

Keep checking the tour dates for Russian shows! They will happen eventually!
Take care

I don't speak english very well, so, sorry if I write something wrong. I'm a fan, and I'd love to an autograph from you.
Is that possible? I'd very happy if it was. I live so far away, and I can't get it one in person.
Thank you so much.
Success Forever.
Regina Vares

Regina Hi
We will be back in Brazil, can you wait till then!?
If not, send me another message with your address.

Olga! Hi there! Just wondering who sang the high vocals on the chorus on Alfie From The Bronx??
Rob, Sunderland

Wow, A lad from Sunderland!
Me, Bonny Baz (now with the Stranglers) and Malcom Dick (now with Ritchie Blackmore) done all those vocals ourselves on the chorus!
Cheers Rob

Hi Olga,
Greetz from Germany! I hope your song - writing is going well, you've really got my best wishes!
Holy shit - as a musician I know that songwriting can drive you insane - the hardest thing for a musician to do; I know my wife is the only person who can understand me in times where I'm "fighting" with songs for weeks (and we are a Cover - Band, that only recycle (rewrite/ new arrangement) songs!) - even the boys from my band don't know what's the price to be a songwriter... So I really hope your writin' works and you really got my best wishes from my "Metal heart"! ;-)
For me sometimes it brings new ideas to chance something, you know; a new amp or playing somewhere else where the sound is different or you listen to different guitar players and try to play their things to get an idea.
I would be glad to know how far you are with the songs of your new album - and if there are plans to get on tour again; hey is'nt it the Toy Dolls 30th Birthday next year?! :-o !!!
'Til then I listen to your records and I watch your last Live - DVD; this one's great - and it also remembers me to my sweet drooling Bloodhound "Parker" sometimes!:-D Guess, you know why... ;-)
Hey, I've started toplay songs from the Toy Dolls on guitar - "Dig that groove" and "Fisticuffs in Federick Street", 2 of my favorites - really hard to play for a an' "Oldschool - Hardrocker" like me... so fast Rhythm - Playing and your solos are from another planet... but meanwhile it works. You crazy bastard! ;-) You're one o'the best guitar players I know - why can't we find find Olga's Guitarriffs and - licks in all the guitarbooks next to Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Morse, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen and Zakk Wylde?! A big compliment to you - you're great!
If you wanna to visit my band online and listen to our songs: I'm quite a bit like Yul Brunner - a man who's just taller than his hair!
Here - - you can listen to my newest Demo Song: "Gamma Ray" (originally Birth Control) new arranged and performed by me alone, together with my drumcomputer; we have not even begun to play the song with the band, but we'll sure do very soon... That's my "guitarworld" - hope you enjoy it... :-)
Hope to see you soon; I'll be in the front row for sure and I'll sing loudest!
Toy Dolls forever!!!
Best regards,
Lemmy Mophead

Lemmy Hallo!
Cheers for all that!
Will check out your band also! Theres a loada punk guitar players who should have guitar licks/riffs books, ie Derek from Peter & the Test Tube babies being the number one!
Just starting song 6 on the album! Coming along nicely thank you!
Take care, see you next time around in Germany, yeah 30 years, my God!!

Hi Olga,
hope your well marra? Lifelong fan here from Wallsend/Bedlington here.
I mananged to miss last September Durham gig because of a family holiday, are you intenteding to play any more uk gigs in the near future? (fingers crossed here!).
John Storer

John Hi
Yip, all well here thank you!
No gigs planned for UK just yet, sorry you missed the Durham show.
Keep checking the live dates!

sorry for my poor english...
I 'm a big fan of toy dolls and i find your site of internet today.I listen your music since 15 years.
And i know today that you have a new album in 2004.
I live in France and it's difficult to find your album.
If you can tell me where i can find it
If you think that you will make a tour next year in France, tell me because i want to see toydolls!!!!
good luck and thank you for your answer
M. BOYER Mickael

Hi Mickael
You can get the album from Secret records limited, or Captain Oi, put them into your search engine, you should have no problem.
Let me know how you get on, hopefully a gig are two will happen in France in 2009!

Hi Olga,
You say you are currently using a 1978 USA Telecaster is this the original Telecaster you used back in the early days? Only the one from the early videos used to be red and the one you have now is butterscotch if it is the same guitar why did you have it re-sprayed and if it isn't the same guitar why did you change? Also what amp do you use i can see its a Marshall looks to me like an MKII or SLP i could be wrong. Do you use any pedals in your set up? And have you used any other guitars aside from Tele's?
Cheers Lee

Hi Lee
Yes that's right, a 1978 Telecaster.
I have used it for about 28 years, its bright yellow, rather than butterscotch.
Though I did have one more before this one, got a bit smashed up!
My guitar was sprayed in Newcastle, NE UK.
My amp is a Marshall JCM 100 2203 model.
No pedals, other than a tube screamer for feedback at the ends of songs.
I do use a Les Paul in the studio sometimes, but the Tekecaster remains my favourite!
Take care

Dear Olga,
My name is Angus. I am seven and live in Brooklyn. I would like to meet you because your music is funny and loud. I have a little brother Malcolm; he’s two. My father is attaching a movie of us dancing to Absurd-Ditties. My favorite song is My Wife’s A Psychopath. It is also my father’s favorite. And Nellie the L-E-PHANT. That’s how you say it. How do you play so fast?

Angus Hey
Thank you!
Fantastic dance! Thank you for that!
Hope to meet you in Brooklyn at some point!
Take care

Hey Olga, my name is Ricardo i'm a big fan of Toy Dolls in Brazil and i would like to know if the song They're coming to take me away is really from The Toy Dolls. Can¥t wait to see you here in Brazil.

Ricardo Hi
Theyre coming to take me away is not a Toy Dolls song, though I have heard it, but we have never covered it!
Also cant wait to get back to Brazil!
See ya there!