July 2006

will you ever do a tour in sunderland again olga?i am 14 and probably your youngest fan i live in pennywell sunderland and ever since my dad made me listen to you i have awaited you to come back and do another gig or even a tour? your biggest 14 year lod fan dom!!!!!

Hi Dom, Pennywell eh! Hope all is well up there. Sorry about your Dad making you listen to us! Nothing planned for a Sunderland show as yet, anything will be announced on the Tour Dates list. 14! wow, exactly the age I began playing guitar! 7 years ago! Olga

I'm Klaudio from Rome and i'd ask you if the Toy dolls have in program to play in Rome for their last tour.Many people would see you playing for the first time!!!! because your music rocks (yeahhh!). I hope to see you soon and i wait for an answer. Bye bye Klaudio and all the many people that want you here, in Rome!!!.

Rome! a place we really wanna go, we will get there, I am sure! Take care Olga

THANK YOU for a really wonderful show in Lillehammer, and for the autograph & photo afterwards. Well worth the three-hour drive from Oslo with a rented car, thanks for being so friendly :-) Hope you`ll do more shows in Norway! All the best, Ellen

Ellen Hi! Thank you for coming to the Lillehammer show! We are in Norway on 17th August! plesae check the tour dates! Hope to see you there. Cheers olga

Hi Olga, I meant to ask you this in my last email but forgot so here goes. Was your line in " Smiling through the tears " written by you, or for you or is it just a coincidence that the " please leave your wives at home" bit, is a sentiment echoed in many of your songs? Bloody criminal that it aint the official world cup song, its so much better than some of the other crap on offer. " Come on England " by Dexys midnight runners for example, It must have taken them seconds to come up with that eh? Cheers, Dom.

Hello Dom! Actually, it was written by Peter test Tube! but does sound like I wrote it! Shame nothing happened with the song, twas a good one, yeah i agree with you about the Dexys song! take care olga

Greetings, Olga & THE TOY DOLLS! My name is Alex from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. 2 june was at your concert.
Have shown mad the punk-rock show. Masterly game, mad rhythms, clockwork melodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 years ago for the first time has heard your songs, at once has grown fond TOY DOLLS! Since then dreamed to see you alive! The dream has come true! Drops of a regret! I wait for new songs!

Hi there Alex! Saint Petersburg was a blast indeed. Thank you! we will be back! and with different songs! Cheers olga

hello there olga just wanted to ask two question i've always wanted to ask 1. why do you wear shades in shows and videos and stuff? 2. have they ever fallen off in a live show?

Hello! 1. I wear shades coz I am too nervous to see the audience! truth! 2. no chance of falling off, always held on with elastic! cheers olga

Hey Olga ... since there's very little chance I'm getting to Europe in the near future, how about you head downunder for a gig or two?Ê You can stay at my place if you like (the kids won't mind sharing).Ê Saw you once long ago in Rotterdam - spent 80 dollars on an Taxi getting to the gig from The Hague - worth every penny! So how about it? A quick trip to the land of Aus ... there's a vegemite sandwich with your name on it just waiting. Keep going ... we need more Barry the Roofer! Catchya later, loki

loki Hi Yeah, still hoping for shows down under! You enjoyed the Rotterdam show? I thought we sucked that night!, but thats just my opinion! Hope to see ya soon! Olga

Dear Olga (?), My husband is a HUGE fan as are our children now (ages 15,10 and 9) . We live in a SMALL town of Elizabeth, Colorado in the USA. My question, more of a request, is this: My husband said if you come the USA he is going to take the children to go see you live. That means I will have the house to myself for at least three days. Alone. By myself. Please come to tour the USA. I am begging you!

Yeah, we will get there, sit tight! plans underway! olga

I was just curious, what do you think of England's chances for World Cup victory this summer? Hope to see you in the States later this year! Cheers! Scott

Scott, really, I think England will go quite far, not sure about actually winning the cup, but would be nice! been some time! Olga

alright quick question. i lost my shades they looked almost exactly like your white and black ones, but mine were all black.... so the question is where did you find your glasses? i really need to find a new pair ive been lookin for like a month now

I lost mine also! about 22 years ago! I got them from my mate Neil, I aint seen him for years, will have to make a date to meet up, see if he has another pair. olga
hi olga. (sorry for my english i'm french) - I recently heard 3seconds of "nellie the elephant" in a french advertising for a mineral water. Did you get money with these 3 seconds? I didn't know the band before, and since this advertising, i find you on the web, and I got "fat bob's feet" really fantastic album. When do you come back in paris? bye thomas
Thomas hi We will be back in Paris on the next European tour, when the next album is released, not sure when mind ya! No money for the advertising I am afraid, not even a free bottle o water! Pleased you like Fat bobs feet, not the best album! Cheers olga

Hi, Olga! Greatest gig in Apelsin club in Moscow!!! Thanks a lot!!! My question: why did it took you so long to come back to Russia? It has been so long since that last 1997 gig in DK Gorbunova, (by the way the most great and legendary hall for rock perfomances in Moscow). Maybe you didn't like something there at that time?
I assure you, that you have really an army of fans here, so please don't hesitate to come back!!! You're always welcome here in Russia! By the way: did you know who Yul Brynner was? He was definetely not a skinhead :) but he was HALF-RUSSIAN!!! :) His mother was Russian, and he was born in Vladivostok - far east of Russia. Check out www.imdb.com if you don't believe me! :))) Cheers and lots of beer in your honour! Sergei.

Sergei Hi! Thanks! we really enjoyed the Apelsin show. Not sure why it took so long to get back to russia! will ask our management! Wont be so long next time though! The DK Gorbunova is a much better venue for sure, we loved that place. Cheers for the Yul info! see ya next time! Olga

Hello my dear, i don't really have any questions, but i want to say that i have been a fan from early years,and still are. i have brain washed my kids by playing The Toy dolls and sex pistols at home in many years,so now my doughter is taking over an spreding the word...you are great and we have the same idol in mr.lydon... he must be the most honest person in the world... but yet i still sing toy dolls when i wipe the floor. thank you for making my life funny,and for being weird in public :))) if i have to ask a question it would be....why havent you guys been to my barbeque yet? i have been waiting for about 20 years...and we are almost out of pork..have a splendid life...kisses *irene* from norway

Hi Irene The BBQ idea sounds splendid! Cheers! We are in Norway in august actually! Take care olga

Hi olga iseen you in the old 29 in sunderland some 26 years ago and in the bunker keep going m8 still got vhs with some of great songs on and seen you on penshaw hill

Cheers mate, thank you! I will never forget the Old 29 for sure. We may keep going, a little longer! Olga

hi olga two simple questions, why chant were geordies after kids in tyne & wear when youre a mackem, secondly when can we se you at home in sunderland? remember no groove diggers at le metro?

Hi! I lived in Sunderland most of me life, but I was born in South Shields, what does that make me!? Yeah, I remember putting No groovediggers on Le Metro door! No Sunderland gigs planned just yet. Take care olga

Just a quick request. Next time your ordering some Toy Dolls T shirts, any chance of getting a few in kiddie sizes? I expect quite a few of your fans are parents ( after all you've been around a while and there's never anything on the TV, so these things happen! ) and would love a T shirt for they're kids. I know my two boys would wear them with pride. Also, wasn't there some talk a while backÊof merchandise being available soon through the website? Is this still the plan? Because my T shirts wont last forever. Cheers Dom.

Dom Hi! I will have a word with the company that do our merchandise! still thinking on the website merchandise. I know the girlie shirts have been doing very well, maybe these will fit the kids? olga

hey! Long untill the bass lessons are ready? From Roger.. again.. haha if u remember: at folken in stavanger, me and som friends was yelling in the back.. yelling nellie the elephant and singing loudest =)... hehe :) Roger 16 ( yellow shirt ) lol (: love u guys

Roger hi Tommy is just working on ideas now, will keep ya updated! olga

Just wanted to let you know we can't wait to see you is the US. We live in Texas and will fly to any city to see you. My husband has been waiting a good 15 years! We hope to see you LIVE soon! Roxanne

We hope to see you too, soon! thank you. Olga

I have been reading all the questions sent to you and one in particular bothers me, namely the one concerning u.k gigs. Im sorry but i have never heard such rubbish. How can you say that you are not good enough to do u.k gigs yet you play everywhere else in the world?. People dont care if its not musically perfect,all they care about is being able to show their appreciation of a great band. (And buy a T-Shirt) Come to England and play for us.We need it. thank you. Rod.

Rod Hi Cheers for your mail, we wont be musically perfect when we play UK, or anywhere! thats for sure! Twould be nice for us to be the great band you mention though! Hope to see ya soon. Olga

All reet Olga - I got your book From Fulwell To Fukuoka from the advert on this site. It's brilliant but instead of using the word "crap" so often you could have said "masterpiece". ( I tried to order it out of a bookshop in sunderland - It was fun saying Fukuoka to the female assistant - they could get but there was a 2 week wait)
ÊI hope you don't mind but I have a picture of The Toy Dolls and web address in the back window of my car if you ever see it on a visit back to Sunderland please stop me I would like to meet you I live near the Ashbrooke Launderette too!..... John

John Hi Will stop you if I get back to Sunderland yeah! cant believe the Ashbrooke launderette is still there! Enjoy the book! Olga

Hello Olga I'm Kornel from Liechtenstein. I wanted to know, whether the ''Toy Dolls'' could come to the Sziget Festival (9.-15. August) or to the Rock Am See Festival (2. August, www.rock-am-see.de). I'd find it really cool, if you could play on one of these festivals because i've never seen you life before (just on videos) and I'm a big fan of your band. You could also write me, if you're going to play in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein =). I know that you're a very busy man, but I would be really happy if you could write me back. Greets, Kornel

Hi Kornel, we wont be at the Sziget festival this year, maybe next, we are doing the half szijet festival however, please check the tour dates. Hopefully there will be more shows inSwitzerland, we love it there! Olga

Ello Olga! I looked at the tours you've been having, and it seems like you're very busy. I just discovered The Toy Dolls, (yeah, it's kinda sad, I wish I could have discovered you earlier.) Speaking of tour dates, i was wondering if you've ever been to America. Don't worry, I'm not asking if you're coming or anything, but it seems like you're going all over Europe. Must be pretty there....... I'd really love to go. Anyway, I hope this last part of the question doesn't seem obnoxious, but what is your birth date? I always look up a new artists birthday, it's an old habit. :) Well, have fun on hopefully your "not last tour", Spazee McGee

Spazee McGee hey! Yeah, we have done a few American tours, really enjoyed it! my birthdate is 21st September, cant remember what year though! 81? 82? Olga

Olga, how did you get to be such a hot ladies man? Cheers, Sonya

Charm, cuteness, manly body, eh, ? this is a trick question, right!? xx olga
Hi Olga, I'm 17 and i live in Florida and just started listening to the toy dolls and i was wondering where do you draw your inspiration from? chris
hi Chris, most of my inspiration comes from everday life, shopkeepers, girlfriends, people we know, true stories, and soap operas Olga

I received a tape from a friend a long time ago and
since then I have not been able to find anything at
all from you guys. Can I order from your site or do
you have any ideas where I can get them? I am in
Michigan, USA Thanks , Gypsy

Gypsy Hey sosrecords.us They will hep ya for sure. Good luck Olga.