June 2006

all reet olga. can you ask marty to get more toy dolls stuff in hotrats! i couldnt get absurd ditties and he said he doesn't know when he'll get it. do you have any tips for playing faster lead guitar? i can play some toy dolls
stuff (thanks to play with olga) but cant get the speed right yet. i live in sunderland and find it great that so many local spots are mentioned in your songs. will you be in sunderland or hotrats at any point in the future coz i'd love to have a few beers!!!
cheers for the toy dolls!
chris sm:)es

How ya doin Chris! Best of contacting Secret records or Sanctuary for back catologue Toy Dolls stuff. I havent seen Marty for over year now, would like to for sure! will let him know what said, when I meet up with him. As for speed playing, learn everythin until you perfect it at a dead slow tempo, then gradually bulidl up the speed each day from there, never try juat to learn it at break neck speed from the start! I am always up for a beer mate! not sure when I will be up at the moment though.

hey olga, u guys rock my large novelty socks, ha, i cant find a tab for the solo to idle gossip, please could you post a video on it?
thanks, danny

Hi Danny, Sorry we dont have tabs for the songs yet, but one day I will get round to sitting down and working it all out on tab!

Hi from France! Dear Olga, I have 1 suggestion for you... Can you change the name of the guitar lesson "Guitar Lesson 5 - Toccata Part 3. Download 5 min 40 sec (8.25MB)" It's Dougy Giro :) So if you have the Toccata Part 3 in your hard drive i will be happy to learn the last part of this tong :) Thanks, I had no other way to join you so I wrote here :p See ya in France (I hope)

Hi From London! I will make sure Ciaron sorts this ASAP! cheers for that! we will back in France for sure!
Take care Olga

HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN??? All fixed now! Cheers Ciaron

hey olga! At first, its so cool that you show your equipment and show how you play your guitar. Lots of famouse guitarists put Boogies in Marshall cases so that nobody can "copy" their sounds. But your fingers are unique. I play guitar too and i have never seen a guy like you which take the chords like you. Its amazing! Do you invent these chords? Today it was funny. I read the lyrics from "lambrusco kid" and perhaps the melody of this song was in my head. Is this a original toy dolls song or did i listen the song anytimes before in the radio. I dont think so, because i come from Germany (oh yes, I'm not a good english writer). Last year I missed your concert in Nurnberg. I read it in the internet a day after the show. I hope to see you in this year. I was so scared because: "Our last tour?" and I didn't see the question mark. You and the other two guys make really good music. Not only the 3 chords songs.
Thanks. Eddy

Thank you Eddy, Actually the melody on the chorus of Lambrusco kid is from a really old English Hymn, dont tell anybody though! Nurnberg was a blast! sorry ya missed it. Cheers for the compliments! we will be back in Germany thats certain!

Hi Olga, I'm not going to dwell on the subject of UK gigs, that would be rubbish and very unoriginal! My mate Ged (from Consett) came to see you at the aqualung in Spain and had a chat with you he was telling me about and said that it would be fairly unlikely you would come back to the UK and got the impression that you didn't think people would turn up! So anyway we set up www.bringbackthetoydolls.co.uk that has a petition, just out of curiosity(!) we want to see how many people would come and see a UK gig. I could do with the promotion so I hope you feature this question!! Would love to see your name on there! Anyway the proper question is: if you are not coming to the UK where is the nearest show in your coming dates (I have a free pass from the wife to see you abroad so I'll be taking up the offer!)

Roundy Hi. Cheers for your question. I remember the Aqualung, we sucked! bring back the Toy Dolls eh, it is flattering. ..I am not saying we would never play the UK! nothing planned just yet though. Best to check the tour dates page for new dates, I guess the nearest place we have recently played is Holland. A free pass from the wife eh! sounds good!

Hi, Olga! I'm remember you first (and last) show in Moscow, 1997 I'ts was Crazy Evening with Toy Dollz !!! Now i'm siting near mu PC and wait a new concert, 3 june at APELSINClub. Want ask you: Can i get you autograph before or after concert? Se you in Moscow again!
M.Sparrow (Michael Kuznetsov)
Russia, Moscow

Hi Michael! I hope you ejoyed The Apelsin gig!? we did for sure! wild! Hope you managed to get the aurograph? we did meet loadsa peole after the show.
Take care

Hi Olga!! I bought the Dvd, its really good!! For a long time I'm trying to find toy dolls t-shirts and I saw in the dvd some of them("wanted" for example)! I'm livin in US now! Where can I find those t-shirts??? by internet? by mail, anywhere!!! thank you!cheers!!

Pedro Hey! At the moment the merchandise is for sale only at the live shows, but, USA is planned for later this year! please keep checking the NEW DATES list!

hey olga...Jordi/Buky from Barcelona, Catalonia...I was in Palau st Jorbdi when you presented Orcastrated in Barcelona...and I also was at Razzmatazz this year to watch your madness, your power and your perfect chords!! you're the best band I've ever seen!!! I only want to ask two questions: when would you come again or where is the place nearer Catalonia where you'll play soon!!?? and where can I find Toy Dolls glasses to keep like a treasure!!?? Best wishes for your future and your band!!!

Jordi Hi! The Razzmatazz is a great venue! we have always enjoyed it there! not sure about perfect chords though! cheers! We will be back! not sure exactly when yet though! we done too many shows in Spain last year! We usually find glasses in various Toy shops or markets throughout the world!

Hi, My name is Abel. I`m from Cuba. I`m very interested to listen any record from TOY DOLLS....I`ve tryed that for a long long time but the problem is that here in Cuba is very difficult to find this kind of stuff and on the other hand I don`t have financial support to get them through mailorders, etc. Do you think would be very difficult for you to send me a CD of this classic punk band for free? I will appreciate very much what you can do for me at respect...and please don`t worry if it is used. The most important for me is the music.
Thanks for your attention and help.
Take care,

Abel Hello! Sorry its so difficult to get the records in Cuba, please try www.secretrecordslimited.com There should be some way to get them on their site.
good luck

Did you write the song on the advert with the annoying little chav on it thats showin in the uk at the minute? Its a ska tune but the lyrics sound just like you wrote them.

Hi! Sorry, not me! I havent seen the ad, will look out for it though!

hello. my name is Don Stilwell and im a dj on a southern oregon radio show called the Rogues of the Night. we focus on punk rock and industrial music, but we dont have the money to pay for the bmi or ascap liscense. so we have to beg bands to let us play their music. so here it is. can we have your permission to play music from the toy dolls on the show Rogues of the Night. our show is streamed on the net at www.kskq.org.... also if you wanna see what we are all about you can find us at www.myspace.com/roguesofthenight. thank you for your consideration....
Don Stilwell
Rogues of the Night

Don Hi I am afraid the permission would really have to come from our publisher/record company, best you drop them a line and explain your situation www.secretrecordslimited.com Hope eveything works out ok.
Good luck

how the heck do you play nellie the elephant???????????? Sorry if its already been asked but all the internet has is chords and not the fingerpicking bit. Please help
P.S I saw you @ sziget festival 2005 and you were bloody awesome

Hi! I shall endeavour to put the fenger picking bit on a future lesson! Cheers. pleased you enjoed Sziget, I thought we sucked That afternoon to be honest! cant wait to get back to prove we can play well!

Moi Olga, We're gonna play the song "The Devil went down to Scunthorpe", and now I like to know the basstabs to the Devil's solo. The rest of the song we have already figured out. This is what I've got : D F G G# A D A G# G F G# A F G F (4 times). But what comes next ?
Greeetz from Big Jumper.

Big Jumper Hi! Wow, you are asking me! I aint played it for years, maybe we will include in a bass lesson in the future, keep checking!

Thank you very much for the wonderful liveshow in Stavanger, Norway 26.05.06. In my humble opinion almost perfect, just missed "Dueling banjos" and "Blue suede shoes", and shame to those beer throwing prats in the audience! This was my second time seeing you live (first in Oslo 2004). Been a fan since 1990, when a friend of mine played "Olga's def, but there's no need to shout" at a party, and the very next day I went to a local record shop to buy all albums. Couple of questions: - At the show it seemed that your main axe was a red Telecaster with rosewood fretboard. Is this the same guitar that you mentioned in "Olga talkin - january 06" that at that time had a maple fretboard? What would you reccomend for me (being a guitar novice, wanting to buy a telecaster and practise on your excellent guitar instruction videos) - maple or rosewood fretboard? Your secondary axe at this show (the black Telecaster), you spinned around several times i circles. How on earth is this possible and still have signals from the guitar to the amp? - Registered that you used a regular pick when playing at this show. Have you stopped using the "gaffatape" solution?

Torbjorn hi! Yeah, we had a great night in Stavanger, thank you. Not keen on the beer throwing either, nice to have a beer after the gig though! I am pleased ya like the instruction vids! ta! I actually prefer a maple neck, it has more sustain. The red guitar I used in Norway was a different one from the one mentioned in Jan 06. its an older one, an the older the better for me! As for the spinning guitar, well, I leave you wondering about that one! I always use the gaffatape plec at shows, though it looks like a regular pick from a distance! I cant hold regular picks, I just drop em!
take care

Hi Olga.. I missed the date when you was in stavanger, so i was not at your consert :( Sad but true.. I must say you are one of the best rock band in the world.. And I just worship your _COOL_ voice man.. I listen to your songs every day.. But I would be extreamly happy if you are comming to stavanger again? I have to see you guys live, thats a dream.. I know you are very busy but I am just wondering..
Lots of love Magne


Magne Hi, Sorry you didnt make the Stavanger show. Thank you for the compliments on my, er, cool! voice! I guess we will be back, but I am not sure when, we usually leave it a few years before visiting the same town. But please keep checking the new dates list, there may be shows in towns close by.

Hey! I've been a fan of the Toy Dolls since I was 6 yrs old and I haven't got the chance to see you until last Friday, and it was GREAT! And it seemed like the whole band was in a very good mood, and The Amazing Mr.Duncan was....amazing! Did you enjoy it as much as you seemed to? I know I enjoyed it! Cheers!

Hello Matzy! Cheers for coming to the gig! We always enjoy the shows! even more so this year! I agree with you, Mr Duncan is rather amazing! take care
thank you!

Hello Olga!! I'm writing only to say we are look foward to you!!! I wish all your gigs are the best ones and you come soon for us to see you!!!! Take care! All of you!
ROSI (Brazil)

Rosi Hello! Thats very nice of you! Obrigado! Hopefully we will have some Brazil news SOOOOOOOON!
take care

hey olga If you come to Aus (which you really gotta) look up www.blackmarketrecords.com.au brisbane based punk indie lable they run shows all up the east coast plus they can help get you decent places to stay and all that, im mates with em and we all love ya
Jack Rag

Jack Hi cheers for that info. Hope we will get there, REALLY!
Thank you

Hi guys! I just want to say that it was the best show ever at Folken in Stavanger! And eh... say hello from me to the rest of the band , ) especially Tommy Goober. He's a awsome bass player. Nice belly by the way hehe!
And Olga me and my friends all hope that we will c you again soon m8s! Take care!
Roger 16 Stavanger Norway

Hi Roger, Great to know you liked the Stavanger gig! Thank you! Yeah, Tommy keeps getting better and better! Will be back for sure!

Hey Olga! The Toy Dolls are a sweet band! Um, when your singing, do you try to be funny? Is your voice natrually such a high pitch?, or do you make it like that on purpose? If so why? Do you know a guy named Corey Duffel? He is a pro skateboarder....what are some of his favorite songs or albums from you guys? You are an awsome guy man...
alright, thanks

Phil Hi! my singing voice isnt my speaking voice! it is actually produced by squeaking fom my throat! not as a proper singer would do! I started singing like that just to cut above the volume of the drums and guitars!
Best album, probably Absurd ditties!

You said that you will not play the u.k. till you are good enough does this mean that you are no good when you play elsewhere. Please can you show some loyalty for the many fans that made you what you are today and followed you in the early days, lets see some dates in the u.k. especially the north east as a reward to the fans that followed you in the early days. You were quite happy to to play at small venues when you were starting off but now the people who supported you have been totally ignored lets have some real answers not just pathetic excuses. Its about time you came back to your roots in the north east (england) its no good saying you are not good enough we will not accept that as an excuse any more, why will you not show some loyalty to the fans up here, remember if they had not supported you in the early days you would have been nothing now. Lets have some honest answers as to why you will not play up here, I don't expect you will reply to this but it would be nice if I recieved an honest answer.


Hello, cheers for your question. I shall do me best to answer it! Everywhere is important to us. The UK is the most important place however, we live here! so to be good is just not good enough. especially the more time passes, the more people are excpecting. We played the UK in 1993, with Marty and Kcee, the best line up, up to that point, I was well proud of that line up, and we were ready to start doing more UK shows within a few years after that gig. However, Kcee left and was replaced by Gary, though he tried his best, the band was just sub standard, unfortunately. We tried to make it work with that line up, but after about a year of touring, I couldnt face putting on shows of this poor quality. Least of all play in our own home country with a poor line up!
especially after having had such a great line up, of which I was proud of previously! I hope you can appreciate this, and see it from our point of view. As for playing in SMALL venues, most of the gigs we do are in small venues because we prefer that anyway, close contact with the audience. As for a north east Uk show, this would be even more important that we would be at our best, we have friends and family there! and apart from our pride, if one place that deserves the best, its the North East for sure, its where we began. As for being proud of what we produce, I joined a fantastic band called The Dickies from Los Angeles a few years back. The line up was incredible, and I was extremely proud of it, and I never objected to doing any UK gigs at all, including the North East. I really hope you can understand this. In the meantime, we have recently just got the best drummer I have ever played with, and with the best bass player the Toy Dolls have had, this line up has the potential to be the best yet, if this proves true, which I am fairly certain it will, with more shows. Then UK shows will be something we would consider of course. Hope to see you up there.
take care

Hello Olga, I'm french and i'm thirty six years old and I follow the story of the toy dolls since your first album. I'm very surprise to listen "Nelly The Elephant" in publicity on the TV for a famous french carbonated watter. Hope it's help you to be more famous and "rich" I've seen the toy dolls for the last time at the Elysee montmartre in Paris and it was a very good show. Please, never stop the story. See you in your next last tour

Thank you! We always enjoy the Elysee Montmarte, a great venue indeed. Unfortunately we didnt actually write Nellie, so theres no money for us from the ad! Still, we will be back in France for sure! Hope to see you there!

Hi! This is not a "ask olga" thing, but a "thank olga and the toy dolls" thing... THANK U for the great concert in Lillehammer! I can't describe what i my head was like when u "jumped" out from the box... Oh my god, its Olga. Finally, I'm standing there and listen to the most wonderful band i know, jupp, toy dolls ;) And Olga...you are a wonderful man! The only thing i was sad about is that is didn't get to say hi or hello to you. I had to get home right after the concert because i had a long day at work the day after. I hope i see you later.


Hi Mona. Lillehammer was a blast, though we were far from perfect! Shame we couldnt meet ya, maybe next time, I am sure we will be back in Norway!
Take care

Hi Olga, I just wanted to tell you that you are a legend. A The Toy Doll religion would be great. If I ever have kids I'll call one of them Olga. Keep up the tours.

Nick Hi! CHEERS! THANK YOU! We shall keep up the tours, no worries!

hello olga thank u 4 a great great show in bergen on the garage. my best consert ever i had to drive 50 miles 2 get ther it was al whirt it. i was the gay whit no t-shirt standing on the left side of u. and i was taking meny pictures that was no good, bad camera my ? is are u one of the world fastest playing guitarist?? i hope u are comming back to norway next year. sorry my bad english. god bay so long....
jon henrik

Jon Hey, Thank you for coming to the Garage, we really had a great time there! and YES, we will be back! Sorry about ya camera. Not sure about being one the fastest guitar players! thank you though!

hello olga.....when were you goin back here in italy? please let me know when, so i can see you guys before you totally farted...uhurm...parted!! more health for you guyz....till nxt time...tnx

HI! We havent actually done many shows in Italy, hopefully more can be arranged in the near future, its a greeeeat country. Please check the tour dates for shows!
Hope to see ya soon.

Hello dear Olga!!! I am from Moscow and i was on the toy dolls show in "Apelsin Club" and a little talked with you on the press conference before the show. (It was 3 june). It was GREATEST concert in my live!!!! And i want to ask: What are you think about our country and your russian fans? Like you play in Russia? I'll wait the answer!:) P.S. WELCOME TO MOSCOW!!! Always we wait "The Toy Dolls" show!!!!!

Rodion Hello I am pleased you enjoyed the Moscow show, what a wild night! we loved it! Everyone we met in Russia was extremely kind and helpful, we cant wait to get back!

Hi olga what type of strings/gauge do you use ? also you mention that you changed your stock tele pickup for a seymour duncan alnico pickup is this wired into the guitar the same way as the original ?
ta spaz

Hi Spaz The strings I use are from gauge 10, Ernie Ball. regular. Yeah, the Seymour duncan is wired in the normal way. I think!

OLGAAAAAAAAAA i hope you still answer the question. WELL the question is: We have heard from a friend that you have a song called the Nazi Song, and that the lyrics are some what racist - leaning towards neo skinheads sort. We looked everywhere for that song but failed to find it. WE HOPE within our hearts DEEPLY that this is not true. SAY IT ISNT SO, OLGA> COMON OLGA! SAY IT OLGA! WE LOVE YOU! DONT BREAK OUR YOUNG DARLING INNOCENT HEARTS! THEY ARE FRAGILE!!! PS do you want to go on a lucheon picnic with us someday? We aint so bad lookin sir LOVE (i said LOVE)
Angel and Alyse in California United States of Alyse and Angel

Hey, I am pleased to tell you that we dont have any song with that title, or any songs with that content! The luncheon picnic sounds inviting!

Hi Olga, When you came to Bristol last September to present me with the guitar case, do you remember we went to a pub for a bite to eat? Well on Saturday just gone I went out for a ride on my motorbike and ended up in the same pub. I was at the bar ordering a drink when who should walk past but Johnny Briggs AKA Mike Baldwin, it turns out he lives about a mile down the road. Shame he wasn't there the night we were eh? Not really a question just a bit of useless Corrie trivia that I thought you as a huge fan might appreciate, so I don't expect a reply. Glad to hear the first few dates of the tour went so well. I will keep watching the updates for more gig confirmations and hopefully one I can get to will appear.

Dom Hi! Yeah, I remember the pub! Wow, Johnny Briggs, wicked! would have loved to meet him! Yeah, the first few dates have been very nice, thank you. I am very happy! Hope theres gonna be some shows you can get along to!
take care mate.

good morning, night, afternoon or whatever you like to call it. MR.OLGA: i just wonder if you ever have met John lydon? since you both are mad and brilliant, it would be great! anyway, thanks for being one of the wierdest people in the world, and for the gigs in norway... cheers.

Good Morning! Thank you! I havent met John yet, the only Pistols member I have met is Glen Matlock, who lives 1 mile from me. John is a hero of mine for sure! Thank YOU for Norway!

Good time of a day! Olga! It's from russiA again. Thanks alot for THAT! It was VERY .... (a'm lost for words:)), so it was amazing. I hope you've enjoyed too. So I think, I'd voice your russian fans, if ask you to come again as soon as you can ! Thanks again, and wish to see Dolls again ! /P.S : sorry my grammar(?)

Hello Russia! We loved every minute of it, thank you! Your English is a whole load better than my Russian, I tell ya!

Hi Olga, I am a Hungarian fan working in Edinburgh and I'd like to know if there is any chance to see you in the next couple of month. Thanks for your answer in advance,

Zsolt Hi Good luck working in Edinburgh, its a beautiful city. Gigs over the next two months are on the NEW DATES list. Nothing close to Scotland though! But please keep checking!
take care up there!

Hello, Olga. Greetings from Russia! First of all thank you so much for the great show in St. Petersburg. It was the best concert ever for me and many of my friends and it was full of fun and pure positive energy. We miss you already! Besides you and The Toy Dolls road crew lads are very pleasant and amazing people, the only bad thing is that you haven't got enough time to see over our city. And finally I'd like to ask you a couple of questions: 1) Why "The Death Of The Roofer With Vertigo" was the one and only song in your playlist from "Our Last Album?" (except for "The Final Countdown" intro)? and 2) I know that you took part in Peter And The Test Tube Babies World Cup anthem recording 'cause you're the big fan of this game. Do you have the plans to go to the Football World Cup and support your national team? Besides have you heard Jimmy Pursey's "Hurry Up England" and what do you think of it? Thanks for messing with the answers.
And good luck with your flu! Take care, Dmitry

Hi Dmitry Great English! We loved St Petersburg! glad you enjoyed the show! 1) this tour we decided to try and include many songs from lots of different albums, from the whole 27 years we have been playing. Next year we will probably include a couple more from the latest album. 2) No plans to go to see the football, but I will be watchin the matches on the telly for sure! I heard Hurry Up England! yeah, its ok, of course I loved the original Hurry up Harry, a classic!
Thank you!
Take care!