December 2008

Olga you is the best!!!My name is guilherme i am brazilian and i love toy dolls...
I want the toy dolls in brazil...............come play in my country again!!!
toy dolls is very,very funny...........cheers and good bye!!!!

Hi Guilherme!
We love Brazil! We always have a gereeeaaat time in your country, I am sure we will be back!
Thank you!

hi there again, i wrote in the previous ask olga session, about the studion one tv gig that you couldn't recollect? as i am looking at it it was teddy on drums and dean on bass, the song line up was
1. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
2. Spiders in the Dressing Room
3. 007 James Bond
4. Nellie the Elephant
5. Teddy Bear
6. Have Some Fun Tonight
7. When the Saints Go Marching In
8. She Goes to Finos
looked like a canny gig, would love to kno if you did any other tv gigs in the 80's(post85),
i have this on disc, if theres an address i could send it to i could post it so you could pop it onto the site? cheers

Aha! Andy, Now I think I know it, it wasn't an actual gig, just a TV show, we sucked, I remember now! I think it was in the North East of UK, maybe near Carlisle?
Thanks for the offer of the disc, but its one o those gigs I wanna forget!
We did quite a few TV things in the 80s throughout the world, I don't have a list of all of them, but we have included a Swiss TV show on the updates!

Olga, I read somewhere that you don’t care for “A Far Out Disk”. That is surprising, because, it is my favorite Toy Dolls CD.  Is it still available?  I’ve lost mine & I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  I’m happy to pay for it.
Thanks for 20+ years of nuclear nursery rhymes for the not quite grown up.

Hi Tom
That's right, I don't like A far Out disc much at all! I think it's available on CAPTAIN Oi still, though I wouldn't buy it!

Hi Olga, I'm Freddy From Tuscany, Italy.
I totally agree with the guy who asked you to play live "I'm a lonely bastard", It's a great song...but in my own opinion one of yours best is "the psychosurgery"! I don't know what you think bout it but let me say that this song rocks!! have you ever played it live? I hope you're going to come to play in italy during the next year!! see ya!

Hey Freddy!
Thank you!
I am not keen on Pyschosurgery myself! And we haven't played it live yet!
Fingers crossed for something in Italy in 2009!
Take care

herrow olga, you're not too keen on chenky?!  well you wrote it so i know what that's like to not be too keen on one's own work.  but here's a burning question for you.  do you not realize you sound like a badass guitar riff god when you play the chorus from poh-oh-oh-uff into the whistling?  whoever did the whistling sounds like the most charming, eyeball-rolling asshole there ever was.  yes sir. 
also, the bass+vox at the beginning of cheatin' chick from china is BRIIILLIANT.. [killer chord changes and solo in there, too] really, so fucking good i cannot explain.  another two i love are razzmatazz intro and olga crack corn.  razzmatazz is just so killer.  it's a minute long verse/chorus number with such awesome-ness and energy packed into it.  i need to start finding functional adjectives other than awesome, killer and badass [and sexy?].  the japanese version of geordie is amazing too, in fact, the reverb made the vocals even more wicked... goodness, who mixed absurd-ditties?  all the vocals/guitars/drums sound so warm and dry and wholesome.. the key change in my wife's a psychopath is done in the solo?  brilliant.  and the way you sing telly addict... jeez.   also, i really like how the snare and guitar sound in nellie [but of course it's also how they're played]. 
there's much more.  but i can only think of these for now.  there are just all these things i find when i listen to these songs that just blow me away.  far far away.  but i'm dancing while all that is happening.  
seriously, you are so much of an awesome badass wicked killer [sexy?] genius that, ugh, i don't know.  so i guess summing up all the questions into one is, marry me?  
ps:  i'd really like to see toy dolls live, too.  any california shows?  really really look forward to the new album.
Hey! Cheers for all that! No, I am not keen on Chenky! The whistling was done by mates from Angelic Upstarts, Crashed Out, loaded 44 etc..
Great lads.
I agree about Absurd Ditties, dunno how it turned out so nice, It was mixed by John Spence in 1993.
No California shows planned just yet, we love I it there and always have a wicked time, busy working on the next album now!
Will ponder on your proposal!
Cheers again

Hi Olga
Just replaced my Toy Dolls Vynal with 7 cds, but can you tell me what album is Duelling Banjos on.
Been a fan since 82 
Thanks keep it going & long live the punk revolution 
Cheers Nidge

Nidge Hi
Drooling Banjos is on ABSURD DITTIES, and THE HISTORY PART 2.
Cheers for your support!
Take care

I saw you at the Åndalsnes-gig in Norway in 2006! And, you signed my "Cheerio Toodle-Pip" vinylsingle! That was great!
I was thinking, if you came to Norway again, could my band do the supportjob?
Let me hear from you!
Marius Danielsen

Hi Marius,
I remember that tour, really enjoyed it, it was Duncans first gigs with us!
Will bear you you mind for support for sure.
Keep rockin!

Hello, I have a vhs tape recorded from back in the 80's with you guys playing in studio 1 in london. It was broadcast I think 1985 or so. I can't find any info on the gig on your site nor the internet. It's you, Teddy and Dean so it has to be from around 1985-86. I would love to have an exact date. Any ideas? Best Pete//

Peter Hello
I think I answered this question above, check it out!
Sorry I don't have an exact date, but 85/86 for sure, that was the period Teddy and Dean played together.

Hey Olga-
Thanks for answering my first email. This is Suzy Hotrod again, from NYC's own Gotham Girls Roller Derby. I bet you've been dying to know that Queens of Pain was victorious in our Championship bout. Here's a photo of the proud team with the trophy. Thanks for providing the theme song for the night! Our all star travel team is made up of girls from our 4 home teams. And we skate against other cities. We just participated in the Womens Flat Track Derby Association's National Tournament in Portland, Oregon over the weekend, and we won the entire thing! WE'RE  OFFICIALLY THE #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY! (I'd like to think that us watching Toy Dolls videos on YouTube at the hotel the night before our last game had a little something to do our victory?) If it didn't, it still made for a good time, cause my teammate Ana Bollocks has asthma and I believe is taking your tune as her unofficial theme song.
love! -suzy hotrod

Suzy Hey!
Another great pic, thank you!
Greetings to Ana, I know how it is with Asthma, had since I was a teenager.
Keep up the great work!

Hello Olga! I'm Roger from Barcelona! my only answer is.... when'll play in Barcelona !!! Me & friends don't wanna die without another gig of us!
We're waiting! come on boyzzzzz!
Top 10 favourite's songs :
1. Glenda test tube baby
2. Toccata in dm.
3. Rodney's memory
4. Frankie got the blues.
5. All the Wakey wakey LP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( is the LP of my life! the best!)

Roger hi
Barcelona rocks, we will be back!
Thanks for the list! Interesting choices!

would you play in sunderland again.maybe the empire
The Empire eh? Theres a thought! We may be back!

Hello, Olga!
As it's the most wonderful time of the year (so they say), I am listening to my huge collection of obscure christmas songs and I'm missing a Toy Dolls tribute to this. I own a CD of a (japanese?) band called "Nicotine" who do their best at sounding like the real thing, but they just don't have the style (and virtuosity).
So, my question is: Did you ever thought about doing a festive album "Toy Dolls-style" (with  a couple of "new" christmas songs along with cover-versions) or is this just too far out for you???
Greetings from Germany,

Chri Hi
I have thought about it to be honest, and we may well do it in the future! Nice idea
See ya back in Germany!

I can clearly remember my brother coming home one day in the eighties with the "Dig that Groove " album. Although I was young (about 11 or so) the happiness and grooviness was so apparent on that album that, eventhough I couldn't understand a word (I'm from the Netherlands you see), it directely send a smile on my face. I was rather pleased to hear you guys are still alive and kicking. By the way Olga, I'm a guitar player myself (not punk though, if you really want, but don't bother, you can check it on ) but have to say you're the best guitar player punk ever has seen! So there you have it, not even a question, saves you the trouble answering. Maybe see you in Schijndel next year!
remember to dig that groove!

Micha Hey
Will check out your link.
Cheers for your comments! I wish I was the best player! Check out Del from the Test Tube Babies and Lee from Crashed Out!
Hope to see ya in Schijndel!