February 2007
Just checking your site for updates and can see you have a couple shows booked in Japan. Australia is just below Japan. It would be awesome to see you guys come down here. Hope you'll consider coming to Australia. Keep up the great work. Craigfoot

Craigfoot hi, we would LOVE to come to Australia! I hope some ay it will happen!! We do keep asking our management! we will get there some day!!
Cheers Olga

hello olga! first i most say i love your music is the best :P and i gonna be to se you on augusti buller 2007 in sweden next year.. and i hope you play my baby is a battleax and alecs gone :P and i wonder if you have any
new cd to relesse ?

Thank You! I have started writing a new album, but it will be after 2007 before its released! theer is a live album TREASURED TOY DOLLS TRACKS which has just been released. Really looking forward to the Augustibuller Festival!
See ya there Olga

hello olga! hope all is well for you and the band. anyhoo, i was just wondering maybe you guys could stop by new jersey or a surrounding state? i live in new york but not in the city and would be very hard for me to get there! another thing i'm only a mere 14 so i need a friday or saturday! i love you guys and have been a fan for 3 solid years! love-katie

Katie Hi USA is scheduled for this year, lets hope theres gonna be show closer enough for you to get to! Cheers for your message. Olga

hi Olga i just wanna ask what guitar, amp, and guitar effect that you use... and how you tune all that things... i'm really courious 'bout it... your guitar sounds really unique.. i'm not trying to cheat you at all... but i just can't figure it out... Sorry if my english is not very well... regards andri rahadi from Indonesia

Hi Andri My guitar is a USA Telecaster standard, Marshall JCM 800 amp, no effects. Glad you like the sound!
Keep up the good English.
Take care Olga

Hi Olga, Just a quick un! Have you got an Toy Dolls 20th Anniversary T shirts knockin around? I know the anniversary is long gone but I love the design and would really like to buy a couple off you if you've got em,
Cheers, Dom

Dom Hi All the Anniversary shirts have gone I am afraid! Ya may find one or two on Ebay?
Good luck Olga

While you still refuse to tour the u.k. is there any chance of playing a one off festival rebellion(wasted) everybody back in the u.k. would love to see you again.

Hi, I think when we get around to playing UK, it will be a short tour, performances always improve when you have a few gigs under yer belt.
Cheers Olga

Dear Olga, I am 8 years old and in 3rd grade,I have ben looking forward writeing to you the last two days. My 3 favorite songs are; Nelly The Elaphant, I'v Got Athma, and Olga....I Cannot. do you have any plans to come to CA? please come to Orange County and play so we can see you live. We will take you all to Disneyland! love, Chloe

Chloe Hey! CA is planned for 2007! please keep checking the tour dates list! The trip to Disneyland sounds good! Thank you!
Take care Olga

Dear Olga... Take that !!!! and thanks for all your music http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xo3k3_toccata (you can put your commentary...it's a pleasure)Cheers, Rod

Wicked stuff Rod, Wicked!!
Keep up the great work!! Olga

Hi, I'm Jonathan From Sweden. I just wanted to say that I«m so exited to see you on "Augustibuller" this summer...I realy love you! Ps I send you a picture of my Toy dolls-tatto, hope you put it up on the website.

Jonathan Hi Thank you, we are really looking forward to the Augustibuller festival also! Please send your Tat pic to the webmaster Ciaron, he will get your picture on the site!

Hi, my names Barron, from the UK. Just wondering when you guys are going to get your selves back to Stoke-On-Trent for another gig? Missed it last time round and would love to get to see you guys

Barron Hi, Yeah, over 2 decades ago it was!! Hope you can catch us next time around when we eventually get back to the UK.!
Take care Olga

Hi! I was wondering if you had any kids T-shirts available? I would love to get one for my 5 year old son. He loves you guys! We have a video of you and he gets his toy guitar and sun glasses and mimics you guys and tries to sing along. His favorite song is "Harry Cross". He calls you guys "Allyos" even though I keep telling him you are The Toy Dolls. He was very little when he first heard the song "Harry Cross" and he thought you were saying "allyos". Whatever that means, right? Anyway, I am sure you are busy and I have a tendency to ramble. Just wanted to know about t-shirts for kids and other stuff- we have all the music. Hope to see you guys back in the States soon. I would love to take my son! Thanks! Brandi

Hi Brandi We dont acually have shirts for sale from the website I am afraid, merchandise is on sale at the live shows. Girlie t shirts may fit your son!? Nice to know he like Allyos! Look forward to getting back the The States asap!
take care Olga

Hi olga I am wondering whether there is any place in the I net where I could get the toccata tabs for guitar, and if not could u sent them Ok that's all ,td forever and esgibtnureinengott-belafarinrod!!!!! Der kale

Hi! I would like the tabs myself to be honest! not sure where you will find them, we copied Tocatta from a band called SKY, maybe they have the tabs?
good luck Olga

Ahoj Olga! How are you guys? First of all I have to say that your music is great! I enjoy listening it everytime. My name is Bernhard and I am from Austria. I want to ask if there are any performances planned in Austria? So I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours Bernhard

Bernhard Hi Thank you! Austria is great, we really hope to be back there soon, nothing planned just yet, but I am sure we will return!
Cheers Olga

Hi Olga, I always liked Fisticuffs in Federick Street better than Nellie the Elephant on the single, as it sounds like you did, too. Are you planning to visit San Francisco in your next U.S. tour? I waited outside Slims for hours in 1998 but couldn't get anybody to part with their ticket. I hope I get to see you all play. Been a fan for a long time. Also, is Worse Things Happen at Sea the second half of the saying, "keep astiff upper lip?" I just heard that today. I always thought it was just the title of a song. Adam Martin

Adam Hi Yes, I agree, Fisticuffs is loads better than Nellie! San Fran will be on USA tour, I am sure! hopefully know dates soon! Stiff Upper Lip! no, afraid not, not quite sure what you are hearing!
Take care Olga

Hey Olga how's it going with you? Are you ever coming to Colorado?? You definitely should the next time you tour USA because I know lots of people who would love to see you, myself included! -Bianca

Would love to get there eventually Bianca! Fingers crossed indeed!
take care Olga

Olga! How are you? I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of bands you like to listen to. PLus, i wanted to let you know ive been getting a ton of people into you guys back around here and we're looking forward to seeing you. I saw that you were talking about 2007, is that correct? and will you be visiting Chicago? Thanks from a loyal fan, Will

Will hi Chicaho rocks, we will get back there! I listen to all kinds, classical, Opera, Punk, metal... Keep yer eyes peeled for the tour dates!
Cheers Olga

hi olga. it's me again, i just bought a brand new telecaster and i wanted to ask you what kind of pickups do you use to get that kind of sound and if you can recommend me some marshall amps that sounds like the jcm 800 because in argentina is really hard to find. thanks and i hope to see you lads soon on this lands (i«ll put the beers on the cooler to cheers with you). Martin qui–oa. (Argentina)

Hello Martin I use Seymour Duncan Alnico pick ups, yeah, JCM 800s are hard to find in most countries! I think the Marshall 2000 valve amp is quite nice actually.
look forward to the beers! Olga

Hey Olga!! First of all thank you to be with me every day since I was 11 (idle gossip.. woooow!!) Now i' m 30 and I can't imagine my life without Toy Dolls, my favourite band, you & the ramones are the best choice of my life!! I want to ask you two little things: we will record our E.P. (after a couple of demos and a full-leight album) soon and i'd like to know what equipement you used on "absurd ditties", I have a 52 tele with seymour duncan alnico pro PU's, but I need that fantastic sound.. Please tell me how I can!! Second question: Where can I send our records (DIY of course!!) and make U listen to them? Thank you and sorry 4 my bad english, I' m Italian.. eheh! I think you' re the greatest guitar player I' ve ever heard, wish I could play like U!! Oh.. When do you will come back to Italy?? I' d like to see my favourite band live.. and pherhaps share a beer with my heroes! A big huge and Keep on rockin'!!! Thank you again.. Andre

Hi Andre! Since you were 11 and Idle gossip! that deserves a wow! On Absurd ditties was a Gibson Les paul custom and a Fender USA telecaster with SD alnico pick ups, and a Marshall JCM 800. hey, thank you for the compliments! cheers We would be happy to get back to Italy as soon as possible, hopefully some gigs will happen this year! Any recordings, please send to our webmaster, Ciaron, he will pass them on to me to listen to.
thank you again Olga

i've only recently become aware of your awesome talent!! i had known about you guys for a while but never got around to buying a full album, well last week i bought the toy dolls anthology and i was completely blown away!!! Anyways i was wondering if you could tell me what guitar and amp you use? Because i'm a guitarist myself and i'd really love to know how you get such an awesome tone and sound in your songs. Much respect

So you have escaped us for almost 27 years! lucky you! The guitar amp I use is a Marshall JCM 800 100 top.
Good luck with the guitar playing. and thank you!
take care olga

How's it going? Just wondering if you are going to do any gigs in the UK next year? I hope you can, cos I've been dying to see you guys since I first heard you! Somewhere in the East would be great, especially if you could get a gig at the Pitz in Milton Keynes! Anyway, great live album, fucking great one! Dan

Dan Hi Wow, someone from UK! We are thinking on it at the moment, do you think anyone can remember us in England!?

Hi Olga, When are you guys going to play a show in Australia? We never get any good bands over here very often because people here are too pretentious. The only decent bands we have had here in the last few years is Anti Nowhere Leauge, Were supposed to get the exploited in janurary, and the UK subs in March. Were also supposed to get Rancid in the new year but they havn't played here for ten years. So I guess it's because we were founded buy convicts were desterned to have to see crap bands HELP! Timmy2Crimes

Timmy Hey! It would be great to eventually get there! nothings planned at the moment, but it would be great if it ever does get arranged! Anti Nowhere League are fantastic, glad you like em! Fingers corssed, we w will get there.
Cheers Olga

Hi Olga Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and the group! See you in Hungary 2007! Regards Zoli and his Family (Bea, Adrienn and Mr. Gabo)

Zoli Hi! Happy new year to you and your family too! Lets hope we will be back in Hungary in 2007!
Take care olga

hail Olga.. I cant find any accurate basstabs for the song "I'm a telly addict". It's like one of the best songs ever written peace and hapiness, magnus, norway

Magnus Thank you! I will ask Tommy to make a bass lesson of Telly Addict for ya! keep checking!

Hello Olga! First of att you are one of the best bands i have ever seen, i saw you live in stockholm sweden 2004 and i just heard that you are komming to sweden to play att Augustibuller, Lindesberg. I have to book a ticket to sweden to be there (i live in greece right now). I wonder how long have you been playing guitar? And have you had a teacher or are you self learnd? I have also been locking for movies with you exept We're Mad, Idle Gossip ,tokyo live(91?), Our last dvd. is there any more videos? Thank you / Johan a Swede in corfu!

Hi Johan! Thank you! I remember Stockholm in 2004, nice place. Yes, we are coming to Augutibuller, cant wait for that one!i didnt have a guitar teacher, I had a little book on teach yourself guitar, still learning! I have been playing 90% of my life, so I guess thats 22 years! I think thats all the DVDs at the moment, we do hope to do more in the future. See ya in August!
take care Olga

Olga! Just wondered if you have seen the great animated movie Free Jimmy? Nellie the elephant is in it :-) The movie is made by a guy called Christopher Nielsen, brother of a wonderful Norvegian rock`n`roll singer-songwriter, Jokke (Joachim Nielsen). His songs are in Norvegian, but I think you might enjoy them anyway. All the best, and please return to Oslo soon! Daria

Daria Hi I heard about the movie, but I havent seen it yet, sounds wicked! Oslo rocks, see you there next time around!

hay im a new listener as im only 18 but i reli love your music and i realy want to no if your ever going to come to portsmouth england, that would be realy kool and i realy want to see the dolls live from james bottle cheers

Hi James Cheers for your message. hopefully we will get to Portsmouth! I did actually play there about 5 years ago, with The Dickies. Fingers crossed we will be back.

HI Mate, I've followed you for years but I'm pissed off that you don't play the UK very often. Will you please arrange a gig for Glasgow if you could? P.s. Hanx for the T-shirt (20th anniversary) I know you are busy , but you still take the time to reach out to the fans. Ian

Ian Hi I am sure Glasgow will be included when we eventually play UK. Last time I was there was 25 years ago, with the Angelic Upstarts! Hope to see ya there.
Cheers Olga

PLEASE COME TO THE USA WITH YOUR DOLLS! I have wanted to see you lads since I was a teen; im 40 now (still a teen) and sadly live in LA County. So come soon and liven it up. By the way, you answered a question saying that you will come to the USA in early 2007. However, your early and late dates for 2007 all not in the USA PLEASE COME. Chuck

Chuck Hey! USA will happen sometime, just have to arrnge/sort a few bits n pieces before hand. Hope you wont be 50 before we get there!
Take care olga

Hi Olga, on the (unofficial) forum we were discussing who is drumming on Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks. It can not be found anywhere on the cd or in the booklet. Please tell us who is hitting the drums. Marco 'Froggy' Vorgers

Hi there Froggy Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks was recorded just before Duncan had started gigging with us, so a great friend of ours Scotty took the drum stool for the album.
he done a great job, though no drummer we have had can compare with Duncan, I never thought I would say that, after the departure of the fantastic Marty.
Cheers Olga

hi olga, i have been listening the band since many years, your music gave me tne positive and humouristic point of view that make me feel not only happy, just different. when i saw us for the first time in madrid 2 years ago in madrid it was an amazing experience. well im into the punk scene and we're a crew from madrid doing a magazine(punk rock, psycho, rock'n roll) so toy dolls is one of my favourite, favourite bands and i'll be so happy if i can interview your band for our next issue. well that's all, sorry for my english i wish you all the best for you and the band CHEERS FROM MUNDO SUBNORMAL CREW!!

Madrid! we loved that show, though we were really outta practice! hey, please send your questions to the webmaster, Ciaron, no problem. Look forward to it.

Hi Olga, your song Dez the Demon Decorator reminds me of Desmond Dekker so much. Did his name inspire you to the song? However, you are soooo cool. ;) All the best from Germany Yvonne

Hi Yvonne Dez was inspired by me older brother Ernie, he used to be a painter and decorator! I do like Desmond Dekker though!
Cheers Olga

well hello there you international jet setters, what you gonna do for us poor punks in this shitty land that we call home? have looked up getting to japan and sweden but as we are both currently enjoying our gracious lands donations each fortnight its pricey as fuck can you give us an incline of where else you maybe gracing the stage either somewhere cheap/ pref free or if you are in ingerland at any point me mad as missus is mad to see you play and i'd love to make her happy. all the best dave the rave

Hi Dave Fingers crossed UK could happen sooner than later, working on it now, watch this space!
Cheers Olga

Dear Olga! Please come to Norway near Oslo. I beg of you. If it's not posible you can come play in my backyard. I can trow a big garden party if you come. I hold the beer and the PA. Plaeas do one more show in Norway! Greetings from Norway Kenny, the biggest fan

Kenny Hi Oslo was great last time around, I am sure it will be included on the next tour of Norway!
See ya there! olga

Gidday, Could'nt get the tour section going to see if you were coming to AUSTRALIA any time soon. So Please come to AUSTRALIA, SOON. Bands come and go, The Toy Dolls are Forever ! Thanks for all the work, for all the years, Life (and Partys) would'nt be as good without the Dolls! Still Diggin' that Groove, Trent, from Australia

Trent Hi Australia is one of the places which just hasnt happend yet, I guess it will eventually. It actually took us 8 years before we played France! the next country to England! wierd eh! hope to see you down under.
Cheers olga

Awrite me matey can you tell me where this was filmed cause im positive i was there. Can mind the red dye runnin doon your heid LOL You also gave me a wave when you passed by in the car afterwards. Hope you can mind and put me auld mind to rest. Cheers Gunny

Gunny Hi That would be the vidio filmed at the Klub Foot, London, 1985/6 kind time.
Cheers Olga

olga been a fan for years, from sunderland and used to see you in the old 29 and the wine loft, now my 13 year old son is into the toy dolls now, he would ( and so would I) love to see you live again in sunderland any chance? Andrew

Hi Andrew Nice to hear from a Sunderland lad! I will never forget the Old 29 or the Wine loft, seems like in a different life now however! There are talks of UK shows, not sure where or when yet!
Send me love to Sunderland! Olga

Hi olga and the other toy dolls. I've been wondering how to play your cover of blue suede shoes, cause i love the riff in it. So my question is, is blue suede shoes one of the songs for the next lessons?? Hope to see the toydolls in belgium again! cheers! Koen do you guys play in belgium soon ?

Koen Hi Good question, we will be playing later this year, so I will have to learn it again! forgot it completely at the moment! Not sure about Belgium shows at the minute, but who knows! please check the tour dates when ya can!
Cheers olga

Hi Olga, and happy new year! I've one question! Can you come to Cassel this year?! Your Last concert there must be a great show everyone told me! I«am 16 years old and live near Cassel (Kassel) and i am a toy dolls fan since last summer someone showed me nellie the elephant! :-)

Hi! We will be back in kassel eventually! not sure when, we did play there in 2005, so its a bit early to return just yet! we will return though!
See ya there olga

Hi Olga, Can you remember a group doing the clubs in the late 70's early 80s called Red Alert? I was a member of the Millfield working mens club back then and remember you ,but, this nutter i work with tells me he was a drummer with them . I cannot remember them can you?? Also could you and your mate Peter test tube re release there "I'm getting pissed for christmas" single for this festive.The Crimbo charts need a good kick up the arse , Noddy will be hanging up his stocking on the wall, Shaky will have snow falling all around, Mud will be lonely, and Simon Cowell will discover another one hit wonder, all rose tinted crap. Best Regards and a Happy Newyear Robin

Robin Hi Hey, this is a trick question right? Red Alert? they are one of the best bands ever to come outta the north east, and still goin strong, of course I know of them! Will bear the single in mind!
cheers olga

Hi, where could I get the song entitled *I can see you* which You played with K*cee (?) in Japan. A fan from Croatia

Hey! The song is I can see you, I think its on our 20 tunes from Tokyo album.
Good luck Olga

Dear Olga, You are a true TELEMASTER in every sense of the word, Why hasn't Fender honoured you with your own signature model Tele? THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD!!!!!! & are you hopefully coming to Canada anytime soon?...preferably Vancouver?PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE cheers, Mat Guitar

Hi Mat Thank you! We really hope to get to Canada at some point! though I doubt Fender will ever make a signature model!!
Thank you Olga

Olga I am in the uk for the next 5 months, any chance you will be playing?? Thought not. Well why the hell don't you come to Australia then????? You guys can crash at my house no probs! :)

Hi Most of the next 5 moths are gonna be festivals I reckon. Please check the tour dates for the shows. nothing planned for UK just yet!
Cheers Olga

Hi, I received yesterday Our last DVD? from Toy Dolls (I buyed it in Amazon), and i am so sad because it doesnt contains two songs, Waltz and Wipe Out, specially sad for because I cant see Wipe Out, when olga loops his guitar. I am really disapointed, and dont know what to do. I sended an email to secret records (see it below) but they only says that "enjoy your DVD" and this kind of bullshits. I think is not serious what hapend, and I would like to have your sugestion in this case. Really unbelivable. Thanks.

Hi That is a sad thing, and strange, The DVD is on sale here in Europe, and contains the Waltz and WIPE OUT! I really have no idea why your copy doesnt have it! Wipe out is the best song on it! Very strange!?

Dear Olga, I sow you and the tremendous band, in Spain in 1993, sala Managua, Njera with the replicants of mont blanc... Can you and your band, come here, MONTEVIDEO - URUGUAY, some day??? Here are many fans of you!! remenber linving la vida loca!!! truly yours, GASTîNÊ of Uruguay

Gaston Hi Wow, Uruguay would be great, lets hope it does happen some day! I am sure there will be more shows in Spain!
cheers olga

Hi Olga, I have been waiting patiently for you guys to come to Vancouver, BC Canada but it doesn't look like you have any plans to make it out my way. Any particular reason why you don't play shows out here? You all have many fans waitng to see you put on a great show. Hopefully you find the time to visit us. Thanks Jacqulin

Jacqulin Hi Twould be fantastic to play Vancouver! Really hope it will happen. No reasons to why we dont play shows in various places, down to management/contractual things. lets hope we get there.
Cheers olga

I just moved here from the USA, and I've heard that one of you lives in Norwich. If this is true, could you guys maybe put on a show in Norwich? I've seen the clips from that MTV Brazil performance, and I thought they were awesome. I would love to see you guy

USA to Norwich eh! Glad you like d the MTV clips, we had a great time in Brazil. No UK shows planned just yet, but we are working on things, Let ya know!
take care olga

Hi Olga You planned play in Barcelona????????? BCN need Toy Dolls, I need Toy Dolls

Hello! We will be in Spain in 2007 for sure, not sure all the places just yet!

Hello Olga! How do you do? I've an absolutely burning question. Here it is. Which football club is your favorite? Thanks and have an enormously cool day! Ronnie.

Ronnie Hi I have to say Sunderland! its where I am from!

Hello Olga. I`m a very big fan of Toy Doll`s from Norway. I`m sad to say i missed your conserts here last year, so i wonder if you are coming back? My 11 year old son is trying hard to learn your guitar riffs now, so he will also se you live. Regards Svein A

Svein Hi I hope there will be a festival in Norway in 2007, nothing is planned yet, but its early days. hope to see you up there!

Hello Olga, I have seen you and the Band in Germoney in the eighties in Stuttgart . Now because I have immigrated to Canada I have never seen you since. My Son is 10 years old now (big Toy Dolls Fan) and of course I would love to show him the Toy Dolls live so that he will be hooked in the right music direction for his future life. So when do you come to Toronto Canada ? Markus

Markus Hi, we would love to come to Canada! lets hope it happens! Hope you enjoying life there. We did play Stuttgart a couple o years back, and Karlshrue!
Take care Olga

Hi my name is Eli and i really like your songs i've learned to know them from my elder brother i'm 15 years old and i've never seen you guys on a concert so will you come to belgium in 2007 ???

Hello Eli We will be back in belgium, not sure when, but we will return, maybe there will be a festival in 2007, lets hope so!
Take care Olga

Hello Olga. My name is Rebecca, I am 8 years old , and I am your biggest fan in Durham. I don't like spiders. How big was the spider in your dressing room?

Hello Olga. My name is Thomas. I am 6 years old and I am your other biggest fan in Durham. My favourite song is Firey Jack. How hot is it on your back? Cheerio and Toodle Pip, Rebecca and Thomas

Rebecca and Thomas hi! Hello to Durham. I lived there for 10 years! Hey, the spider was huge, about the size of a dinner plate. You know fiery jack is RED hot!
Take care Olga

I wanted to say thanks for making great music, about 16 years ago I heard your song "James Bond Lives down my street", and replayed it many many times that day while snowboarding. Since then I've been wondering if you all really existed and to my happiness I found your website. I am amazed at the history you have. You guys are great, Anyway thanks, I'll leep listening. Sincerely a new fan, Larry O'

Hey, Thank you Larry! nice to know someone is listening to us! 16 years, nice one!
Cheers olga

Hello trevor is my teacher in college and he seems to buzz over being in toy dolls but he is a tad gay :). Got anything i can hammer him about you know maybe he shaged a few prossies or something one show and got like HIV or something anyway bye bye

Wow, Trevor eh!? I hope he is not teaching you drums! he only lasted a week or two with us! Nice guy, though he couldnt master 8 beats to the bar!
Cheers Olga

Hello Olga, You are going to the swedish festival kalled Augustibuller right? Well, if you are I am too :D
ps: If you are going to sweden, are you going to play som concerts there more than just the festival? Have a nice day. //Jonathan in Sweden.

Jonathan Hi Most of this year is gonna be just festivals, we will be touring again when a new album is written and released. lookin forward to Augustbuller though! very much.
Cheers Olga

Hi Pete here from Australia, I'v started a band called Buzzsaw (haven't found a drummer though lol) with myself on rhythm guitar and vocals I've run into some problems though I've been playing for about 4 months and i cant figure out how to A: play with the gutar near my knees B: how to sing while playing? C: how to sound snotty? and D: how to do all that while pogo dancing? . so i was wondering if you have any tips? PS. Will u be coming to Australia?

Pete hi, we really hope Australia wil happen some day! Best o luck with Buzzsaw. You should practice eveything standing up, its a different world from sitting down. remember, learning to play the songs properly is the most important thing, when you have mastered that, the you can start adding the jumps n stuff. enjoy it!

Hey olga, whats up dude? I just wanted to ask you if you guys are going to come to next years PUNK ISLAND in slovakia, because last year you were THE BEST! right went you guys started to play i woke up from that 'little' drinking time so i wish you guy will come, or if you guys are going to have a comcert in randal club, thanks and cheer from Roman bye ( P.S I LOVE THE TOY DOLLS! ! ! )

Hi Roman Thank you! I think we will be back, though I dont think it will be 2007, maybe 2008. Its a nice festival!
take care olga

hi olga. roda from portugal.im nobody. just another fan. just want to send out a scream of fear that you'll leave us portuguesers out of your life and fun. i went to see your show here a couple of years ago and left with a sixteen day smile across my face...some guyz were doing the conga line while others played air guitar, my personal fave was the two hundred pound belly tit jigler. nice show! ive been listening to toy dolls for a long period in my life now and i'll take this opportunity to say thanx and congratz! listen, we need you. the music the attitude the reason... i know it doesnt seem like a big deal or mabey you just hate this country or something but come back, coME BACK! COME BACK! when are you coming back eh? we have the right to see ya too dont we? do i gota buy a train ticket somewhear? mabey ill drive or fly or swim... i duno. i aint dying before i go to another show. thank you for all the fun and keep playing until your old and rotten. see ya, roda.

Hello Roda Portugal was rockin cant wait to get back! I reckon the next shows will be after the next album is written, recorded and released. We will be back though, we had a fantastic time in Lisbon and Porto!
Cheers Olga

Hi Olga it's Kramer from Gemany..... Ive got a question! cant you show how to play toccata on the bass gitarre? Iam trying now some hours to play this f..... song but it dosen't work! It makes me mad!!! It would be great when tommy could make a bss lesson from toccata. Oh! Do you play some gigs in Germany this year? That would be great!!! I love The Toy Dolls! Cheers and Rock 'n Roll! Kramer

Kramer Hi I will ask Tommy to do a bass lesson of Toccata. I know he has already recorded a few new bass lessons, so I guess toccata will be a bit later in the year, keep checking! Fingers crossed for German festivals!

helo!I'm french andplease help me!!!where i can found the same picks? thank you

Oh! I am afraid you cant buy them! I make them myself! GOOD LUCK!

Hi, I'm Veronique. I come from Quebec, Canada .I study to the college in Arts & Litterature. Me and four other students have to do a short movie for a final project in my video class. The story is based on a western style but it's during the winter. So, I we need the song BANJO FIGHT for one scene. I know that it's a cover but i want your version. We ask you an authorization for a COPYRIGHT of this song. And it will be wrote in the generic Answer me sooooooon very very sooon!!!!!! THANK YOU! Veronique P.S. The Toy Dolls = What a greaaaat BanD!!!!! it'S so happy

Hi Veronique, good luck with the project! thats fine with me, I didnt actually write it, but whatever, for your project, I am sure thats ok. Take care
Cheers! olga

Greetings from cold Russia, Olga! Hope you're alright! Let me ask you... Have you learnt to play the guitar by yourself or you have musical education? I ask it 'cause i have never heard such kind of playing (especially using pick harmonics so quickly)!!! Please tell me a few words about your first steps in music. Maybe you can give some advice... Ps:when are you going to visit Russia? Pps:sorry if my spelling is wrong) With respect, Egor.

Hi Egor! Greetings from almost as cold London! Yeah, I taught myself, though I am still learning! I like the ocassional split harmonic, thank you! Advice, just enjoy all of the learning! practice practice practice! when you are sick of practicing, pracctice a bit more!
take care Olga

Hello Olga! Last month, revolving some old suff, I've found two LPs: Dig That Groove Baby and Bare Faced Chick (I thougt they were lost years ago!). I've cleaned it up and listened like I used to do years ago. It brought me very good memories! So, I decide to look for that crazy band at internet and, here I am! I really think the next album must be called "NO!" in response of the last album title. A last thing: your versions of Tocatta and Ghost Rider is In the Sky are amazing! The next time you come to Brazil, I'll be there! Cheers!!

Hello! Thank you! Brazil rocks! What would we do without the internet eh!? Enjoy the first two LPs! see ya back in South America!
Take care Olga

Hi olga!I'm Emi and from Japan.sorry to be bad my english. i have been studying english,listening to the toy dolls. i love the toy dolls so much.your created music are such an amazing! anyway i cant wait when toy dolls come to punk spring fes!!!!i heard its been a long time that toy dolls come to japan. you would be much welcomed! see you soon!

Emi Hello! O Genki Desuka Anata no eigo ga ii desu ne! message arigatou. Punkspring de aimashou!
Olga yori

Olga! Greetings! How can I get some shirts with your bands logo on it? Do you have an online gift shop? Please let me know,,,, Thanks for the great music.

Hi! All merchandise is available only at The live shows at the moment. I know www.secretrecordslimited.com have DVDs, albums etc.
Take care Olga

Dear Olga, I have heard many times your version of the duelling banjos, but unfortunately have not seen you doing the version on video. Is there a link to a video on the internet that I would be able to view the video in full. Youtube has it, but only 1.28 long and doesn't have the electric guitars showing. Yours hopefully Adrian

Hi Adrian I will let you know if we find a link, I know its on the Live in Japan video from 1991. Maybe someone has it!
Cheers Olga

Hey Olga: Can you come here to China? I am a student but I like Punk Rock. We all like your band. China is a beautiful country. I'll wait for your coming!

Hello! I will check with our management to see if theres a chance of us coming to China! My friends band did do shows there recently, he tells me its wonderful! Fingers crossed!
Take care. Olga.

hi there! i'm victor from buenos aires argentina the question is (sorry my english is like a loudmouth woman jeje) i want to buy the last dvd but i can't find? found? anyway...can you send to me that dvd for me? i will
pay for that again sorry for my english BBBYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KEEP ON PUNK

Hi there, You can buy the DVD from www.secretrecordslimited.com Hey, I know a few loudmouth women! you aint like them, dont worry!!
take care Olga