18th May 2006
hello Olga. please come to Sweden, we need you there! i have to see you once in my life. i'm your biggest fan! it would be the best day of my life if i ever could se you live! and i wonder if it could be possible to get a signed t-shirt? Tanks Olga for all musik! No one can ever be a better singer or guitarist than you!
Yeah, I agree, no one can be a better guitarist or singer than me! ha! I wish! Thank you! We will be back in Sweden at a later date, will gladly sign your t shirt then! Cheers

dear olga, we are in a kick ass band from Chicago called the Cathy Santonies, we were wondering if you are planning a U.S. tour anytime soon, if so can we play with you? love, melissa and raedy (the cathy santonies)

melissa and raedy hi, Good luck with The Cathy Santonies, please contact our booking/management for any supports. Cheers.

hey olga!:) you are coming to norway in may. i could`not believe my eyes when i looked in the newspaper and read that you are coming to stavanger. my question is: my friend has been in jail for 9 months now for drinking and driving. he`s not released before june so he will miss your concert. he is a BIG fan of toy dolls...is it possible to get an autograph from you and your band when you come to stavanger? i want to give these to my friend Assar. i haven`t told him yet that you are coming. i`m afraid that the last month will be worse for him. so if i could get an autograph from you to give to him when they release him??. maybe it will hurt less for him when he here that you`ve been in stavanger:) I am 29 years now and have loved your music since i was 14 . I`m looking forward when you are coming to stavanger. your music always makes my happy! peace and love mette from norway:)

Hey, Of course it will be no problem to get autographs in Stavanger, no worries. Look forward to seeing in Norway, next week!!

Hello my dear friends, I'm French and I follow you since a lot, I would to say you thank for what you are, you give me happiness when I am sad, I saw you two times in live one time in Reims in France and in Bruxelle in Belgium. Please don't stop you are my favorite band!!!!! Have a good day. Alexandre Rampazzo.

Alexandre, Thank you, I am always pleased to hear that the Toy Dolls music makes you happy, cheers! Take care

Hi Olga,I'm a Pom living in Western Australia and i just love your music.I remember as a kid my sons age doing the dying fly to "Nellie the elephant" when you appeared on top of the pops.. Any way,my wife and son (who's 8 -my son,not me wife) are now as big a fan as me-his fave is "My Wife's a Psychopath",hers is "Dig That Groove",and mine is "Idol Gossip" Right,my question is, when are you visiting Oz.If the cost is a worry,we can put you up on the sofa for a few nights,ad I'll treat you to a fish supper Cheers, Zipper

Hi Zipper, Please keep checking the tour dates list for any OZ dates! Nice to know the wife likes the songs! and your son, wow! I will hold you to that fish supper! Cheers

Hello Olga Just been reading lots of your answers to UK Gig replies... One Gadgey...(never heard that for a long time have ya) saying you cant forget your roots and the fans who made you...(talking North East here Olga..Sunderland) Well I know you haven't forgot us....but there is nowhere big enough or cosy enough to play up here now... That stupid Arena where everyone wears a barcode....nope...horrible.. Then the carling thingy where they try to get decent bands...again Newcastle barcode land Sunderland.....worse....Manor Quay..nope not for you lot Hartlepool...if you want to go there....studio..nice n cosy..not big though. So Olga......the best suggestion yet... Remember the video on Penshaw Monument ?... Well thats the venue! ....(I remember when you did that)...the Stage is set.... all the fans will be looking up to you...no spit can reach you up there... no stage diving....and of course all of "The Kids In Tyne And Wear" will hear the greatest sound ever, and see a brilliant stage show that they will ever experience again. Well that's it.....Dreaming again,(but thanx for listening) Mik (Houghton Punx)
Mik Hello Nice to hear from a Houghton punk, hope all is well up there. Penshaw Monument eh! there's a thought! the police were going crazy last time we were up there! doubt they would suffer us again! an interesting idea though! Cheers.

Hi I saw that a guy called Dave asked about the Toy Dolls video where it was very very white and you climbed up something, announced the song, then fell off. You do that on Wipeout, on the DVD We`re mad / Idle gossip :-) I hope to see you in Lillehammer on the 23. It`s a three-hour drive from where I live in Oslo, but what the h***. Good luck, looking forward to seeing ya!! Ellen (a fan since -89)

Ellen Hi, Hope to see ya in Lillehammer, we also fly in to Oslo on the day of the first gig, very early morning flight zzzzz!, so I guess we will have a 3 drive to Lillehammer too. maybe see ya on the road! take care.

Hi Olga! I sent you an e-mail ages ago but it might have been lost or something so I will give it another go. You have answered some of the questions I originally  had since so I have taken these ones away. I know the questions are still many but I thought it was better to e-mail them all at once instead for that you would have to get 10 different e-mails. Me and my girlfriend will go to Lillehammer to see your debut gig with the new line-up. The pub(!) you play are really small (150 person capacity) so I think it will be an unique Toy Dolls gig and I am dying to go there. Unfortunately, you could not buy tickets online so I have booked them directly from the pub and I hope there will be no misunderstandings so I will get them when we arrive to Lillehammer. I have seen the info that you don't answers questions like Are you coming to Brazil etc etc? and I hope you don't consider my first question one of those but it is about an old(er) planned gig. (I understand perfectly well why you don't answer that kind of questions as the tour dates will come up on the web page anyway).
1. What happened to the Sweden dates for 2005? I heard something about you could not agree with the promoters, how come? Why could you not solve it? Were they different promoters to the 2004 gigs?
2. What ever happened to the planned concept DVD/CD that was supposed to happen in 2005 according to the Dec. 2003 updates on the main site? Will it see the light of day or are the plans no more?
3. Why did you not promote Livin La Vida Loca like the hit it should have been? I know you shot a video for it and released a single but where was the marketing? It is such a shame because you have many songs (among newer ones are She'll Be Back With Steven (Someday), She's a Leech', Charlie's Watching', The Death of Barry the Roofer With Vertigo, to mention a few) that could have been hits with some marketing and airtime on video channels etc. Is it a money question or do you simply not want the band to be any bigger?
4. Since you have a quite unique way of playing; have you ever considered making instruction videos for guitar (players)? You are a great teacher in the lessons on the website.
5. Would you ever consider re-recording an album? For example, I love Orcastrated (probably the best Toy Dolls album ever) and Idle Gossip song wise but I don't like them much production-wise. I know some people will say that the production is charming but imagine Orcastrated with the production from Absurd-Ditties or Our Last Album?.
6. Do you have any old/new Toy Dolls material left to release? It can be gigs or unreleased songs, anything really. It would be great if you could release Barry Manilow on CD for example, love the song!
7. What song/s do you feel is/are the most underrated/overrated Toy Dolls song/s?
8. Will you meet the audience afterwards in Lillehammer too? I met you after the Stockholm gig in 2004 and that was a very nice thing of you and the band to do.
I would really appreciate if you could take the time to answer these questions for me. Thanks for all the great songs you have written during the years and for all the time you have taken for your fans! Really look forward to the Lillehammer gig. Mega thanks! Cheers, Jonas (Maharadjan)

Maharadjan Hi, Nice to hear from you, Lillehammer is the very first gig, so please excuse us if we are a bit rusty! usually takes a gig or two to tighten up. And, as usual on fly-in gigs, we wont have our own amplifiers and stuff, I hate that! hope it sounds ok, really lookin forward to it though. Anyway, I will do me best to answer your mini interview questions!
1. Regarding Swedish dates for 2005. If there was anything lined up/in the pipeline, I guess they didn't get confirmed, and this could be for a number of reasons, contractual, promotional etc, our management deal with all this boring stuff! I never usually bother asking why a gig/tour doesn't get confirmed, there could be a loada reasons, I would ask if it got confirmed, then cancelled, but this almost never happens!
2. Yeah, it will happen, not sure when just yet mind! maybe on the next main World tour.
3. The record company played Vida Loca to a whole load of Radio DJs in Uk, they said they wouldn't play it, they were not interested in the slightest to be honest, and without radio play, there wouldn't be much chance of it being a success! Also we only have a small label, they have a limited budget when it comes to promotion/marketing! However, they are a lovely bunch o guys, and they let us have complete control of recordings, artwork, producers etc. This, to me, is the most important thing. As for the Vida Loca Video, that was only for Japan. Yeah, I like Keith, Charlie's watchin, Barry etc.. maybe they could be hits, I don't know, if they ever are, fine, that's nice, as long as we wouldn't have to compromise with production/artworks etc, There are a number of Peter and the Test Tube babies songs which could be hits too, but like us, they have a low budget label, and both we work on a small scale. apart from that, radio stations probably wouldn't play the songs anyway! unfair eh!? Indeed, but so what? When we started this band we had no record label for ages, we still had the live shows, so really, we could still play without album releases, we don't tour to promote our albums (don't tell the record company!) we release albums to promote the tours. If we had no record label at all, we could still press them ourselves and sell them at the gigs. As for being bigger, that's fine, but of no real concern to be honest, striving to get in the charts, striving to have hits and be on the telly, that's fine if you want to strive for that, I would rather strive to make a great show, and nice records too of course, if bigger success follows, fine, if not, fine with me too. I would have never believed, 27 years ago, that I would still be touring throughout the world with our little band, playing exactly what I want to, I am completely happy with that, and really satisfied at this level, and sincerely flattered that you and all the loyal fans still turn up at our little shows!
4: Thank you for that, we are actually considering a guitar teaching DVD, just writing up notes and ideas now, will keep you informed.
5.Ahh, not as straight forward as you would imagine, good idea though. I don't think Orcastrated is particularly good, but yes, I have thought how much better it would be with the production of Absurd Ditties! Unfortunately, at the moment, a certain label owns most of our back catalogue , and we are not permitted to re record anything they own, other than at a live gig Yeah, before you mention it, we did get permission to re record Yul Brynner! that was a special one off. there are a few albums I would love to re record for sure, lets hope we get the chance in the future.
6. There were some early demos with a few songs on from early 80s which we we recorded, but the masters and copies were lost, I can hardly remember the songs to be honest, its a shame. As for Barry Manilow, you like that!? not my favourite song in the world! anyway, it was gonna be released instead of Were Mad, years ago, but the record company got cold feet coz of legal reasons, and I can understand it!
7.Oh, interesting question, most overrated Toy Dolls song/s, er She goes to finos, Olga I cannot! most underrated, I've had enough o Magaluf and you wont be merry on a north sea ferry.
8. Yes, we will be out after the show in Lillehammer, see ya there! Hope all these answers help!? Take care.

Olga, What can you say about this release? I didn't find it from any discography... The Toy Dolls Wonderful World The Toy Dolls Album WOW LP1 1982 EMI 6 tracks: DEIDRE'S A SLAG I'VE GOT ASTHMA SHE'S A WORKY TICKET SHE GOES TO FINO'S TOMMY KOWEY'S CAR EVERYBODY JITTERBUG P.S. Thank you so much for giving me a reason to stay punk! All the best, Mika

Mika Hi Yeah, this was released by some bloke in London, decades ago, if I get a copy, we will get it on our discography! they were just old recordings, nothing re recorded. I wouldn't bother buying it! Cheers

Dear Olga Just a few quick questions,
1) What are the chords for "Girlfriends Dad Is A Vicar" and "Olga I Can't."
2) Any chance of putting the studio versions of the above songs on the audio download page.
3) Recently brought "The Last DVD" of yours, its great, nice song selection and the fun on stage is obvious from the video, but I have also seen for sale "Were Mad / Idle Gossip DVD" is this a live DVD or studio recordings. The guitar lessons are great, nice touch that I have never seen on any other band sites, if you could include the songs from question one in a guitar lesson update it would be much appreciated. Many thanks for your time in this matter. Rick.

Hi Rick I will ask Ciaron about the downloads for ya!
Chords: Vicar: A, D, E
Olga: Ab,Eb,Db A,D,E, Gb,B,A,Dbm,D,E Bb,F,Eb Ebm
Were Mad and idle Gossip are collections of studio recordings and live shows, in Blackpool and London, seems sooooo long ago! cheers!

hi olga, I've downloaded the lessons of 'toccata' (fantastic by the way), at home I've heard the original classical version many many times, because my dad is a Bach addict, but my question now is: how long did it take to transform the organ parts into guitar? and how did you get the idea to transform classical music like 'toccata' and 'eine kleine nachtmuzik' into guitar (I think it's great!). Hope to see the toy dolls live for one more time in the netherlands! (you remember the 013 gig in tilburg?) hope to read your answer soon! kind regards helger

Helger Thank you! Actually, we copied Tocatta off a band called SKY, they played it on guitars, so it wasnt too difficult!
how could I forget the 013, brill. see you in Holland again for sure. Take care

hi olga, i'm a great fan of yours and your band, i live in argentina .. i don't think you have ever been here..... you should really come, you've got lots of fans here =P you are one of the best guitar players today and i would absolutely love to see you.. pleaaaaaaaaaase come to argentina ps: i'm a lead guitar and singer in a band, we have done lots of TOY DOLLS covers ( playing them a little slower though xD) but there's a song that's very difficult...the devil went down to Scunthorpe, could you please put in on your lessons =) thx for everything

Hi! We did play Argentina once, fantastic, hope we can get back!! Will think about the Devil went down to Scunthorpe for the lessons, difficult indeed, I have forgotten most of it! Cheers

hey does olga have a MySpace page????

Hi! Not that am aware of!

Hi Olga, I had my MP3 player on random and up pops Stay Mellow. Feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment. That album was my favorite! I bought it at a punk record shop in Blackpool (I've got some family there) back in '83.that record store is no longer there, btw. Well, I took it back home to America and got everyone hooked on it. I had that album almost a year before KROQ started playing Nellie The Elephant. I like to believe I was the first one to bring the Toy Dolls to California!! I've only seen one of your gigs. It was at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach must have been '85. That was such an anticipated show for me and for many of my friends. I can remember it vividly! I still have the flyer can scan it and send to you if you'd like. There was a long stretch of time that I didn't listen to the Toy Dolls sorry. I didn't have the CD only about 4 vinyls and my record player bit the dust, oh..at least 15 years ago!!! Well I finally got the CD and downloaded the music onto my computer and ipod. It's still on shuffle Marley in the mix now. oh, now Minutemen, nice. I digress Just thought I'd tell you how much I appreciate your music. Brings me smiles. Now get your band out to the states!!!!!!! Sheeezzzz! I got the first round of pints!

Hey! Yeah, that first album is the most special to me. Thank you! Up for those pints for sure! hopefully USA shows will be confirmed SOOON take it easy!

Hi Olga I bumped into you in Marks and Spencers Marble Arch a few weeks back and told you how much I loved the latest album and DVD (Especially Barry the roofer). Sorry if I embarrassed you mate but you've been a personal hero of mine and being in a band myself the Toy Dolls have always been a huge influence. Anyway just writing thank you for writing some great tunes and to wish you luck on the tour and the new album and hope to see ya play London sometime. Take it easy mate Keef P.S. If you wanna check out my lot you can at: www.deadidentities.com

Keef Hi! Ssshh, dont tell people I was shopping in M & S! you mean ASDA, right!? good to hear from ya, I wasn't embarrassed, a bit surprised that anyone in UK would know me though! Thanks again for your nice words mate, and good luck with dead identities. anyway, must get some more shoppin done! Cheers

Hello there olga, me again asking questions.... this one is short:: is there at any time an age limit for some shows??

Hi! I take it you mean the Norway shows... I believe there could be age limits on some shows, best to check direct with club itself, just to be safe. Hope you can make it.
May 2006
Hello Olga,
Nice to know that you're writing stuff for another album (Another Album, idea for the title maybe?). Anyway, I was wondering about the classical stuff you've done like Sabre Dance and Toccata. How does that work? I know you have to pay royalties for cover songs, but what about something like that? Do you pay to their living offspring or is it free for anyone that wants to play and record it? Keep it up and see you all on Another tour ;P
Grtz, Ronald
Ronald Hi, There are many times when the piece of music is so old, that royalties don't have to be paid for covering it! I don't understand it fully though! best to ask a publisher to be certain! Cheers.

Olga, I remember seeing a Toy Dolls video where it was very very white and you climbed up something, announced the song, then fell off. Can you remind me what song it was. Thanks Dave
ps. Toy Dolls, One Hundred Club late eighties, probably the best gig I've ever been to ever.

I wish you could remind ME! not sure at all about climbing and falling off anything! I will never forget the 100 Club, rockin, I think played it 100 times! I pass it from time to time down Oxford St, brings back memories for sure. Glad you enjoyed it, Thank you.

Hey, I'm a promoter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I'd like to get The Toy Dolls over at some point, I know they don't play the UK very often but if you'd let me know if this would be a possibility that'd be great. I could probably sort out a Dublin show to make it worthwhile. I'm doing some stuff here for The Anti Nowhere League and Discharge in the near future and I'd love to add Toy Dolls also. Thanks Mully

Mully Hi, We would love to play Ireland, you need to contact management/bookings, the email address is on this website.
Hope to see ya there. take care.

Dear Olga, To see the french water Badoit advertising, click here: and click on "Decouvrez la nouvelle pub Badoit Rouge avec Snoopy" Have a great day ! BaTNTman P.S.: thank you to be so thoughtful with your fan, It's very great !

BaTNTman Thank you for the link. interesting! think I will stick to beer however!

Hi, webmaster and Olga! what surprise tonight front my tv screen, when i saw an advertising, about a french sparkling water called " Badoit", which the soundtrack was Nellie the elephant!!!! click on the link, and click on "Voir la publicite", next the red round. Do you know about it, and if not, is it legal ? If you've got news thanks for you reply. See you sooooooonnnn. Jerome from France.

Jerome Hello! Lots of French mail recently! Thank you! Apparently the music to the advert was arranged through the record company who own the rights to the recording, so it is legal! Having said that, we didn't know about it! Cheers.

Hello Olga! I'm Martin from France. Firstable, I have to tell you thank you so much for your guitar lessons! And for your guitar work since all this year, what a original and funny one... anyway, my question is a technical one: I have a Fender Telecaster and I love it so much but I think it can be improved by changing its bridge pickup. I love your yellow Tele sound, you say in your lessons the pickup is a Seymour Duncan Alnico, is it a STL-3 quarter pound, an APTL-1 Alnico II pro or maybe an other one? Thanks again to you and all the Toy Dolls, cheers.

Matin Hey, Thanks! I enjoy doing the lessons to be honest, pleased you like em! The pick up I have is an Alnico pro 11 APTL. It still retains the original classic telecaster sound. Of course its a lot to do with the amp too! Good luck.

Olga- While looking around my room, I see pictures, posters and LPs of all the bands I've loved over the years. I quickly became depressed upon noticing that I would never have the privilege of seeing most of these bands. Joe Strummer's passed on, Led Zeppelin broke up, Jello left the Dead Kennedy's, the sex pistols will doubtfully reunite any time soon. It wasn't until i noticed a big blue face, complete with spiky hair and sunglasses, grinning at me. That grin told me great music had not yet died, a true, classic group and a great man still makes music. I cannot wait for The Toy Dolls to come to California, and seeing you play before my eyes will make that night one of the best of my life. Lookin forward to seein ya....-kevin

Kevin hi Cheers for those nice words mate, cant wait to get back to the USA also! Hope to see ya there. Take care

hi olga!!!! is this really you?! http://www.myspace.com/thetoydolls i mean, there are lots of address of MySpace for the toy dolls...just want to know if this is "real" thanks!! ciao from italia and come here soon!! WK

Hi there! The MySpace site has nothing to do with us, I have never seen it or had anything to do with it, but thank you for letting me know about it! I hope we can do more shows in Italy soon, and eat more faaaantastic Italian food!

hi olga! who is Kendra?

Hi, you are going back a long way now! Kendra was a young female with whom I was infatuated (cant think why!) around 1985, from Durham, in the North East of UK.

Aloha Mates! Hi Olga! I've Just Discoverd Your Music And Instantly Fell In Love With It. I Had Just Bought 6 Of Your Albums In 1 Day From Amazon.Com. My Name Is Finau L. I'm 31, A Samoan Male Punk Fan And I Appreciate Good Music. Any Chance You'll Be Performing In Honolulu Hawaii? Faafetai Tele Lava(Thanks A Lot!)
A: Hello Finau L! There were talks of a festival in Hawaii a few years back, unfortunately nothing got confirmed. Lets hope it will happen! I am sure the rest of the Toy dolls and crew members would gladly pack their swimming trunks and jump at the chance of a Honolulu trip!

Dear Olga, You sound like you are not too happy with your new (last?) Toy Dolls album? I think it is one of your best albums with some great catchy songs like Rita's innocent, the death of the roofer, I gave my heart to a slag called Sharon from Whitley Bay. You are showing that you have not lost it, not in a fucking long shot! and if this is indeed your last tour, please please please you have to play the uk even though the old venues are gone doesn't mean the fans have also disappeared! You are one of the greatest guitar players ever! Take Care. Jewseph

Jewseph Hi You are right! I am not too happy with last album, though I agree with you about Barry the Roofer, and I also like Camilla too, but that's about it! Pleased you like it though! Thank you! There's always a chance of the UK, and it aint gonna be our last tour! its our last tour? Cheers!

hi olga i wrote last year to know if the dolls were coming to my country (argentina),i read the answers of this year of another Argentinean guys,so i hope thus years the planets,the promoters and the band management aligns so you get here to makes us happy thank you i hope you see here this year.

A: Hi! Our management have said that South America will happen later this year, not exactly sure which countries it will include as yet. We are also eagerly waiting to know! Thank you.

Hi there Olga.. I was wondering if it is possible to get tickets, or are they all gone? I live in stavanger and i see you have a concert there.. Hope to get an answer.. Magne

Magne Hi I am sure there are tickets for Stavanger, best to contact the club to make sure though! Hope to see ya there. Take care

Hi Olga! Just wondering if you do get a lot of air time on the radio...? To my astonishment/disbelief/extreme joy I heard "Nellie" on my favourite radio station (Radio Bandit, they«re on http://www.bandit1063.com) this morning, only to realize how rare an occasion that was. So how about it, do you get played a lot on the radio? Btw, I am a HUGE fan of you and your band. I became a Toy Dolls addict way back in the days of Spiders in the Dressing Room, and have stayed with you ever since. I even got my 16-year-old daughter hooked, we got The Toy Dolls on the stereo every single day! We got to see you live for the first time in Milano last year (Rock in Idro), you have some of my pics from that gig on your site. And if your tour doesn't get you any closer to home (Stockholm, Sweden) than Norway... well, it's close enough! :) Wanna see a full gig!!! Keep up the good work, and don't you ever, ever give us anther scare like the "Our Last Album" one... Almost quit my job from depression because of that! Or, well... not really, but close... ish... ;) /Peter

Peter Hi, Cheers for your mail. I don't think we a get a great deal of radio play to be honest! We did actually play Stockholm on the first leg of Our Last tour? Milan was good fun for sure, please you liked it too! hope you can make it to Norway!? Thank you!

Hi Olga! This section is called "Ask Olga", right ? So, I can ask you whatever I like ? Ok, so here I go : Olga, WILL YOU MARRY ME ?!! If you say yes, you'll make me the happiest woman on earth. Otherwise, well I guess I'll just drink my pain away... Alright now, seriously, please come to France this year. I've never seen the Toy Dolls on stage (though I've been listening to your music for years (since Wakey Wakey!). God, where have I been all these years ?!! It's a shame, I know, I know...), and I'd really love to experience this. Honestly, if I can see you live once in my life, i shall die happy ! Froggies have not forgotten, and will never forget about you, we can even hear you on a TV advert these days ! BIG UP to you and the TOY DOLLS ! See you soon hopefully. Marie

Hello Marie. yes you can ask anything you wish! Hey, I don't think you could stand being married to me, especially if I am singing all the time! Hopefully a French festival will happen this year, have to wait n see at the moment. I heard about the TV ad! fame at a last eh! Take care

when are the toy dolls doing any gigs in england?

Nothing planned at the moment, wanna see how things go this year, please keep checking the tour dates. Cheers for asking.


Hey John, That pint sounds good, there are plans for the States later this year, just waiting for news now! Cheers

hi olga we all love you very much and can't wait to see you again when you come to croatia. till then we have a couple of questions:
1) what's your favourite pet? we like cats, do you like cats?
2) what does you already squeaky voice sound like when you swallow helium?
3) have you ever thought of lending your voice to cartoon characters? smurfs maybe?
4) will you dye your hair red again?
5) do you have any piercings or tattoos? maybe on some secret place' :)
6) do you like beans?
7) do you like harry potter books? if you do, which character is your favourite?
8) what ninja turtle do you like best? we like Michelangelo because he's the the dumbest
9) my brother is a ninja turtle addict. what shall i do? (he's 5)
10) why do you hate ninja turtle song? it's very realistic (ask my brother)
11) do you know any punk bands from croatia, besides hladno pivo?
12) do you watch porn with japanese girls? watch inxtc, we got it recenty on satellite, it's great. hentai's and etchii also
13) have you ever been to japanese sex shops? i've heard that they are like shopping molls, on 5 floors?
14) and just to inform you, don't take this letter seriously or get offended...we are all dead drunk. this night was quite something, we almost got arrested because our girlfriend showed tits to the police while their were cruising in their car (we didn't know that they were the police). we were playing truth or dare (were not some sick weirdos, mind that :))
many hand-waves from alen, mina & maja

Hey Alen, Mina and Maja!
Cheers for the mini interview! here we go:
1: cats are fine, though dogs are by far my favourite pets to be honest.
2. Good question, I will try some day, I guess only dogs could hear it!
3. Yeah, i would like to try something like that, never been asked though!
4. I think so yes, why not, maybe later this year infact!
5. Not yet, but its early days!
6. Indeed I do!
7. I saw the films, fav character Rubeus Hagrid!
8. Even though we sang an awful song about the Turtles, I aint ever seen em!
9. Whatever you do, don't let him listen to our terrible turtle song!
10. Yes, I hate it! an understatement!
11. Not really, I am a bit outta touch with music to be honest! would love to hear some though.
12. sorry I am not at liberty to discuss what I do in my spare time! what's the name o that film again!?
13. Passed through some! never seen a one on 5 floors yet though! where!?
14. drunk!? Tis terrible behavior! Cheers!
take care

Olga here is a link to the page for the french advert When the page opens there is a round red logo on the right of the screen that's the link to the Video Hope this helps Mark in Wakefield UK

Mark, Thank you for that! Hope all is well in Wakefield.

Why aren't you playing any gigs in the UK Olga, Have you forgotten your roots and the fans that made you what you are today, Well what you where a few years ago anyway? Ste Hartlepool

Hi! Of course I haven't forgotten my roots! When we feel ready, then UK shows will happen, how could I ever forget the Birds Nest in Hartlepool, rockin! Take care

OLGA: please please please come to the USA. i NEED you to come here! WE need you!! i know everybody's pissed at us because of our "beloved" president Bush, but not all of us are like that, and we'd love to see you/hear you play!! please come to California, Arizona, and at least somewhere on the USA. i will come see you no matter where you play. Anna

Anna, please sit tight, plans are now underway for the USA. Hopefully Arizona will be included. see you soooon. Cheers

Hi Olga!!! Saw that you are coming to norway on a tour.. But WHY not to Sweden????Have seen you twice in Fagersta and would be nice if you come to Stockholm in Sweden for a concert!!! Please???// Anna

Hi Anna We will be back in Sweden some day for sure, don't worry! The shows in Norway are all new places for us, not visited on the first leg of this tour. I remember the gig in Fagersta, we were on after Bio Hazard! similar vocal range eh!?

Hello Olga it's still me I found a web site where you can download the pub with your song. (it's the red buttle) http://www.pubzagogo.com/Badoit.html I hope you will repair the injustice of which you'd were victim, and I hope that you will trail these plunks in a court. Hermann , 18, from france

A: Thanks again to you everyone from France for the link, to you too Harmann! Cheers

Hi Olga it's me Clayton from Malta again!! I'm really happy to finally see the tour dates!!! So Happy!! Till now i'll do it to Germany cause the other dates are too near so I'll not have money to travel especially Norway is too much expensive for us! I think you know Skinny from the Toy Dollz? Well they're playing with us in Malta on the 21st and 22nd July!! We would be really happy maybe you wanna come here on holiday ;) Could it be possible to have my band linked to yours? I've already sent a mail asking for the link to the webmaster around 2 months ago but I haven't got any answer :( our website is www.pupital-loghob.com Now we're doing a cover of Tommy Kowey's car Hey Hey Hey Hey!! hope we will record it and we could send it to you to hear our mistakes lol. I tried to send you again one of our songs in maltese (it's a live recording so not perfect sound) Hope you can hear it this time :) So till now see you in Germany on the 2nd September :) Clayton from Malta

Clayton Hi Thanks for the invite, we are a bit busy around that time, festivals. Really looking forward to hearing Tommy Koweys car, it cant be as bad as our version! try sending the link to Ciaron once more. Hope the shows go well. Cheers

Hi Clayton, send me the link again. Ciaron

Hi Olga, Bart from Belgium here. I'm having serious toy-dolls-gig cold turkey. Are you passing by in VK in Brussels, Belgium this year? I really hope you do. You got to consider your fans health, right?! Certainly if it's your last tour, hehe.
Another question: Do you think it would be possible to compress all toy dolls albums (12, right?) into mp3 files on one CD? I'm thinking of that. Would be great, right? Maybe it's a solution for that maleisian fellow that appeared in the ask olga section? Maybe you should commercialize that and do some kind of internet sale or something?

Hi Bart, with us only recently playing the VK (2004) so we wont be there again this year, but ya never know there may be a Belgium festival. Of course we will be back in Belgium some day for sure! Best off asking Ciaron about mp3 file n stuff, he will advise ya! cheers for yer ideas! take care

Hi Bart, i would think it'd be possible to get all the albums onto one MP3 CD provided you don't use a really high bit rate conversion. Ciaron

Hello,my name is Clement , I am French and live in Mont de Marsan and I LOVE TOY DOLLS!!!!!!!!!! And is I will want to know which song of your repertory are the most difficult to play? See you later in France I hope for it!!

Clement Hi, We have only played Mont de Marson once, hopefully we will be back! as for most difficult song, er, probably Glenda and the test tube baby, because of the tempo, and down strokes. Bye!

Olga, wow this is way cool. oh the question yes. it is please come to phoenix arizona you have too i'm too poor to go to germany . so can you? woooooooo andrea

Andrea Hey. I hope Phoenix will be included in the US leg! keep checking the tour dates, and thank you for your mail.
Dearest Olga, it is now 2006 and I hope you do a tour again someday. I now live in Kampen, Netherlands, but years ago caught your excellent show at the Palladium in Hollywood (1987-ish?) If you don't do some kind of tour during the coming
year, I will personally come and rub Firey Jack all over you!!! David (bassist and singer). PS: Do I have to personally show up with a van loaded with gear to get you back on the road?
David Hi, I take it you mean touring USA? Plans are now underway for the 2nd half of 2006 to include USA dates. Hope to see ya there! Cheers

Olga will you do your last gig? at the stadium of light ... please

Will think on it! I know Status Quo played there few years back, a bit out of league mind, a stadium! Cheers. love to all in Sunderland.

I'CARLOS from sao paulo - BRAZIL - Congratulations for job!!!!!! very good, paraberns pelo trabalho escuto toy dolls desde 1990 valeu

Hi carlos from SP! Thank you! pleased you are pleased! hope to see you later this year! Cheers

Olga!!!, Yes, Spring 06 Has finally arrived after months of rain. And we can put the John Dorys away and use cars again (too many from the modern school of motoring 'ere). I don't mean to waste your time - but a very cool story follows.... ...1985 or so I here a college radio playing a HOT tune on the way home from a gig in San Francisco (just the last few bars) The tune was not identified but the band "Toy Dolls" I won't forget. , and search for 20 years. December 2005... I walk into Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz with my 9 year old son and behold there it is , a toy doll cd "DIG THAT GROOVE" so I buy it. Well I don't need to tell you that I now have many of your disks and my son knows every word to Nellie and Dougy and Firey Jack. SO PLEASE COME TO SANTA CRUZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can stay free at the my place (it's at the Country Club and golf course) in Boulder Creek - and a most beautiful and quiet place after a gig and a few Guiness you know. This area is a natural for you fellows and I would be happy to make welcome if you are interested in the least. There is no Shakespear here but many hundreds of fine computer games. Dougy

Dougy hi! Santa Cruz is one place we would really like to vistit! cheers for the invite! A few pints of Guinness sounds just great too! Cheers

Hey Olga, you talked about an old Marshall combo (bass) for the recording of absurdities, do you remember what was the exact reference? thank you! Melissa (from France)

Melissa Hi, I really wish I could remember, it was borrowed from a friend of a friend from the recording studio! If I find out, I will let you know! Take care

hi olga. are you going to release a new album? when? does it release in norway?

Hi, I have just began writing a new album, wont be released this year though! should be available in Norway, but not at the forthcoming gigs! Hope to see ya there!? Cheers

how long have you played guitar? wich were your first guitar? how old was you when you started toy dolls? Haavar.

Haavar Hi. I have played guitar for, er, oooh, over 30 years! before I was born!! First guitar Audition, from woolworths, Sunderland, NE England. We started The Toy Dolls when i was around 18/19 cheers

Hi! Here is russian punk band Ben-Wah. I've just seen your new tour list and find there our country (hoooray! I think, I'm the happiest man in the world!:)). Ok, back to my question... Ben-Wah (as I know) is the only band in Russia which plays cheerful & merry punk-rock "in Toy Dolls' style" for example - our new song is here: http://media.realmusic.ru/play/download/hifi/25472/163029/gey_163029.mp3. We are old fans. Big fans! Our fondest dream is playing with THE TOY DOLLS on one stage. Is it possible to play before your set in Apelsin c­lub(for 20 minutes maximum)? It really means a lot to us! p.s. sorry for awful english! :)

Hi, Good luck with Ben-wah. Please contact booking and management for any chances of support slots.
Take care, thank you for your mail

when you doing a uk tour? We think youre class up here in bonnie scotland. I can remember when you played in elgin in a pub called the cats whiskers many many moons ago!!!! cheers!!! all the best John & lisa!!!!!!

John & Lisa Hi, nothing yet planned, it has been many moons ago indeed! Hope we can get back. Cheers

Hi Olga! Peter from Sweden here again. Been thinking about your next leg of the Our Last Tour? tour, and when you go to Norway... It might be a bit late to rehearse something new, but if you can I would suggest some music from the most famous norwegian classical compose, Edward Grieg. His "Hall of the Mountain King" just sound so... I dunno... just so "Toy Dolls"! :) Everyone in Norway, from the youngest kid to the hairiest reindeer knows that one! ;) Cya! /Peter

Peter Hi, Towards the end of the set, Hall of the mountain king is in there! Cheers for your ideas! See ya up in Norway!

hi olga i am gert. i have borrowed the cd from my cousin. the cd is our last album. that cd is really cool. i am from the netherlands but now my question: where can i download some songs? there are just a few songs on the homepage that can be downloaded.

Gert Hi! Very cool? really? well thank you! I hope Ciaron can advise you about downloads! take care

Hi Gert, there's some songs on the multimedia section of the website that you can download. Ciaron
I am not sure what year it was (sometime in the early 90's) you guys played in San Diego county at the Coach house. It was the very first time i have heard of you guys (i went to see another band) anyways, i was so taken away by your music. Ive never heard anything like it. You guys had a song out that i really liked. I dont know the name of it, but you had the words "'Jump, jump, jump!" in it. Can you tell me the title of the song and what album its on please? Im dying to hear it again. And, when are you guys going to play in southern california? Thanks, C. Callaway
C.Callaway hello there! jump jump jump!? really!? are you sure it was us! I am dying to know! If you have more info about the song, maybe I can let ya know. CA should be later this year! take care
Hi Olga, hi all " Toy dolls" together! The Meantraitors on line, we hope that you had hear our band as the first psychobilly band from Russia. The last time we had seen us in Cologne at 1994 at your gig in "Luxor club" we had tolking with each other ... I think it was so offen for you, never mind! Any way, we gonna wish you good concerts in Russia and don`t drink too much wodka over there other whyes russian girls gonna miss your power for after show party. Any way; here is our video links and some photos, maybe you gonna like it? Who knows. Best regards Your sincerely Micha Duboff & Stas Bogorad from " Thew meantraitors"
Micha and Stas Hey! I liked the Luxor! nice low ceiling, close audience contact. I believe its changed name now? Thank you so much for the good luck wishes! We will take your advice!! Cheers

Dear, Olga! First of all please excuse us for our English language. You know, we are old Soviet people. We heard that you come in Russia again, and have been pleasantly shocked about this fact, because we are your fans for ages. You concert in 1997 remained unforgettable memories in our minds. Since then we are waiting impatiently for your new show. We would be happy, if you allow us to play few our songs on your performance in Apelsin Club, June, 3 in Moscow. We are the oldest and the best Russian punk band, with more then 20 year history. Our name is "Brigadniy Podryad" and we are from St. Petersburg - the capital of Russian rock music. We played two times with "The Exploited", though we are not exactly appropriate for them in style. Yours faithfully, Alexander Konviser and Alexander Lukyanov from "Brigadniy Podryad" (St. Petersburg)

Hi Brigadniy Podryad! Please contact or Booking/Management regarding playing songs etc, they will advise you. Good luck! See you in Russia!

Hi Olga, I've been a fan since the early days( not wishing to reveal my age but definately old enough to know better} Will you ever tour southern England again, I'd love to show my poncy r&b loving, reebok wearing kids what real musics all about Teresa. ps, I went to see you play at the Hammersmith palais years ago, the exploited and peter and the test tube babies were on the same bill but you chucked a strop and never played, still have'nt got over it, please come to Guildford or somewhere nearby.

Teresa Hi! chucked a strop and never played! what!? some misunderstanding somewhere! Anyway, We will be back someday, when we are feel ready. Please check the tour dates. Cheers for still having interest too. Take care

Yello', Olga, Fredric here. I'm from sweden and I wonder if you are ever going to play here again? I couldn't be at the KŒren-gig in Gothenburg, but I would sure like to see you. Cheers! /Fredric

Fredric Hey! Yes, we will be back in Sweden or sure, love it there, no gigs in at the moment, but it will happen. The Gothenburg night was great, sorry to rub it in! take care

This isn't so much a question as it is a "hey, howve you been these last years?" We met on The Adicts tour in 2003-- i was the really annoying kid called Tom who shot video and did awkward things all the time., we spoke for a while afterwords and fell out of touch. I really have just been meaning to appologize for how annoying and immature I was back then, I grew to respect you quite a bit since then musically and I hate thinking that I was so weird and bugged ya for those days. I've also grown up considerably since then- (3 years already?!) and really wanted to let you know that I follow every one of your lessons and I think it's really great that you do that for all us fans out there. Not alot of guitarists would do that. I'm really trying to learn to solo so if you could maybe demo one in a video someday it would be a great starting point! As for a question (since this is- Ask Olga):-- this may have been asked before- i havent checked-- What type of training did you undergo as a beginner? Every peer I've asked thinks you are amazing and classically trained. Can you give us the whole history? -Tom PS- I really hope all is well in your life these days man, I'm glad to know ya and am privileged to watch those guitar videos, They work!!

Tom Hi, Yeah I remember you! dont apologise! Thank you, glad you like the lessons! As for training, just regular daily practice, scales, chords, and most of all downstrokes! Hope we can catch up! we will be in USA later this year. Take care

Hi!!! How about your gig at Moscow? 3 june, Apelsin club, Moscow, Russia,
Be or not to beee? it's not a joke?

Hi! No Joke! alll true! Hope to see you there soon!

howdy Olga, names Cory. I have to say, I absolutly love the "play with Olga" video's. I find them to be very useful. Unfortunetly I cant allway's get to a computer to view them and work on my epic learning of Toy Doll's song's. So I guess the question is. Do you think you fella's will ever have a tablature book produced? Or is there allready one out there? Thank's for the time, the hard work, and the face melting guitar action. You kiddo's rock. brazilian band guitar/vocals - Piraju bass/backvocals - Tonho drums/backvocals - Pigo

Howdy to you too! Wow, 2 play with olga comments in a row! thank you! We are actually planning something for the future, watch this space! We should have more news in a few months. Cheers and good luck with the band!

Hi Olga! I really wnat to know if you already know something about the tour in july... Are you going to Germany or Hungary in this month or in august? It's Because I have lost your show one year ago in brazil, it so sad, but i will be at europe, so... You know, you and the another guys are amazing! I dont wanna to lost a concert if its possible to go! Take care...

Hi! The gigs in July/August will be festivals, rather than tours. Nothing at all planned for hungary or Germany, but there is a show near Hamburg in September. Please keep checking the tour dates. So sorry you missed the Brazil shows, but it was only me you missed! Hope you can get to a fothcoming gig! take care


Hunty! YES, if it can be arranged! I hope eventually get there! Cheers

To the master of the guitar. My hat is off to you Olga your the simply the best. My name is Lee Kingsbury and I live in Northern California, U.S.A. My son has just turned 3.5, and everytime I play my guitar he grabs his little guitar and starts to rip those strings. We listen to your music and he loves it.... it makes him smile and laugh. What kind of things influenced your passion for the guitar while growing up?

THANK YOU LEE! Mainly getting bullied at school was a big reason fr me starting to learn guitar, as for musical influences, all early UK punk, Chuck Berry, early Dr. Feelgood. and millions more!

Hi Olga,I read you're proud about your Living la vida loca cover,I agree it's great,i just use vinyls,(never CDs),are you planing in a Vinil press in 7" for this song?It doesn't become you a rich man bat for fans could be interesting.All the best and try it please!!!!! Asier from Basque Country

Hi Asier The record company who own the rights to the song are not planning a vinyl unfortunately! I know it was released as a CD single a few years back. If I hear that it will be released on vinyl, we will let ya know! Hope to be back in your country soon! Cheers

olga. hey man i dont care if you never write back or you read this once and forget about it. ok man. my name is jason jaimes. me and my friends get real high and listen to the toy dolls. honestly i had a dream that the toy dolls were gonna play here in corona(california) u.s. and that everyone that had a specific dinner plate can watch the show. i dont know man. the dinner plates part.... who knows what dreams mean sometimes. anyways.. i woke up next to my girlfriend and i was like.."damn i had another toy dolls dream.. and my girlfriend said"i put it on my mothers life, i had a dream that olga was my friend and that i was gonna introduce you to him." so basically we love your music. its great. i was reading on the movies part of the website and i saw that you said you didnt like the "idle gossip" album. what a bummer to hear you dont like that ablum. in my eyes. i love that album. its all good . well hope you read this man and just to let you know, you guys are great. olga your a great guitarist and a good guy.. even though i never and probally wont ever meet you. its ok though. i see you in my eyes as a great guy to hang out with. my friend kyle just text me "cause i told him i was writing a letter to olga and the toy dolls.. " he said in his words"fucking i love him. lets blaze. i wanna jam with you and cheerio and toodle pip. my girlfriend brittany de skin, say" hey what the heck is up?" ha shes in the other room. ok well take care. jason p.s. my question... when you come to u.s.a where ever.. play back in 79 laterzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jason Hello We will be back in CA for sure, and we will play Back in 79! Not sure what to make of all yer Toy Doll dreams! Thank you so much for the compliments though! Cheers

Dear Olga, I always loved your artwork on the first album, "Dig That Groove Baby". I played that album to death for all my roomies in college at University of California at Davis, and had the good fortune to see you in the late 80s at The Palladium in Hollywood. My question is, you are a good artist and your drawings are cute and funny. Any chance you'll do
some more cover artwork? I know you've got a "proper" artist doing it now, but it would be very nostalgic, and you'd save a few bob. David.

David, pleased you like the artwork! Yes, I will do some more artwork on albums in the future, tis a good idea, maybe the next one. Cheers for that, got me thinkin!

Dear Olga, Were did you guys come up with the idea for the song "Dig that groove"? Sincerely, Colin Mulholland, Age 14,
Cedar Rapids,Iowa

Hey Colin. Good question! twas around 1980 when I thoght of it, inspired by the trendy towny disco people of the town where we lived (Sunderland), seems sooooo long ago!

hey are you playing somewhere in seden this summer?

keep yer fingers crossed for some wswedish festivals! nothing planned just yet, but ya never know. Take care

Hi, the french advert illustrated with "nelly the elephant" is on here Danone must pay !!!! see you soon in "transbo" and have a (much?) beer ??? Buznik

Hi Buznik Unfortunately we didnt write the music! so somebody else gets the money! Cheers! Will have a beer in Transo for certain!

hey, Olga my name is j¿rgen, and i live in norway i shal on your cocert in trondheim I'l see you 25may:-) and I have one more question for you have you meet johnny rotten? if you have meet him, what you guys talk aboute?

Hi! Good to know you will be at the show! I havent met Johnny Rotten, would like to though! I did meet Glen Matlock, who was very nice!

Heey Olga! I'm a big fan of you and the band! My favourite songs is They Coming to Take Me Away Ha Haa!, Nellie the Elephant, I've got Asthma(I have it myself) and Blue Sued Shoes. Did ya know that Nellie the Elephant is been used in a norwegian movie? i'm going to see that, cause if one of your songs is in a movie, it has to be cool(the movie is let Jimmy Free! When are you coming to Norway? I think i'm coming to Stavanger or Bergen. but its only tickets to the show in Stavanger. A bit angry about that, cause it's 4 and a half hour from here where i live. well, i hope i can get to the konsert =) Big hugs from a fan in Norway=)

Hi there! We will be in norway THIS MONTH! suddenly I am nervous! Hope to see ya there! Please ya like the songs! Take care

Hi Olga Is there gonna be a new DVD recorded on the second leg of Our Last Tour? I know you've said your not that pleased with the first one ( though I love it! ) So I wondered if with a slightly different line up, some new songs in the set and a whole bunch of far out locations for the gigs, then maybe the time is right to make the DVD you can feel proud of. If not then perhaps a crew member could record all the gigs on a camcorder and at the end of the tour you could make a compilation of what you consider to be all the best bits. Anyway, good luck with the forthcoming dates,I hope to see you guys somewhere along the way. Cheers Dom ( Wurble )

Hi Dom, Good to hear from ya. We didnt plan on recording a DVD on the next leg, as its the same tour, same set etc.. we will take a camcorder though,thats a good idea, and record bits and pieces on the road. When we have a new set (for the next main tour) then we will seriously consider making a DVD. Be great if ya can get to a gig! take care

Olga! How about tour dates in Spain? We're sick of pop... Ivan

Ivan, I think we did too many dates in Spain last year! I am not sure if there will be more this year! but next year.... see ya there

Hello I've bought tickets for this festival but noticed that your advertising that your playing on the 21nd September whereas the festival sites and ticket sellers have you down as playing the Friday, Looking forward to seeing you at last (seem to have missed you whenever you were touring close to the uk) and just want to make sure I get there for the right night Cheers Mark

Mark hi We are playing on 2nd september for sure, SATURDAY. See ya there! Cheers

when come back to argentina?

South America is planned for later this year, 2006, we are hoping Argentina will be included!

Hey Olga ! How are you? I'm Alvaro from Argentina and i really want to know if you are coming to my country soon, because we're needing bands like you guys around here. You are GREAT! See ya!

Hi Alvaro, I am very well thank you! please see the above question! Take care

Olga, WHEN are you coming back to Los Angeles again? My son is 5 and is a HUGE fan. He loves to sing Fiery Jack and scream at the top of his lungs. You Play LA... He goes to his first concert. Please come back. Andrew

Andrew Hi, You have one crazy son! LA should be in our USA dates later this year! keep checking the tour dates. Take care

Hi Olga!! my name's Stefano and I'm Italian ..When will you return in Italy?

Hello Stefano Hopefully as soon as possible! nothing planned at the moment, but will let ya know as soon there is! Take care

How many girlfriends have you had in your lifetime? I'm only interested because of all the songs about girlfriends and such. :P -Brian R.

Brian, I guess you mean, long term proper girlfriends!? around 5 or 6.

Hi Olga Do you like the stratocaster??

Hi, There is a place for the Stratocaster, not in my life though! its the most comfortable guitar to sit with! but I have just ever felt an affection towards it!

My name is VICTOR SAVILLE, I am of Argentina...... TOY DOLLS IS the BEST BAND Of the WORLD!!!!!! Hello OLGA.... I have many questions for you, I am a follower of the band from the time of "Fat«s bob«s Feet" and my question today is... ÀBecause K«Cee went away?, ÀWas it Sad?, I liked much his style to touch the bass. Good bye and I wait for them this way.

Victor Hi Thank you!! Yes it was sad when KCee left, an amazing bass player indeed, though Tommy Goober has proved to even better, which I am very happy about! Cheers

Hi Olga I've already seen you guys every time that you came to Belgium 1) First time VK (I was the one lying drunk under the heating thing) 2) Again VK (drunk once again) 3) Pukkelpop (off course wasted but singing like hell with you guys) and so I was wondering when you are again playing in Belgium? Thx :-) Kind regards ps: next time I promiss I will be sober!! Koen Van Bochaute

Koen Hi! We will be back in Belgium! not sure when at the moment, but it will happen! Stay sober!

Well I saw that there was booked at least five concerts in Norway, but none in Sweden... I jusst wonder If I have missed those, or if there just won't be any The Toy Dolls in Sweden? // Anna

Anna Hi This tour is Norway only, but there will be more Swedish gigs for sure! nothing planned for this year, but we will be back! Cheers

Hello there Olga, y name is david, from california and i was wondering if you are thinking of coming to the US at all. you have some great fans over here, including myself. ive lert most of your songs. exept for drooling banjos. you should make a guitar lesosn for that with some one being the bajo and another the guitar. to make a "special" lesson. we are having a talent show in my school in about 2 weeks so im not sure if your gonna be able to make it in time. but anyways, i enjoy all your music. right now, my favorite is probably "dig that groove baby" since i just leart it.and i got "toccata in Dm" down. exet for the 1/16 part. i need to speed my pluking up. and also i have "the devil went down to scunthorpe" but i cant play it fast enough.. =P.. haha. well yeah your idolized fan, DaViD

David Hello YES!!! this year! the tour is being planned now! I also cant play the devil went down to scunthorpe fast enough! not so bad if I sit down, but try standing up... forget it! Take care

Hi there not a question just a little suggestion if you dont care. I just listened to the On Stage In Stuttgart album and noticed that you sung the "Id id id id id.."chorus of Idle Gossip slightly different than you did on the last years gigs/the Our Last Dvd. On the CD your voice seems to be higher and much louder than the instruments. I like that version more than with "more quiet voice"... just my opinion but maybe you check it out and consider it on the following tourdates if you play the song on those shows. If you dont...just ignore this mail but think it over, the songs great ;) Oh yeah and dont forget to visit germany on the tour! cheers and good luck with the tour!

Thank you for the ideas! things change from night to night with acoustics in different venues, though I do prefer the Stuttgart album by far! We will be back in Germany, someday!

I am so sad because the nearest Toy Dolls gig is for people over 18 years old. And I am 18, 2 months after the gig.(ndalsnes in Norway) And then I checked Trondheim, and that was 20 years.

Thats a bit unfortunate, you could try dropping an email to booking/management, tell them your story, mambe they can help? Good luck Take care

I found a old vinyl in my dads collection, he's a real punk rocker. It was the single Cheerio & Toodle' Pip. And I would die to have it signed. So I hope I can find a sollution to get to the ndalsnes gig. Talk to the management or something, maybe they will understand how much I want to see you guys live. *You could allways call if you want a warm-up band, hehe. We play Ramones, Buzzcocks, and all that. It's a band with my dad and other old guys.

Hi, Hope you can make it, we will sign yer Cheerio single for sure, no worries. Take care, hope to see you there.

I've been a Toys fan since my dad brought home the "We're Mad!" compilation and I was wondering, during this touring in the States you're doing in October are you going to play in Arizona? I know it's your last tour and it would make me really happy and probably many others if you were to play here. Can you do it Olga?

I really hope so, will check with our management! USA is being planned now. Sit tight!

Just wondering if you've ever given thought to making up some printable fliers for upcomming gigs? I would print a bunch up and post them all over. I'm sure there would be a few others here in the U.S. at least that would also. Aside from the die hard fans, like myself, not many people know when and where the shows will be. KROQ in L.A. ran some very, very small promo's for you the last time you were in town, but didn't play any of your music on the air. I call in almost once a week and request to hear some new(er) Toy Dolls, but they have yet to do so. Let me just take this opportunity to call on all fans in the Los Angeles area to start bombarding KROQ with Toy Dolls requests!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. After one of your gigs here, let's have a beer! Jim.!

Hey Jim Will have a beer for sure! Thank you, will let you know the dates as soon as we get em

when are you gonna be in holland again?? please answer Quick greetzzzz ivonne

Ivonne, like Spain, we really did play a lot of shows last year and 2004 in Holland, so I dont think that there will be more this year! however, there are more years, we will be back for sure See you then, take care

Hello Olga, I am a great fan of Toy Dolls in Brazil. I am a guitarist " Hippie Punk ", you are a great guitarist. I play from when I was 9 years old, today I have 17. I play very well. All the people that it comes and it plays me they speak that I should follow career in that. But did I want to know if you made class and also with how many years you did begin to play?.... You my inspiration, Toy dolls first band that I heard are nowadays. I think was 12 years old. It was that music that Madona began singing or something like that. (I used a program to translate my speeches, excuse for the mistakes in the writing).Good-bye and I thank for having read my message... Hinhohinhohohinho

Hi! I didnt actually go to any classes, I just taught myself, I play loads of things incorrectly! playing from 9 years old is great, the earlier the better, I was 13 before I began, so I am sure you are better than me! I have been playing for decades now, and still learning! If you feel you really wanna follow a career in playing, do it! If you fail, so what, you have to do it! GOOD LUCK. Take care

Hey Olga, I'm Chris from Phoenix, AZ, USA, I've been listening to the Toy Dolls for the last couple years now and our local radio station has been playing alot of your music lately on the SkaPunk show. I've heard that your planning on doing some shows in the US and here in Phoenix we've got this awsome venue called The Clubhouse so my point is when you come to the US can you please play a show in Phoenix? Thanks

Chris from Phoenix Hello!
I know that the USA is being planned now, there has been a lot of mail from Arizona, so I sure hope it will be included!!!
Will keep you posted!