Would it be possible if i could have an autograph i've been a fan of The Toy dolls for years now and my dad likes you too ever since he saw you on Top Of The Pops 2.
That wasn't really my question this is my question:
With you touring all the time don't you miss watching your soaps? And what's your favourite soap at the moment?
from tracy keightley

Hi! We should have photos/autographs ready for ya in 2006.
Yes, I do miss my soaps when we are on tour! Though I always try to put everything back home, out of my mind when I am away doing shows, kinda throw myself into the touring mode.
Coronation Street has always been my favorite soap!

Dear Olga,
I enjoyed very much your last show in Milan(Rock in Idro)on last September,and I hope you'll be back someday. I've listened to your music for one year(and I'll keep doing it...)and probably you answered to this question a lot of times,so I'm sorry...What I want to know is something about characters like Dougy,Peter,Keith,Alec and the other guys who appear in your songs.Who are they?Do they really exist?I hope I can see you in Italy another time. Thank you,see ya!

I am pleased you enjoyed the Rock in Idro festival, we did too, apart from having to play a short set! it was a great day, a hot one, and lots of after show alcohol consumed!
Yes, the people we sing about actually exist! people we have met, friends, neighbours etc.
Yeah, we love Italy, hopefully be more shows there next time round. Cheers.

Since the Toy dolls are now officially over will their be any media updates to the site? I would still like to see some video footage from the bands past TV appearances. Also is there any plans for the new DVD to be released in format that will work on U.S. DVD players?

Hi! There will be media updates on the site throughout 2006 and onwards, don't worry! Best to contact www.secretrecordslimited.com for info on the DVD. Oh, by the way, the only thing that's officially over is the 2004-2005 leg of Our Last Tour? tour!

Hi Olga, how are you?
My name is Ricardo Stoco, one of the regulars on the old Message Board. We spoke for a few minutes before the sound check in the Pirassununga's gig, i show you my sign copy of the "Our Last Album?". Wanna thank you for be so nice to me that day, means a lot to me finally meet you after 19 years! I'm just curious about one thing you say to me when i ask you why the whole band count make it to the shows in Brazil and you say "we come back next year". Having say that, what's the real deal about the "end" of the Toy Dolls? Thanks a lot.

Hi, I am very well thanks for asking.
Yeah I remember speaking with you in Pirassununga, sorry I didn't have more time to talk, we were having a mountain of problems with the equipment!
The reason The Toy Dolls were not in Brazil is because they were Lambrusco Kids shows, I was just a small guest!
And yes, we will be there in 2006! I cant wait.
Hope we get a bit more time to talk then!
19 years you say! wow! you must be older than me!
Cheers for coming to the show!

Olga, you haven't been here in Pittsburgh, PA since 98. We need you guys. Come back?
Spencer Conner

Yeah, too long, we will be back!

hi Olga I'm Clayton the guy from malta which have a band called after Toy Dolls (pupi tal-loghob.it means toy dolls in maltese) hope you remember when i wrote you like 2 months ago i think. i saw the news on the site and there's something new coming in January..Hope it's a toy dolls live gig....and hope it's not far from Malta so i could finally see you guys playing live. In malta every year at around June we organize a festival with all maltese punk bands.. almost 10 last year which for the size of our country is quite a good number of punk bands.. Well this year we where thinking in doing something better and bring a foreigner band playing in this festival. well i was wondering if you would be interested in partecipating..it would be really great for my band to play along with our favourite band and for the festival too. If you're interested please let me know on my email kuzza@onvol.net and we would arrange everything about flights and accomodation...Hope to have a good answer.. Play with Olga section is great and do you use power chords?? another thing my band's website is www.pupital-loghob.com if you would like to take a look...
Thanks and Cheerio
A big fan of Toy Dolls

A:Yes I remember ya! yeah, there's news coming! for The Toy Dolls live shows, you should contact booking/management, on our website, they will advise you.
Glad you like the Play with Olga section! I do use power chords too, cant live without them!

Hey Olga,
I loved Decembers guitar lessons, my fingers are red raw. Nice one!
I have a couple of requests,
1. Can we have another solo lesson sometime, I learnt Back in 79 and would love to learn Ernie had a hernia or any other Toy Dolls solo.
2. Could you do Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik. I know there are two guitar parts but it could be split into two lessons, guitar1, guitar2, so when you play the piece at full tempo at the end we could use that as a backing track for learning each guitar part or perhaps Ciaron could do one of the guitars.
Just a thought! Whatever you do, I cant wait for the next installment.
Keep up the good work.

Hey, my guitar case winner, good to hear from ya!
There will be loads more lessons coming for ya!
I may do Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik, just one problem, Gary Funn played all the difficult bits! I had the easy bit! Maybe I should meet up and ask him to show me the bits!

If i thought for one hot minute that i was as good a guitar player as either Olga or Gary, do you think i'd be doing websites!!!

Dear Olga,
thank you so very very much for the Sao Paulo gig with the Lambrusco Kids! It was absolutely perfect, without a doubt the best show I've ever been to. Are you still taking pictures for the Tour Pics gallery? I have a reeeally great shot of you with the giant Lambrusco bottle, hehehe. By the way, did you recover from that shock from the microphone? I gotta say it was pretty funny at the time, but after laughing my ass off, I got worried... hehe, just kidding. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how great it was. Even though I'm NEVER going to forgive myself for letting you walk right by me while I was out there on the line and not doing anything (besides watching that kid hug you to death...), it was certainly a very special night. I should stop now that I'm starting to sound like a crazy fan (which I am, but you don't need to know that). Thanks again! The small village of S‹o Paulo will be waiting for the Toy Dolls next year!

Hey, Thank YOU! I really enjoyed the Sao Paulo gig.
I am not sure about absolutely perfect! but we had fun for sure!
Yeah, Ciaron still takes pics for the gallery.
Yeah, it was a big shock! I wont forget that one!
Hey, next time please come up and say hello, I don't mind how crazy you may be! it would be nice to meet you. see ya in 2006.

Just e-mail any pics you have to the usual address .

this is gabriel from the forum, don't know if u remember me ....
man, I'm soooo disappointed, cause u never came to argentina, i almost cry when i heard u were back in england .....this broke my heart man... i was a huge fan of your music, and i couldn't see u play not even once
u could at list said something, like we are not going o argentina because bla bla bla.....
im a huge fan of nofx, pantera and the toy dolls... dimebag is dead so im not gonna see them, nofx are not coming here cause they hate to be spited and i had only one chance to see one of my favourite bands with you...and now it's all gone....
it«s all i have to say....

Hi there, yeah, we were disappointed about not getting to Argentina. Dont worry, sit tight, we will get there! keep checking the tour dates!
See ya sooooon!

You're so sweet! I'm veeeeery happy for reading your great news! Including, I think you have to make other album with new name, because "Our last tour?" is very sad...
Merry Xmas for you and your family and an excellent year! LONG LIFE for TOY DOLLS (or TO Toy Dolls... I've never known... in fact, sorry for my poor English...)

Sweet eh? wow, thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!
Another album eh, well, maybe!? remember, its not "Our Last Tour", its "Our last Tour?"

Hello Olga, my name is luis garcia and i'm one of your biggest fans. i've downloaded all you guitar lessons and am trying to learn the song toccata.its pretty hard. i just wanted to know when you started playing guitar and how you got so good at it. do u practice every day? also wanted to know if you are having any concert anywhere by south west usa. i hope to see u one day live. if you could answer these questions that would be great. thank you

Thank you for your nice words! yeah, Toccata is a difficult one, for the tempo for sure.
Just learn it all dead slowly, perfect it, then start to build up the speed.
Yes, I practice at the moment everyday, and when I was first learning I done about 3 hours practice each day, every day. I started when I was 14 years old.
Hopefully the USA 2006 leg of Our Last Tour? will take us somewhere near you!

Hi! my name is Enzo and I'm from Argentina. I'll like to know if you're gonna come to play here. I'll like to see the toy dolls show.
Thanks and sorry for my bad english

We hope to include Argentina in the South American tour this year.
Cant wait to get there , I tell ya!

Dear Olga of the toy dolls,
My name is Sterlling, and I first found the toy dolls when I heard nought but a sample of "I've got Asthma" and I was hooked. I am continuously amazed by the toy dolls humour and musical talent, and nothing would please me more than if the toy dolls came to canada, more specifically, Alberta...I have looked at the dolls tour history, and to my great DISpleasure found you have never had the pleasure of experiencing Canada and all she has to offer.. please consider this warm invitation..

Hi, Canada is certainly one place we have always wanted to play, I will have a word with our manager about it, again! I have never been, but I have friends from Canada, they are very nice people. keep yer fingers crossed!

Hey Olga, I'm 16 and another huge fan of yours from Southern California and I just wanted to say if you came over here for a show or two you would be most welcomed. You have quite a bit of fans over here. Thanks for being so cool to your fans over the years, and here's hoping you will continue to play.

Cheers, we plan to get there As Sooon As Possible! be good to see ya.

Hello Olga, my name is V’ctor, I am of Argentina. First I want to be thankful by Toy Dolls, enchants to me. And second thank you very much to answer the questions. Now I want to ask to you, for you.... As it is the song most difficult to touch in the guitar of Toy Dolls? Thanks.

Hey! Good question! most of The Toy Dolls songs are easily playable when ya sitting down, but when standing up, and with the stage movements, I find them all hard work! maybe the most difficult ones are Alecs Gone and Shell be back with Keith someday, coz of the fast downstrokes.

Hi Olga,
Perhaps jumping the gun a little here, but assuming that the major Toy Dolls news coming soon to the website involves some long awaited UK Shows (sorry to mention a touchy subject), what will you do about tickets? Obviously demand will be huge and they'll probably end up on ebay for a couple of hundred quid. Have you any ideas how to ensure people get them? What about e-mailing everyone who has corresponded with you to give them priority?
Also, I saw you in Paris in November 2004, and you guys were amazing - in my opinion you are good enough to play the UK right now, so come on then?
Sorry if the news actually turns out not to be UK show related, but you've got to admit, the hints are there!
You seem to be on the UK gig circuit very regularly at the moment - you must be picking up the vibes that the time is right.
What size venue do you think would be booked for a Toy Dolls show, and who would support?
All the best anyway.

Hey! not a touchy subject, we just have never been good enough to play UK, not for while anyway.
Glad you liked the Paris show, cant say we were great there though!
Not sure what size venue would be suitable, a small one, probably 500 or so.

hello Olga,
i'm emo, a hungarian girl, i love your band, will u come to hungary ever
more? i hope yes, greetings from hungary

Hello Hungarian girl, THANK YOU! I really hope we will be back in Hungary. I love it there. Keep checking the tour dates!

Hey Olga! my name is Renato, I'm from Brazil, south of Brazil, I knew about some shows of you here in Brazil, in SP with Lambrusko Kids, but S‹o Paulo it's so far away from Porto Alegre (where I live).
I'm the biggest fan of Toy Dolls in my state (I hope so..) and I askin' about a chance of Toy Dolls play here, in Porto Alegre. Have some chance? I need to see you before I die!!! And I hope meet you and gave to you a record of my band, you're my hero man! Toy Dolls was my inspiration to made a band.
Thanks for attention and sorry for my bad english.

Hi there, We did play Porto Alegre a long time ago, it was rockin, I hope it will be include next time around! Cheers for the compliments, be good to meet ya!

Must confess I am a more recent admirer than a lot of your fans (I got to appreciate what you do through the live Dickies album) - I have only recently (past year) turned my sisters (aged 50 and 52) plus my sons (aged 6 and 2) on to the Toy Dolls. It was Our Last DVD wot did it ! Now we are proud owners of most every available CD and video !
I notice you may be making signed photos available I would love some for my new converts if you can make one or two available ?

Hello! the Dickies rock indeed, leonard is the Worlds best punk singer, I reckon!
Every CD and video, wow! thank you, cheers for converting yer sisters and sons too!
Photos will be ready a bit later in the year.

hey this is Selene from the U.S.
I was wondering if there were going to be any shows in California. I love you guys, so unique, so amazing. The music makes me want to dance. well tell me what's up. if you don't have any in the U.S. planned, try to plan it, because you know Americans love your music too. Thank you for caring and listening. asum asum asum.
L O V E you guys -Selene-

California is penciled in for 2006, keep checking the tour dates for confirmed shows!
Pleased ya wanna dance! nice to know! Look forward to seeing you in the USA!

Hey! i'm just wondering... Are you planning any shows in Norway? it would be great if you guys came to Stavanger ( not oslo hehe i live many MANY hours from there ) tihi =)
You guys rock! Your the best Olga! All my friends thinks you rock! ( me 2 , )
Im realy bad English sorry =/
Roger 15 =)

No need to apologise for your English my friend, its fine.
There is a fair chance of Norway this year, not sure which towns yet.
Hopefully see ya somewhere!

Hello I am a big fan from Sweden and I would like to know if and when you are coming back to Sweden?? coz I didn't have the money when you guys were here the last time..
Best regards

Hey! sorry you missed the shows in Sweden, we enjoyed it loads.
No plans to return on the OUR LAST TOUR? tour, unless, maybe if any festivals happen, Hope they do!

hello there olga my boy! well i live in the USA <sarcastic "whoo-hoo">!! and well i've been hearing rumors for almost 2 years that the world famous toy dolls were coming down to the US to grace us with their presence...butt a las... no Olga and Co...are u guys every planning to tour here?!?!?!??
- Curtis E Bear

Yes Yes Yes! we are planning to come! THIS YEAR! the website will announced the dates when they get confirmed, sorry to keep ya waitin!

Hey Olga
Just wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy ( and productive ) new year!
Cant wait to hear what your plans are.
The best present I had this year was your guitar case, Thank you. Santa is gonna have to go some to top that!
Anyway, Enjoy the holiday!
Dom and family.

Hi! Happy New Year to you too! thought you might o threw the guitar case in the dustbin by now! I miss it!

hi! i'm nahuel, from argentina.. i want to tell you that i'm doing a fanzine with one of my friends, and i would like you to answer a couple of questions for it
1)what do you feel playing in one of the most old and respected punk bands?
2) we know that you have been in argentina some years ago.. what do you think about argentinian people, the bands that played with you and argentina in a more general view?
3) what is your favourite band ever? and actual band?
4) how can you define the music of the toy dolls and which were your influences at the beginning of the band?
5) to finish... are you thinking in coming to argentina soon?
my english is not the best, but i do what i can

Hey! thank you for your list of questions! kinda interview!
1. I am flattered you say that! not sure I like the OLD bit!! but it feels good!
2. Oh, we were only there for one night! cant really judge somewhere after a few hours! Wild gig though! we didn't get the chance of seeing the other bands unfortunately.
3.Favourite band ever, If I really had to pick one, I would say SLF.
4.We call our music Toy Dolls music. Loads of early influences, Sham 69, Sweet, Slade, Mud, Chuck Berry....
5.No, I am too tired from answering all these questions haha!...
...of course, we hope to be there this year!

I had always thought that the persons mentioned in your songs were fictional, but from these pages, I see that they really exists.
So, then I wonder: Have you ever gotten into any problems from these songs ?
I mean, Fat Bob was probably not pleased of having his lack of personal hygiene exposed. And what about "Keith's a thief" ? Was Keith happy about this song ?
And did you find out how to deal with Neal ?
Keep up the good work.

Yeah, we have had quite a few problems with people in the past! Took a lot of patience to learn to deal with Neal!

How much to bring the toy dolls to Dallas Texas for a private party?
Also I can arrange a television appearance.

Hi for booking the band there a section called booking/management on the official website. They will advise ya about everything, Cheers

Hey Olga, love reminiscing on the good old days in particular the roxy glasgow in the mid eighties (was also the night i met my misses), we have both just watched the toy dolls "our last dvd" brought back some great memories and also the energy and participation by the dutch crowd was 2nd best to the performance. My question is You mentioned on the dvd interview that you haven't ruled out a few gigs in England and if all was going well it may be a possibility, would you also consider playing some Scottish gigs?

I remember the Roxy well! Glad you like the DVD!
Anything is possible! when we think we are good enough!
Be nice to see you lot up north again!

Hi Olga, I'm a big Toy Dolls fan from Sweden.
i was just wondering if you could learn out the guitar solo in: "We Quit The Cavalry", in your guitar lessons?!
or the solo in "Fat Bobs Feet". i would be very happy! or if you can send me the tabs by e-mail. you are the greatest guitar player i know!
well take care
Thanks Emil...
(my english sucks)

We Quit The Cavalry, that's a good idea actually, we are thinking about doing it live again, so I should learn the solo anyway!
Will think about Fat Bobs Feet too!
The greatest guitar player?... Hey! THANK YOU!

I am a big fan from the U.S. and was curious if there are any plans for some shows over here (Especially in the East...) You guys have rocked it out over the years, thanks for all the great albums and songs!! I'll keep introducing your band to punkers over here (So far I'm responsible for the purchase of at least 15 - 20 copies of Dig That Groove, Baby for new friends and fans...)
Cheers from the States!
Jonathan H. (Lancaster, PA, USA)

Hello, and thank you!
There will be shows on the East Coast this year! Confirmed shows will be announced on the tour dates list. See ya soon!

Just to ask,did Lee give you the cd and what did you think of it?
Also what do you think of this?

Kev, YES! THANK YOU! it brought back a whole load of memories! cheers for that, made me feel quite nostalgic. I would love to meet up with the old guys again!
Incidentally, for those of you reading this, Kev gave me a recording of a gig we done in my home town of Sunderland, in 1980!!

Hi Olga, I'm really hoping this isn't your last tour, as I've never seen you play. When will you be touring the UK again, or even more specifically, the North East? Cheers, Phil.

It is Our Last Tour? for sure! but there will be a tour after the last one!
We would consider the UK, if we ever feel good enough!

Hi Olga!
I'm Pol from Barcelona.
I asked you once which distortion uses Tommy and you answered me his sound was the overdriven Ampeg. Here's my new question: Which is the exact amp model Tommy uses?

Hi! Tommy always asks for an AMPEG SVT model at shows, usually with an 8 by 10 cab.

I guess this is more of a comment than a question. With as much touring as you do you probably don't remember this... I think it was in 1997 you played in Worcester Massachusetts, U.S. with No Doubt and the Vandals. My wife & I were there to see your band so when No Doubt was playing we went out back & asked if you wouldn't mind coming out & chatting with us for a minute....and you did! I just thought that was very cool of you to take the time to talk to a couple of fans when you could have been relaxing & having a pint after your set. Anyway, keep up the good work! Your band is one of a kind =0)
(Now in Long Beach, California, U.S.)

A: Hey! yeah I remember, you were our only fan! how could I forget! we sucked! The Vandals and No Doubt blew us off stage!
Hope you enjoy Long Beach!

Greetings Olga!
I hope you can answer my question fully, but it's cool if you can't. I want to know what components you use to get your blazing guitar sound. What gauge are your strings? Do you use any pedals, or just tubes? Do you use the APS-2 pickups, the SSL-1 pickups or what? What are your knob settings on your amp? High treble? High bass? What about your mids? I can't replicate that sound, no matter how hard I try! Sorry 'bout all the questions, but you blaze like no ones business and it's awesome! Oh yea, tour the east coast of the US
Stay mellow,

Greetings to you too!
Stings are Ernie Ball Regular, top string is a 10, No pedals, though live I have a tube screamer TS9, I only use this very occasionally on the ends of a few songs, for extra sustained feedback. In the studio I use no pedals ever.
Knobs: Presence around 7, Treble 6, Mid 3, Bass 5, but it all depends which particular Marshall amp I have.
Thank you for yer compliments!
Yes we will tour the East Coast! Cheers!

Hi there...
I'm a huge fan and i have a suggestion for ya.
Why not make a christmas cover album with all the stupid christmas songs. I'm sure they would be much more nicer to listen to then.
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Jingle bells etc.
Please make my day till next year
Keep up the good work!
greetings from Sweden

Hi there!
I shall certainly think about it! thanks for the idea!
It has been at the back of my mind for a few years to be honest!

Hello Olga!
I'm a fan from Sweden who quite recently started to play the guitar. I love your guitar section, because it gives me an opportunity to learn something to impress my friends with.
Since I'm a beginner, it sometimes is hard for me to get everything you say (it could also be because the quality of the film isn't as good as one would want ;) ). Why don't you post tabs on your site as well, to make it easier to play your songs?
Please come to Sweden soon!!!
Sincerely Henrik

Hello, Good to know you enjoy the guitar section! I will ask Ciaron about the tabs, or I may just try talking more slowly!
Keep enjoying!

The quality of the film could be made much better, but that would result in much bigger file sizes. This will naturally be a problem to some people with slower internet connections because of the increased download time. It's all about striking a happy medium.
Tabs were discussed right back when we were first planning the website but i thought that video clips of Olga teaching the songs would be much nicer. Besides which, tabs take forever to do, i just don't have that much spare time!!!

Hello Olga! Just want to say that you are the best guitarist at this planet. I hope you guys come to Sweden soon. I was just wondering if there are any tabs for Toccata?
It is one of my favourites but I cant find any tabs for it, I would really like to learn it!!!
Could you please help me and send me a tab?

THANK YOU! you are too kind! We don't have tabs for Toccata, but I think the tabs will be available in music stores, its a classical piece, and its been covered a few times, so I am sure the tabs will be out there!

Hey there Olga,HENKIE pANKy HERE
MAN YOU oLGA YOU,you can make it a hard time for a fan at these times!
Sad you will not continue with David,or maybeeeeee Tommy !
I just know you will make the best of it and therefore
Wish you a mERrY mErry ChriStmess and A happy and healthy 2006.
Henkie Panky

Well Hello there! A Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you too!
Thank you for your support, making the best of things is what I always try to do! Cheers!

Hi Olga
We wish you and a Happy New Year.
We hope there will be a great show in Budapest again.
Zoli and his daughter Adrienn

Same to you! Thank you, we will get to say hello next time for sure!

Why don't you ever play in London anymore yet you play all round Europe. Play in bloody London.
Callum from London

In a nutshell, we played in London in 1993, we were performing great, I was proud of what we had, if we can be as good as that again, I would consider it!
UK is very important to us, we live here, and I live in London!
Pleased ya still interested! Cheers

I see that all your gigs remain overseas.
Do you have any intentions of coming to the United States to do any gigs?
My opinion is that you should do at least a mini tour over here. I live in Southern California. I know that you will acquire ticket sales. When I saw you perform last (at the glass house) it was packed.
If you are getting towards the end of your music career and final touring... it would be nice to see you perform one last time. I am confident that others feel the same. End it with a last big BANG! I think you owe it to all your US listeners/consumers.
Please drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.
THank you ---- Jim Mulick, A Fellow Musician

Hey! Yes, The States are planned for this year! I remember the red hot Glass house, we had a few good nights there!
We will be back, not sure about that particular sauna, but we will be back!

happy new year Olga !
hope it will be full of good news for ya !
cant wait for the updates !
Marie-Laure (pooka) and Jon
(the roaming fans from Toulouse :) )

And A Happy New Year to you two!
Hope to see ya roaming from Toulouse to more shows!
See ya soon!

OI! Olga! We work in a shit-hole and feel like shit, the only good thing is that we can listen to your music. We need to do something with our lives before its to late, but how and what? We know that you can't really help us, but it's good to know that you have an "ear" for us fans. Hope to see you soon!
Your croatian fans : Vlatka & Igor.

Oh, sorry to hear ya not happy with where you work and how you feel! that's sad, but great to know that you can listen to the music.
You lot in Croatia are a lovely lot, we had a great time there , each time we came.
Keep ya chin up, focus on positive things.

hey olga, my name is dean im 14 years old and from your home town sunderland! i was just wondering if you lot are going to be playing any shows over here becoz ive always wanted to see you play but never had the
chance! Just to say thanks for the great entertainment over the years and to congratulate you on superbly inventive writing.

Wow! someone for Sunderland! Actually I was born in South Shields, moved to Sunderland when I was 5, just before I started this band!
hey, cheers for your nice words mate! we will play UK if we get good enough!
Hope alls well in the North East!

hi Olga...
My name is Kari & I'm a big big fan of The Toy Dolls!!
anyway, I want to ask if you could help me with a charity punk gig i'm arranging to mark the 20th anniversary of the chernobyl disaster with funds raised going to chernobyl children lifeline
I;m not a promoter or owt, just an ordinary gal who for some reason had an (mad?)idea of putting on a gig
more info on what i'm doing can be found at:
What i'm looking for if possible(?) if something donated from The Toy Dolls for my raffle? eg: CD, DVD, T-shirt, signed sunglasses? anything really of The Toy Dolls which fans would love have a chance to win
If you could help that would be GREAT!!
kari ...x

Hi Kari,
Please send an email to Ciaron, I am sure we can find a little something for ya. Good luck with it all.

Hey Olga!! Dan the Man from Colorado here!! Ok this has been on my mind for quite some time now, and I want to get it strait. I've noticed that K'cee and Marti are the longest lasting Toy Dolls, staying with you for 4 albums together, and marti on another 2. So here's my question.Why is it that you have had so many different members of the Toy Dolls, and why have they not lasted for more than one album (besides Marti K'cee and Dean)? Ok that was 2 questions, but they came in a package deal. Alright that's all for me.
P.S. i know you get this a lot, but you really should come to the states.

Hey Dan!
Members usually move on in their lives, get married, get sick of touring, get proper jobs etc! members who I am really happy with will be around the longest of course, ie: Dean and K'cee, and especially Marty!
Ps. we will be there!

Hi, my name is Ignacio, I'm from Argentinean,i want to know if you think play in argentina in this year. because yours argentinian s fans know they you played in Brazil but no here, we think that give shows in argentina don't give enough money, please can you give some information about that? Happy new year!!.
El Colo

We will be in South America this year, I really hope it will include Argentina! I don't know about the financial side, our manager deals with all that stuff! We really hope to be there soon!
Happy New Year to you also!