March 2006
Hey,Olga, Happy New Year! That's the new year brings you lot of things, and the wealth, of course!!!!!! and if you want, but me I WANT, ;-), a new album!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon! Jerome from France.
Happy New Year to you too! I have actually started writing a new album! not sure how long is going to take though! Hope you will wait around for it! Cheers

who was in the song one more megabyte, like when they "one more one more one more megabyte one more megabyte memory,and also,when you ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?

My mates Fred and Kev sang on that one, also my other mates Danny from The Wildhearts, Tom from Yo Yo's, and Eddie and Knox from The Vibrators. hope you like it!

I didn't even know that you lot existed until a couple of days ago... I accidentally robbed some of your stuff of off limewire/bearshare thing... (Which I have only used once, by accident which I have now deleted from my hard drive) (I'll go and buy the music, which I unintentionally down loaded, now to keep things legit) Sooooooooooooooooo.... Gooooooooooooood!!!! I never knew there were any decent (punk arrrrrgh) bands from Sunderland.... Where you's at next.... Mic.

Cheers, nice to get some new fans! there are some great bands from Sunderland, here's a few: Red Alert, Red London and Leatherface. Check them out if you can Next, Norway I believe!

Hey Olga, this is Hunter and I'm a very big fan of the three of you. Are you ever planning on doing a tour through America in the near future? If so then what are the chances of playing in Arizona?

Yeah, America is planned for this year, there's always a chance of Arizona, will mention it to our manager. I had a great time there with The Dickies, bloody hot though! Hope to see ya soon!

Love the new Telecaster. I only hope I get to see it live, in the U.S. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, know what I mean!) Please tell me you will play here again someday *Cough* Ventura Theater or the Palace or the Palladium *Cough*.

Hey, Pleased you like the new Telecaster! I wont be using it for a while, wanna stick to me old faithful yellow one for the Our Last Tour? tour! Keep yer eyes peeled for the US dates. Our manager is working on it now!

Has there ever been, to your knowledge, a Toy Dolls Tribute album done? I mean like a bunch of other bands, somewhat known bands, that pick a favorite Toy Dolls Tune and play it in their style? I just thought that would be something cool and an awesome way to pay some heavy homage to such a great band! If I had connections like that, I would be all over it for ya! Later for now, Jim.

Jim Hi, there's a number of bands on the 'COVERS' page of this website, playing The Toy Dolls songs. Not sure of a Toy Dolls tribute album yet, sounds nice!

hi Olga Thank you so much for the past years, that you do such good cds :) I would like to know when (or that ever) Toy Dolls will arrive to Poland. Say honestly, without lying or some evasive responses. I'm from Poland and I made onliest polish Toy Dolls' website ( ). Take care. Alko from Poland :D

Hi Alko, Good to hear from you. We have put it forward to our manager that we would like to play Poland again, but nothing has happened about it (YET). Of course we would love to come! I will ask our manager again about it. Please don't lose hope! we wanna get there, really!

Hi Olga I was wondering for quite some time if The real John Williams himself plays in the so named song, and also does the little sketch section at the beginning and the end. Is it the John Williams himself? Hope to c ya on tour some time again Simon

Simon Hi, I wish it was the real John Williams! he would have made a better job of playing than I did! Its my mate Kev doing the voices! We will be on tour SOOOOON!

Olga, We live in the United States and I would like to plan a surprise trip for my two boys who think your music and band is number 1. They would be so surprised if I could pull together a trip to Europe to see you play. Are you going to play at Wasted UK 2006 in Blackpool Winter Gardens? I'm having trouble getting a schedule of where your upcoming concerts are. My children have photos and drawings of you and your band all over their rooms. They are very talented in creating tee-shirts with you on them. We listen to your music all the time. Could you help me out with a list so I can plan a trip over to Europe soon. Diane

Dianne Hi. Please check the tour dates on this website for any forthcoming shows. This years shows are now being planned, so there's nothing confirmed yet. But they should start to get confirmed soon! Nice to know yer children have photos and drawings on their walls! wow, i feel like Robbie Williams! We wont be in Blackpool this time around, but we will be in the States later this year!

Hello Olga, My name is Tomas, I am from Czech Republic, living in Sweden now. I love your music very much !!!! (despite I play myself bluegrass, quite different from what you play). Your music ideas are splendid and your guitar work is extremely good, I must say that you are one of the best electric guitarists I have ever heard ! Thank you for all your music and original singing, which has enriched me a lot ! I wonder if you can write your notes about "Your last album ?" to the Album section. My opinion is that together with "Absurdities" it«s your best album. Looking forward to see you playing live somewhere in Sweden !!! Tomas

Hello Tomas, thank you for the compliments! Cheers! we don't have the notation for Our Last Album? I am afraid, but there are guitar lessons on this site, featuring tracks from it. Thank you, I agree that Absurd Ditties is the best! Enjoy Sweden!

Oi Olga & The Toy Dolls squadron! I've seen your show in Zagreb last year! Still got the concert poster on my wall.My ex regrets washing her tummy after you signed it:). I was just thinking if you would be interested in playing in Zagreb, Croatia again. Maybe you could team up with Hladno Pivo from here,after all they did a remake of your song spiders in the dressing room.And I think you know Suba from the band and probably the others. I'm certain that the show would be sold out again,not regarding which club you would play in.Coz people here really respects your band coz you guarantee a smashing concert! I can talk to the clubs Mochvara, Kset, Pauk if they would be interested in hosting your show there which I'm certain they would. So would you like me to inform you if they re interested? So you could maybe come in June or July for a summer tour?!? It would be a pure joy to hearing you and doing pogo on your show!:) That's all for now from Buddha!

Oi Buddha! I cant believe your ex washed her tummy, she couldn't be a true fan! ha! We will be in Zagreb again for sure, but I am not certain when at the moment. Keep checking the dates, maybe next year or 2008.
Suba, yeah, I remember him, a great guy, and great drummer.

Hi, long-time aficionado from sunny southern California here. I can hardly believe it's been 20 years since I first heard "Nellie" and the first two albums (for me) DTG Baby and Far Out Disc. Boy, if those records were hard to find then (I got my copies from a classmate with a dual-cassette deck) imagine what it must be like for me now! I have worn those cassettes to the ground (God rest their souls) and have been on a mission to find them and all the other great stuff I'd been missing, the best I was able to manage was Absurd Ditties.That's as far back as I've been able to find. I've given up on Tower and Virgin, they never have much outside of Top 40 to begin with. The indie shops only ever have the Stuttgart & Tokyo stuff. Now I'm not asking you to come to my house and bring me an armful of records (that would be an arrow in the brain though! You could play my cheapo guitars and ride my mopeds then have a swim, in whatever order you prefer) but point me in the right direction. I've been in serious withdrawals, and everywhere else I turn, I hit a wall. Help me out! You've probably been asked this a million times but it didn't turn up on the FAQ PS: SMOKIN' JOB on "Scunthorpe". That one's hard with tabs or without! Have you thought of having a whack at 'Classical Gas' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?

Hey! Sorry you find it so difficult finding the records! frustrating for us also! I guess that's one thing we kinda have to accept, with us being a band on this low level, one city there's Toy Dolls displays all over the record shops, then the next town its impossible to find one CD! Anyway, I guess you have tried Amazon? there's always SOS Records in CA, or GOOD LUCK! I am not keen on 'SCUNTHORPE' meself, pleased you and one or two others like it though! Yeah. maybe we will do Classical Gas some day, me older brother has mentioned it a few times. Cheers Take care.

Hi, from Michelle, in Oz. I've been a big fan since the 80's and migrated to Oz in 85 from Rochdale. Please come down under! Is there any chance at all?

Michelle Hi, Yes there's a chance, God, we would love to come, really, its been mentioned a few times at our managers office, but nothing has actually happened yet! I will talk to him again about it. sit tight!

Hi Olga, love the new telecaster, but prefer the old one, why the change? allot of fans have been waiting for a while now for any news on possible uk tour info, i was wondering If you and the boys do ever do another gig in the uk, where would you prefer it to be, north east area, central or down south? i am asking on behalf of all the fans from the midlands! and there are allot! thanks for the grate music and the whole toy dolls experience. Adam ps loved "Our Last Dvd"

Hi! I will probably end up playing the old one anyway! keep that new one as a spare! The yellow one is suffering a bit, problems with heat etc. anyway, lets see what happens. Actually my family come come from the Midlands, Coventry area. Are there actually Toy Doll fans there!? Not sure where it would be if we did do a gig, probably do few, cover a few areas! You loved Our Last DVD? really, wow! wish I could agree with ya. cheers Adam.

Hey Olga, i'd like to know what kind of bass guitar and amplifier, and any effect you used to record the great and fucking good album Absurd-ditties? I'm dying for having this sound, I beg you! Waiting for your answer and the next gig in France. Melissa

Melissa Hey! No effects were used on the bass guitar on Absurd Ditties, the bass was a Fender Precision through an old Marshall combo! I am please you like Absurd Ditties, I like it too! my favourite!
Hopefully there will be some festivals in France this year. keep watching the tour dates!

Hi Olga, do you like Hanson Brothers? What do you think about their guitarist Tom? Cheers, Alec

Hey Alec , Hanson Brothers, not the worst band in the world!

Hello Olga. Toy Dolls is the greatest band ever. But i Wonder one thing. Good punk bands never use to come to Norway. I am one of your biggest fan here in Norway. Can't Toy Dolls just play a show in Norway? And one more thing, what do you think about Sex Pistols? Bye, Lars.

Wow thank you Lars, We were in Norway in 2004! great place! what ya talkin aboot! maybe we will be there soooooon! check the tour dates! Steve Jones is a God.

Hi Olga, My name's Andrea & I'm from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I got introduced to The Toy Dolls about at the start of this month by just searching punk on Limewire, and I've been hooked ever since. Just wondering if you've ever been to Vancouver for a show or just a visit, and how'd you like it, and also if you'll be doing a show in Vancouver anytime soon. Thanks for taking the time to reading this message. Cheerio & Toodle Pip, Andrea Jones

Oh, Andrea, We would love to come to Canada, its one of those places which gets brought up loadsa times at meetings with our manager, but it just aint happened yet! hopefully soon it will. Take care

Hola from Barcelona (dinadan). My question is pure curiosity, It's possible to know, more or less, how many vinyl's, cd, tapes, VHS or DVD had the toy dolls sold in the last 25 years? i'm very interested in this kind of information. Thank you very much. And remember that Barcelona is waiting for you always. Be absolutely sure.

Hello! I am also very interested in that information! If we ever find out, I will let ya know! We will be back in Barcelona for sure!

Olga, my name is Gerrit and I have been a huge fan ever since I heard Nellie the Elephant in a record store when I was 15. I have noticed an "anti-marriage theme" in a lot of your songs. I was wondering if this was true or if I am just making this up in my own head? If it is true, is it for a reason? Just curious. Keep rocking, The Toy Dolls are by far my favorite group to rock out to.

Gerrit Hey! well spotted! I am not against marriage as such, rather than against people who get married when they don't REALLY have the desire to! Cheers for your curiosity!

pleeez ladddie!! i NEED a TOY DOLL AUTOGRAPH!!! pleeez god i love ur steenken BAND!! ur better than all the bands put together TIMES7 to the squared root!

Hopefully, we will have pics to sign later this year, keep in touch!

I'm in the USA! pleez olga. ill PAY U!! just give me ur address and ill send u cash. HEY!!! u wear soon glasses alooot! how come u dont write a song about soon glasses??

We will play USA soon! but you can still send me money if you really wish to! song about sunglasses eh! maybe!

Hello again, Since "dig that groove" I can't say than another band excited me more than the toy dolls. (maybe the pistols & PIL). Last day I've found in my old car the "fat boy feet" tape under a sit. So it was great then I had for christmas dig that groove on CD "great"!! In fact it pleased much more to my 3 year old girl and her grand mother than to my 14 year old boy. Anyway, I wish to ask you if some dvd of the old vhs exist because I wish so much to buy the video's I'm not able to find in vhs (I've lost them)... So if you can help it'll be great!

There are two DVD's you can get though Cherry Red, but not much more I am afraid, other than maybe compilations. Yeah, I have heard about our music appealing to a number 3 year olds! Cheers!

Hey Olga, Myself and my twin sister have been huge fans of yours since we were very small due to our older brother playing your choons so loudly in the kitchen (Absurd-ditties being our favourite as kids) and now its gonna be our twenty first. I'd love to get her something really special, so I was wondering if there's any kind of limited edition signed merchandise or anything? Our birthday isn't til March by the way. Thanks a mil, Laura and her unsuspecting twin Dannielle, Dublin Laura

Laura and Dannielle Hey! I know released a limited special package edition of OUT LAST ALBUM? , if that's any help! Hey, Happy birthday! Let me know how you get on!

Hellooo..Any chance of coming to London in 2006? We need some good bands down here,last one was the Stranglers in December with young Baz Warne..Keep up the good work Cheerio... Mel

Mel Hi, I actually live in London! as for 2006 London gigs, I am not too sure about that yet. Glad you enjoyed Baz with the Stranglers, he does a good job. Keep checking out tour dates page.

Hello Olga! Greetings from St .Petersburg, Russia. I read you lads are planning to visit our country this year. Could you write some details about it: will it be the single concert in Moscow, or you're going to play in Saint-Petersburg (or other cities)too? Besides, what's your impressions about previous gigs in Russia? Anyway, you're always an expected guest there (and I guess almost everywhere in the world), 'cause you're really great. Hope to see you soon and welcome, Dmitry Wish you the best

Dmitry Hello, Yes there are plans for Russia this year, though its too early know where, and when yet. As soon as shows get confirmed they will be on the tour dates page. We had a great time in Russia, each time we visit, everyone is just so friendly and welcoming! THANK YOU! Hope to see you soon!

Hi Olga, before the gig in Utrecht i saw most of the gig in Amsterdam the night before on Tommy's camera. Would it be possible to get a copy of it? Greetings Woodstock Ties

Hi Mr Woodstock Ties, I am afraid Tommy doesn't have any shows on DVD anymore. we did use clips from Amsterdam on the Barry the Roofer promo. Pity the actual DVD wasn't shot in Amsterdam, we were so much better! Take care.

heeeey olga, i'm from brazil and i want to say that i liked very much your last show with lambrusco kids! but i want to know if you will include brazil in next tour, toy dolls here will be so much better!

Plans are now underway for Brazil this year, hopefully some news soon! I really enjoyed my time with The Lambrusco Kids, nice to know you did too! cheers

olga! when are you gonna come to the united states?? (particularly the east coast) We miss the toy dolls! we're getting desperate! please come soon!!!!!!! tracey from new jersey u.s.

Tracey! We do plan to the States this year, all confirmed shows will be on our tour dates page of this website. Really look forward to gettin' back there!

Hey Olga, First of all I want to thank you for continuing The Toy Dolls; I never had the chance to go to one of your gigs, so if you visit Holland again I'll be there for sure! I've just started a punk band myself and I'm quite busy writing songs, but I find it very difficult. How do you do it? Do you write lyrics first and write melodies later, or the other way round? By the way, you must have a great memory: a lot of the people who ask you questions on this section of the website have met you, and you can remember them all. Wow. I wish I had such a strong memory =). Cheers, Alexander

Alexander hi, Thank you! Songwriting I find very difficult to be honest! For me sometimes it can be a melody first, sometimes a guitar riff, and sometimes lyrics, there no rules, different each time. Lyrics are the most difficult thing for me, I can write bad ones easily enough! So there ya go! I guess that a good melody is the most important thing. Cheers!

hi olga dean from sunderland again, i had a conversation with me mates granda about u last night he was saying him and his mate were watching the toy dolls play she goes to finos on a show called the tube or something and u snapped a string!! u may know me mates granda haha his name is eddie elliott, the name ring any bells?

Hi Dean. Yeah, I snapped a string, and we sucked! Eddie elliot? didn't he own a clothes shop in Sunderland?

Hello: I was visiting your site and reading your last news and I remembered a special thing of my life: the first time I'd listened to Toy Dolls was in 1992. So, I remembered that period it was easier to find the Toy Doll's album in the shops (of course, it wasn't any shop, but the best, like the band =) ). Nowadays, we can find your cds in some special shops only, but they are imported and they're very-very expensive!!! Olga, please, why don't we have a brazilian record producing your cds in Brazil? The Toy Dolls always has gig here! I'm sorry to ask you this, but we'd like understand... By the way, I'm veeeeeeeeeeeeery happy: you'll come back this year!!! Yahooooo!! I can't wait! I'll be there for sure! Take care: ROSI

Hi Rosi, there's loadsa politics regarding ownership and distribution of albums, its a shame you cant find them easily, hopefully that will improve in the future. Yeah...see you later this year! Ps.: really, you're sweet! Other famous people should learn to be kind with you! Pps. Thank you!

any chance of playing the last "wasted " festival in august. you will go down a storm!

Not this year I am afraid, you really think we would go down a storm!? thank you!

Hey! I just had to write and add to all of the other people who have written from Sweden and BEG you to play again in Sweden under 2006!!!! I missed your show last time you were here and I really want to see you play again. It's been a while since I saw one of your shows.

Hey! yes, we really enjoyed Sweden, I am not sure about playing again in 2006, but we will be back someday for sure! Sorry you missed the shows.

gday olga i was just writing to find out if there is any chance of a tour of australia i know its a long way but yer will have a great time and we drink lots cheers goonie

Goonie hi, Maybe it will happen someday, there's always talks of it, but nothing has got confirmed yet, lets hope it will!

Thanks for a fantastic gig in Stockholm. Are you planning on coming back any time soon?

Thank you for coming! we did enjoy Stockholm for sure, but we weren't at our best that night. I remember there being a great opening band who were much better than us! Nothing planned for a return yet, but we will be back for sure!

Hi Olga, I'm Clayton from Malta again. Great job with the site, now it's really more user friendly cause before to enter the titles was a bit crazy!! Maybe the colour would have been better something not black...just my opinion! I was in London a few weeks ago and I found the DVD we're mad-Idle Gossip which are great!! But I didn't find so much stuff from the toy dolls for sale in London, only some cd's which I already have (I've got all 13 albums) I would like to ask you from where could I order the '22tunes from Tokyo' DVD cause it's the only one missing in my Toy Dolls DVD collection?? I already have Our Last DVD? and the We're Mad-Idle Gossip. And from where can I buy Toy Dolls T-shirts? Thanks for your patient with answering all these mails from your fans. Can't wait to see this year's live dates so I can book my off days to finally come see you live!!

Clayton Hi. Glad you like the new website layout, thank you! I am not sure where you would get 20 tunes from Tokyo, maybe Sanctuary Records? anyway, I wouldn't bother, its rubbish! We like to keep T shirts for sale at the shows only at the moment. But there maybe some merchandise for sale on the website later this year. Look forward to seeing on the road!

Hi olga. i really like toy dolls...and i'm very sad cos i need go to the show... can make other show in Brazil ? please? in other month? sorry cos i speak English just a little bit... =D pleaseee... make other show in BRAZIL. i waiting for your answer... kisses

Hi there Yes, we will be back in Brazil, don't worry! see you later this year! take care.

Hi Olga, I'm Alexander (Herr Docteur Achtung) from Belgium and I was wondering if you have had to persuade Duncan to join The Toy Dolls ? Keep up the good work and hopefully until somewhere in 2006... Alexander

Alexander HI! The Amazing Mr. Duncan was happy to step into the role! Yeah, look forward to seeing you somewhere! Cheers.

This is not a question, but I want you to know that someone (me) thinks that "our last album?" it's not a bunch of average songs, of course It's not the best toy dolls album but I think it's a great album with at least 5 or 6 amazing song and it proves that toy dolls still alive and still doing great albums, I just hope it doesn't become your last album, please keep on!

Thank you for that! I have started writing another album, so, who knows! we will recorded it, as long as I am happy with the songs!

Hey Olga! My name is Felipe Coelho, I'm from Belo Horizonte/MG/ Brazil. I start liking the band recently, and I heard that the toy dolls are going to be here this year... And it would be really great to see you live!!(I couldn't make it last year to the lambrusco concert...) ps. I have learnt how to play some songs with your videos...they are really good =))) sorry for the bad english... thanks a lot!

Felipe Hi Sorry you didn't make the Lambrusco Kids gigs, it was a blast indeed! Pleased the video is a help for you! thank you! Your English is fine!!! See you in Brazil!

Hey Olga!! Dan the Man from Colorado again. Once upon a time i bought a cd entitled "Idle Gossip" to add to my Toy Dolls collection, and I came to the realization that this is the only Toy Dolls album (besides compilations and best of's) that does not include an intro or an outro!!! Was there a reason for this? Please Olga, fill me in on the story!!! Dan

Dan the Man Hey! You are correct, I just though that it really didn't need a theme tune to be honest! Maybe I will do the same again with the next album!

Hello Olga, My name is Martin, I come from a small city of Quebec to Canada and I hold to tell you congratulations for the 17 years that I passed to your sides by listening to your many albums still and still. I am at present gathering the complete collection of all your success since 1979 and I am about to finish it. Yeah!! Me and my girlfriend we are preparing a voyage in England with an aim of meeting you in person because, I do not know why but you never come to Canada what carries out me to ask you the question: Why did you never come to Canada in 27 years from career? Many are here the fans who dream like me to see you playing on your superb Fender telecaster of the agreements as crazy the ones as the others. If not I hope just that I will have the occasion to attend one of your spectacles before that does not try you any more (what would surprise to me) made like Rolling Stones and continue to play, even at 60 years!!! Long life!! Live Toy Dolls!! Live Olga!!! I await your response impatiently !! See ya!! Martin

Thank you Martin! Cheers No idea why Canada hasn't happened yet! we will get there someday! it to about 8 years before we played France! and that's next door! There will be a tour of US this year, fingers crossed Canada will be in there too! Thank you again.

Hello you steenken hip mooother fooker! heyare any of your DVDS workable on USA DVD players. cuz i dont wanna spend me $$$ on a DVD that i cant watch. b bb ye :-)

Hey! please check with SOS records in CA, they may have the answer! Good luck! or try Cheers

Hi Olga... I'm a man from Argentina, i'm been a fan of the toy dolls for many, MANY years!!... and i'm really wanted to know if you guys are going to come to my country... I REALLY WANT TO SEE THE TOY DOLLS BEFORE I DIE!!... :( Well That's everything... i want an autograph to, but i think that's impossible.. ok i been waiting for an answer, and sorry for my very wrong english... i hope to se you soon... BYE!! Cheers, Olga!

HI! South America is planned to happen this year, we hope Argentina will be included! Will let ya know as soon as possible, ya can get that autograph then too! Great English by the way!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the guitar lessons! What a great concept...and for FREE (the best part)!! I've been listening to the Toy Dolls since 1979 (yes , I'm almost as old as you!) and I saw you in Hollywood, CA where one of your strings snapped in the middle of a set, and you finished the song without even missing a beat!! Right then, I knew I was in the presence of a shear guitar GOD!!!! My question(s): Who taught you how to play so well?? And, when you come to USA, will you include Portland, OR and/or Seattle, WA as well as southern CA? I'll hit all 3 shows!! Hell, play in San Francisco too, and I'll have to plan a road trip...maybe even help drive!! Thanks again ...You da man!! Steve

Steve Thank you, I am glad you like the guitar lessons, completely the idea of Ciaron, the guy who does this website! (And a mighty fine idea it was too in my honest, yet all important, opinion hehe! Ciaron) Guitar God! ha! cheers for that too! I am self taught, though I did buy a guitar paperback book by Dan Morgan I think? it was a good help! Keep yer eyes peeled for the USA dates, they will be announced on our Tour Dates page. No exact dates in yet, all at the planning stage. Hope to see ya there. Cheers!

hi, could you please tell me the story behind the single "she goes to fino's? many thanks mark

Hi Mark, Actually the lyrics tell the story in a nutshell. about me girlfriend in 1978, going to a club in Sunderland with a different bloke, I wasn't allowed in.... etc! I did eventually get in. What a dive!

Hey Olga first off your amazing at guitar,your like... a Guitar God. Anyways, I was wondering, when you guys come to North America if you would think about letting The Four O'Clocks open for you guys at one of your shows. What do you say or think about that? (there in the cover section of your web site) -Stealth Mode Sam

Sam, cheers for that! For support slots its best to drop an email to booking/management, they will advise ya!
Twould be good to meet ya anyway! Take care

Hello Olga, Dougie Giro was the first ever track I heard, back in 83 I reckon. Recorded hot off my pals "dig that groove baby" I would have been about 13 years old. I thought it was a fantastic uplifting wee number, and have always been surprised it never made it as an a side, correct me if I,m wrong. Over the years I have introduced most if not all my pals to The Toy Dolls. Nothing I love more than to crank it whilst driving like a maniac! Eagerly anticipating some British dates, one North of the border would be sweet. Cheers Chris

Hello Chris I always liked Dougy Giro, not sure about it being an A side, but it is uplifting! Thank you! I heard it played by a Spanish band on a single, around 1989, a much better version than our own! No dates planned, (yet!)

Hi Olga, First - You and Your band are the BEST!! I cant believe how u can play on guitar so well (i cant - i tried but i cant 8-) ), and Second - Do u will play again in czech republic (when were the last show here i was too slow about ticket buying and show was sold out (i was very saaaaaad - really very ) I hope that u will play here again, I«m very wishing it!! Sorry for my english but its not important i hope that u will understand. I looking for your gig here. Plsss come again guys!!! YOU ARE THE BEST ESSPECIALY OLGA!!!!!! Matyas from Czech Republic

Matyas Hi! Hey, thank you for the compliments! Not sure when we will be back in Czech Republic, but we will be! We had a fantastic night in Prague! sorry to rub it in!

would love signed photo and to see you in sunny scotland

Hopefully have pics later in the year! I like Scotland, even when its not sunny!

Dear Toy Dolls, have you ever take a vacation at the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea? If not we invite you to visit our beautiful country not as a band but as guests! Oi, oi, and good luck! Vlatka & Igor

Vlatka and Igor, that's very nice of you, thank you! I've heard about how beautiful it is there, I hope I can make it one day for sure! See ya next time around!

My mates warned me long ago, Toy Dolls will make you blue hoo hoo! When are you lot coming to america? Give me some hope then. anywho! I'm a huge fan and I was just wondering when you guys are gonna tour the U.S. LOVE THE MUSIC! God Bless -Edgar Reyes.

Edgar Hey! Plans are underway for USA this year, It will be after the summer I reckon. See ya there!

hi olga its charlotte gordon i really like your music and other punk music and u properly think i am dumb because i am only ten but i really do love punk i have met stiff little fingers in there dressing room and it was fab but i still really want to meet you and your band and my fav songs you have done are cheatin chick from china (i love it) , nelly the elephant and the final count down i had to do a warm up to that when i did gymnastics in school i love your music very much and my question is can me and my dad meet you some time my dad has met johnny rotten and if u can ask johnny rotten to come with you it would mean a lot i think he is so funny and you are too tell me when you are next playing round my area in Merseyside or birkenhead please replay i think you are great i love you and more punk i think it is fantastic that i am emailing you its fabulous please replay with your details about your next gig and what johnny rotten says if u can get in touch with him bye bye i love you so much bye bye i really need to meet you. love from charlotte gordon age 10 from upton / liverpool/ wirral sex pistols, toy dolls and stiff little fingers rock 4 ever bye xxx x see u soon x x x

Hello Charlotte! Cheatin chick from China eh! not many people have mentioned that one! thank you! I am not in contact with Johnny unfortunately, he is a hero of mine! SLF rule! Keep checking the tour dates page for any shows. Take care

Cameon Olga! When they think to return to Argentina! I do not want die without going to see them! C-you... (I hope)

Hi, South America is planned for 2006, fingers crossed that it will include Argentina! Hopefully news soon!

Hey Olga i'm Ivan from malta.was just thinkin from where do u get the inspiration to create such lively music.too good to be true! and please come over to Malta please it would be great for us Maltese to have a band like yours playing here!

Ivan thank you! I guess the inspiration comes from everywhere! I have never been to malta, I hope it will happen!

hey man, i have been listening to the Toy dolls for a wee while now and a I was wondering if your ever goin to do a gi in scotland, i was looking at yer previous gigs and none of them were in britain or none that i could see,
thanx bud Paul

Paul hi! Nothing is planned as yet for Scotland, all confirmed shows will be on the tour dates page. I certainly love Scotland!

Hi Olga! You are the one of my favourite guitarist. You are master :) So I wanna ask, will The Toy Dolly come to Hungary again? I know you were there maybe 2 years ago I think. And i wanna ask how long time ago you play the guitar? I've play 3 years ago and I start learn some Toy Dolls song now. Thx for the answer.

Hi and Thank you! Yes we will be in Hungary again, nothing is planned for the immediate future, but we will be back, we always have a terrific time there! I started to play guitar when I was 13. how long ago is that then!? 10 years or so!

i have just discovered your stuff fantastic and you say not good enough to play the uk behave and get your selves here back in the n e. fred from middlesbrough.

Maybe someday Fred. been sometime since I was in Middlesbrough, hope all is well up there. Take care.

Hi Olga, any chance of Mr Murray or Mr Mccarthy inspiring a new tune like TKK? How about a parody of record breakers?

Aye, maybe! cheers for that!

hi Olga...I'm Ritxard From Argentina .. I just want to know if are you writing songs for any new album ... or if you write songs without playing them with the toy dolls or any band ... i hope you understand what i mean... and one last question... Would you like to write a song for my band?could you?: ) We would like to play a song with my band wrote by you...: )

Ritxard Hey! I am indeed writing songs for a new album, nothing completed yet, but I have started! I am busy with Toy Dolls stuff at the moment, but will bear that in mind! Take care

olga you are the best..manuel -italy-

Hey, manuel, Thank you!

Olga, I borrowed Dig That Groove Baby album about 20 years ago and I really did dig it, but after seeing your TOTP2 performance about a year ago I felt compelled to buy your back catalogue and I have got most of them already,I have to agree with you about Idle Gossip,the songs may be okay but the production sounds very 'mushy' and overdone,would you ever consider re-recording the entire album again with the same sound as 'Our Last album'?? or Dig That Groove,or maybe even re-recording A Bare faced Cheek as well? Anyway,after years of listening to the likes of such guitarists as Van Halen, Steve Vai and King/Hanneman from Slayer I must admit that I've put you at the top of my favourite guitarists list as I've never heard anything so brilliantly catchy and original with being pretentious,I look forward to myself and my missus seeing you live in the future wherever you choose to play and maybe have a chat,but the real question I have to ask is where can I get some T shirts from,it seems a bit awkward traveling outside the UK just to see the band and purchase merchandise as well,so buying online would be great! Hope to see you live soon,Andy.

Hi Andy, Yeah I would consider recording Idle Gossip again, but its easier said than done, regarding ownerships for titles, albums etc! Pleased ya like me guitar playing! Thank you! All the merchandise is only available at gigs, at the moment, but that may change later this year! please hang on!

Olga, What make of sunglasses do you wear,and where can i get a pair? Andy.

Andy Hi, I have all makes of sunglasses, you can buy them anywhere! usually kids shops, or markets!

Sir Olga (Master of the Electric Guitar), I was wondering if you could show how to play the Devil Went Down To Scunthorpe(forgive my spelling if I misspelled scunthorpe) in the guitar lesson section. The song is incredible and no matter how hard i try it i can not get it to sound right. So could you be a gent and show this slobby american how to play? (P.S. I figured out how to play toccata before you showed how to do it.) I've been having tough times these days. Could you please teach me how to jitterbug? Thanks, Brian R.

We may do Scunthorpe on the guitar lessons sometime! I am not a fan of it meself! Well done learning Toccata! Jitterbug, awful song! but if you figured out Toccata, I am sure you can figure Jitterbug out!? Good luck Brian!

Hi Olga, Neil from London here, A couple of questions ( hope i don't sound too much like an anorak wearing....) what guitar do you normally record with, i know you favor your trusty tele, but on a couple of tracks i could swear i hear you with a tremolo bar. Next the website is fantastic, how about a song trivia section though, e.g....who was david in david's xr2, and as for poor Chenky!!!! Lastly thanks for the warning, i went to the chemist the other day and i did not know fiery jack actually existed, they offered me a tin, on offer which resulted in a fit of spontaneous laughter and a polite refusal, they were quite bemused. later, neil.

Neil Hi from time to time I have used guitars which are in the studio, with a tremolo arm, but not very often! Most tremolo sounds have been done on the Telecaster, by just loosing the machine head/de tuning the string!.
Thank you for the website compliments! Ciaron does a fine job indeed! (Aww shucks, thanks! Ciaron) Will think about ya idea for sure! hey, if yav really gotta bad back, Fiery jack will certainly take the pain away! yeah, that's stuffs been around for donkeys years! hot stuff!

Hi olga I'm a veteran toy dolls fan since the days of shiney row club etc my 10 yo son is a guitar freak and loves the dolls he has asked if you would sign his peavey i live in chester-le-street it would make his day keep rocking need a gig in north east cheers ian and dominc willis

Dominc Hi! Wow, Shiney Row club! I remember it well! If I am around I will sign your sons Peavey, no problem! Bit difficult as I have been living in London for the past few years! Let me know if ya planning a trip down, bring the amp, and I will sign it.!

Well hello there Olga,Henkie here! Have some question,will Matzy and merchy Koen join again on the OUR LAST TOUR ? Already some news from Japan?Just gif me a yell when you will go to Japan,because we make here the best soysauce of the world!!!!! Not even in Japan they make it better. In august or september we have some Toy Dolls boardmember meeting over here,arranged by Wickey and Pluk.I just know we will have some fun,yeah that's what happened because of the idle gossip board!So it had it's charms tooo Olga,but okay I understand. Hey,will end now and hope to see some Updates about the tour dates and the cd.GO FOR IT & ENJOY. Henkie Panky.

Hello there Henkie! Yes, Matzi and Koen will be there for the rest of the Our Last tour? tour! just waitin for Japanese news. Really? you make good Soysauce/ I would love to try it! Cheers for your support, the tour dates will start to get added soon. Take care.

Hi Olga. I just wanted to know what the name of the waltz you play on Our Last DVD is. I've been looking and I just can't find the name. Thanks.

Hi! Good question! I have no idea, isn't it by Strauss? God, I don't know! Let me know if you find out!
As far as i know it's a piece of music by Boccherini, i'm not sure of the title myself but i do know it was used in the movie Spinal Tap. Check out Nigel Tufnel playing it in hilarious 'rock god' fashion!!! Ciaron

Hi Olga, Just wondering, when were you last in Durham? What about Newton Hall? Cant wait for the next leg of the tour to be announced. Cheers mate Mark

Mark Hi, I Haven't been to Newton Hall in ages! I guess nowts changed!? The next gigs will be announced sooooooon I hope, just have to wait for confirmation before we can put put them up there.!

Hi Olga, Without wanting to sound like a creep I would like to say how much I enjoy your guitar playing (Fanbloodytastic) I too have played guitar for many years now but I'm not quite up to your standard. As we are the same age (& I won't say what it is) I wondered who inspired & influenced your playing when you first started. I live for Punk now but when i first picked up the guitar Punk hadn't even been invented,(I was only 6 months old though) so it was bands like Quo & Sabbath that really made me want to play. I just wondered who it was that made you think "yes I've gotta do that". By the way I am looking forward to hearing your recording you did with The Test Tubes & I agree Del is indeed a great player. Thanks for all the great music & entertainment you have given us over the years & long may it continue. All the best Stuart in Australia.

Hi Stuart, you creep, (joke!). Cheers for the compliments. Yeah, Status Quo (early stuff) were a huge influence on my playing, I love their guitar sound, Mean Girl, Down Down etc! I knew it was something I had to do from school days, being bullied helped! I wanted to prove I could do something and kinda be somebody special, still trying! Del is wonderful indeed, I was with him a couple o weeks back, nice guy, all of the Test Tubes are! Cheers!

Hi Olga, sorry for this direct mail. Wanna ask you for a open air show in germany. We doing a well known festival called back-to-future which is based into the local punk rock scene. Over the years we have had a more and more international line up and we looking each year for a special band. Maybe the Toy Dolls are these in 2006?

Hi, please drop an email to our booking agent. The email address is on this website, booking/management. Good luck with the festival!

Hi Olga. I'm one of your biggest fan here in Norway. And i wanted to say that you're the greatest guitar player. But since i live in Norway, I hate there is no punk bands that play here. Can't Toy Dolls play a gig here in Norway? That would be great, and there's many toy dolls fan here. And one more question; what do you think about the sex pistols ? Please answer me. Greetings from Lars.

Lars Hi, THANK YOU! Looks like you maybe in luck! Norway is being planned as we speak! new very soon! check the tour dates. See you there! Take care