August 2006
I just wanted to take the time to say, thank you for all the wonderful years of music you've put out and hopefully continue. I've been listening to The Toy Dolls for 22 years now, since the first album, "Dig That Groove." That was when I was a mere 14 years old. I enjoy all your music. Well, you take care and good luck with everything. It's always in anticipation when waiting for your new album of Toy Dolls fun. Thank you, Matt
Hey Matt, Thank you! though you make me feel old! cheers! Its always nice when someone says such nice things, thank you!
Take care Olga

Hi Olga, im in the north east of england and have been waiting for years to see the toy dolls on stage, will you be doing any dates up here, just remember you still have loads of fans up here, thanks

Hi! Nice to know people can still remember us! nothing planned just yet. Cheers for your message, and please keep checking the tour dates.
Ta Olga

Hi Olga, Here's some words 'all the way' from the netherlands, Maastricht. The last time I saw your performance was a while ago. It was in the 90's in Sittard. Are you planning a gig in Holland? Anyway, keep up the good work! Kiss Suus

Suus Hey! We did do a load of gigs in Holland on Our last tour? tour, so I cant see anything being arranged just yet, of course we will be back, but it will be after the next album is written, and on the next main tour, be good to see ya.
cheers Olga

Hi Olga =) How your doing? I just got an idea for the page you see.. :) What if your page had a forum ? That would ve awsome for the page :) I've been trying to learn your song on my guitar, but many of them is just so fast that i cant catch up.. But it would be better if every one was in tabs.. But the video is a good idea to.. But my last question is if you could make a video on Alec's Gone? I just love that song.. Lots of love Magne from Norway :)

Hi Magne, I am fine thank you. Best to talk to the webmaster, Ciaron, about that one! Cheers for the idea though, will play and talk more slowly on future lessons! Alecs Gone will be up there eventually for sure, its my fav song also!
Take care

oi olga mon i fucking idol u crazy bastards but i need to see u come to canada some time the scenes all right but many people would show for sure come to toronto ill get ya drunk:) cheers Kieran

Kieran Hi, we would love to come to Canada! hopefully someday it will happen! I am up for that drink/s for sure!

hey olga can you put the guitar lessons in an alternative format so i can burn them on to disk to play in the dvd player coz there is not alot of room to play at the pc if so can you plz use "quicktime" thanks, Andrew

A: Andrew Hi, I think this is a question for webmaster Ciaron! hopefully he can think of something!

Hi olga. Im a HUGE fan. I LOVE the song "Turtle Crazy". i listen to it everyday. I was wondering if u had a yahoo instant mesanger or a aol instant messanger. if u do, i was wondering if i could add u to my buddy list.
Thanks, Tom Mann McHenry, IL

A: Tom Hi! Cant say I am a fan of that song meself! so I am not to keen to talk about it! Are you sure ya like it!?

Hi Olga, I'd like you to spend a few words on David's XR2, I think this is the best Toy Dolls (and not only) song ever! I was waiting for the new version of this song in the new album.. where is it??? take care!
Danut from Italy

Danut Hi, glad you like Davids XR2, I quite like it meself! We did re record it, it was awful, so we decided to leave it off the album, rather than put even more rubbish on it!
take care Olga

Hello Olga. The heavy breathing and blue face is me in an asthmatic fit (really, I am :D). If I'm not mistaking there were some issues over 'I've Got Asthma'. But the only thing about it as far as I'm concerned, is that it makes me laugh so hard the asthma flares up. So down to the question: Any chance of that song being re-released or having the video up on your site? Is it about ownership or just a few uptight never-laughs? Last: Have you ever considered re-recording some of the really old songs (Harry Cross, Glenda, She Goes To Fino's etc) with your new, fatter sound for a compilation? I have no idea if it would work, but I'm wondering. Anyway: Best wishes on your upcoming projects. PS: I missed your last visit to Norway, but from what I saw in 04, it must have been a 9.0 earthquake. PPS: Flu = No Fun. Get Better now, do you hear :)

Hello!Unfortunately, a certain record company owns the rights to most of the Toy Dolls back catalogue, and part of the deal is that we dont re record anything they have. Someday we will work something out for sure! Norway rocks!
Cheers Olga

Q:Dear, Olga! How are you? I'm your fan from Moscow. My name is Alice. I was at your concert in Apelsin club and I want to say thank you for comming to Russia and for being so kind with your fans!(your "Spasibo" was amazing:) I hope to see you and to meet you after(or before) the concert in some near country. I'll do my best to go there, because I really meet to see you! And I have several quastions for you, but they are small, so I dare to ask them all:
1) what is your favourite book?(or books)
2) is it true that your birthday is on 21.9?
3) who was the guy(englishman, maybe Koen:), who sold badges at your show in Moscow?
4) Is there any chance that you'll come to Russia again?
I hope to read your answers soon and I want to thank you in advance for answering.
I LOVE YOU! I wish you strong health and good luck! Rock on, you're the best!
Alice from Moscow

Alice Hi! I am fine thank you for asking. Moscow was great, sorry we didnt get to talk to you after the show, maybe next time. Ok, lets see if i can answer yer list o questions!
1. Investments guide 1992-1993
2. It is true indeed, god, I will be 25 soon!
3. Koen is the guy, a true gentleman, though not English, hes from Belgium.
4.Yes, I hope so, there are many other towns we wanna visit there.
SPASIBO! Take care

Hi Olga, i`m John im 45 and from the north east although im getting on a bit in age i still think your music is brilliant and was just wondering is it not time you played a gig in the north east, you never lose your roots and you still have a great following up here and hey you could always find a whole new generation of toy dolls fans up here you would be surprised how many kids listen to you up here. So basically get your backside up here and do some gigs there are still old folks like that wanna see you on stage, cheers Olga

John Hi, you old man! cheers for that, will bear it all in mind, kids listen to us, really!?

Hello, Olga! I don't know if you remember me! It was about a year ago, in August, British Airways cancelled all flights and you were stuck in Heathrow on the way to Sttutgart. I'm Danny, the Spanish BA agent that tried to get your luggage back. I just discovered this section of the website and I would like to take the chance to apologize for the inconvenience, but I swear to god that I tried everything that was humanely possible. Next day I tried to locate your luggage and tried to have it sent quick to the destination, via some other airline, so you could have it quickly, but I really don't know if it worked, coz the security guys wouldn't allow anyone to go to the baggage area. Anyway, my apologies for the disaster and I just wanted to let you kow that I did everything I could. As I told you, I ve been a Toy Dolls fan since I was 15, It was really sad that after all these years dreaming of meeting you, I finally met you guys in such circumstances! Well, my apologies again and my best wishes to all the crew! I hope you play in London soon or at least in Barcelona! I'll be there, no doubt!!
All the best! Danny

A: Danny hello again! Of course I remember you! cheers for your kind help, we didnt get the guitars back until after the last show unfortunately, we sucked that weekend too, I will blame it on British Airways! We will be back in Barcelona for sure, or yeah, maybe London! Take care, and thank you very much for your help in Heathrow!

Hello, Olga! I'm a basser from Russian punk band and we want make a cover of your song (My wife's psychopat, Absurd ditties is greatest album! :). So i want to ask if it'll ok... By the way, we was on your concert in Moscow 3th of June. It was GREAT!!! Thanks! Sorry for my bad english! :-/ Sergey. Moscow. Russia.

Hi Sergy Cheers for coming to the Moscow show, a wild night that was indeed! I think its fine to cover a Toy Dolls song, if it were to be released, I think you have to check it out with Secret Records to be safe. Good luck with it.
Take care

ALL HAIL THE TOY DOLLS!!! Olga, what say you and the lads drop by for a gig or two in Poland ya? Its been a while since you chaps played here- unfortunately i wasn't enlightened to the greatness of The Toy Dolls then. You must drop by sometime, a warm reception awaits. na zdrowie! ziunioman.

Hey! Its been too long, we are itchin to get back there, I am sure it will happen sooner or later, please sit tight!

Ooooooooooolga!! Please, come here (Brazil) soonÊto sing for us!!! COMECOMECOMECOMECOMECOMECOME!!! Always me: ROSI =) (Cheers!)

Hi there, hopefully Brazil will be soon! any confirmed news will be announced as soon as we know! Cheers


Hey Jim. I think this question is best sent to Secret Records to be honest, but I agree with you, I prefer the warmth of vinyl too. Its been a while since I saw any Toy dolls stuff on vinyl to be honest, will let you know if I find out anything. Cheers

Hi Olga firstly thank goodness it wasnt the last tour eh, still never seen you lot live and would love too, would of travelled to europe to see you but now i just moved to thailand for a year. so errrrrr lets come to thailand and do a gig there yeah? err its better than the reeperbahn steve south wales currently in thailand

Steve hi! Good luck in Thailand mate. Seems we have never had offers of Thai gigs yet! but anything can happen! Take care

Hey Olga, You have such a unique voice, have you ever done any voice over work? in particular cartoons? I'd like to create a cartoon just for the purpose of getting you to do the voice. Hope to see you back in Philadelphia soon. Andy P.S. Can you try not to make your tunes so catchy, I can't get em outta my head.

Andy Hey. Unique eh!? I can think of other descriptions! Would like to do voice overs yeah, no offers yet though! Philaelphia may be included in the USA dates. Hope to see ya then! Cheers

Hey Olga, Scott here from the USA. I was just have a couple questions for ya.
1. Can you put up a guitar lesson for 'Alec's Gone'? I'd really like to learn the solo.
2. How's the writing for the new album going?
Can't wait for some US tour dates! Cheers! Scott

Scott Hey!
1. Yes, in the future Alecs Gone solo will be up for ya!
2. Writing, slow at the moment, but when the summertime festivals finish I will have a lot more time!

Michael ......your such a great guitar player and a REAL nice lad. I mean you actually answer our questions. How cool is that. Hey when are you going to tour in the United States, specifically in Texas where I'm from. In the Dallas Fort Worth area. Hey I'd really have a jolly good time if you guys came to town . Also please Olga I'd cherish a autographed toy dolls ANYTHING. Just get a piece of notebook paper and sign it or a CD like maybe the new CD our last album?. I need that CD . Its the only one I dont have and its not my fault. I ordered the CD but the delivery carrier never sent it to me because apparently they damaged it. Dig that groove forever ba-a-by!!!!!

Well thank you! Still waiting for the USA leg to get completed. You can get the Our Last Album CD from SOS records in CA. As soon a s we know the tour dates we will let ya know, come along to a show and we will sign anything! Cheers

Hey, don't forget about all of your fans in the good old US of A! I just heard about you guys and you should know you've still got tons of fans here. Please make a pit stop over here, we would love to see the tour too!! Make sure you come to Saratoga, NY and Provo, UT when you come! I will be in the first row in any of the shows i can make it too!! Keep Rockin'! ~Braxton

Braxton Hey! Dont worry, we aint forgotton about ya! our management is hard at work trying to arrange dates, news soon. take care

Hi Olga!!! I'm Jano from Slovakia and i just wanna say that you were absolutely great on the punk island fest!!!!!! It was my lifetime show, best performance i have ever seen!!! You were playing really great, me and my friends enjoyed it a lot. Amazing show!!! Say to the rest of the band that they were great, especially Tommy, he's a great musician and person too! Hope we'll see you again at Slovakia! Wish you a lot of great gigs and years together! CHEERS!!!

Jano Hi, Thank you, we really enjoyed the punk Island festival. Tommy is great indeed! We will be back! Hope to see you on our return.

Dear Olga, I just would like to thank you for your concert at Punk Island Festival in Slovakia. I was in the first row with white T-shirt and with my camera. Luckily, I made some pretty good photos, but what I want to say you: this was the best cocnert I have ever ever ever...... ever been:-), I still have to think for your performance, you and Tommy played absolutely fantasticly, your solo's were without any mistakes, just brilliant, even in Back in 79:-) And the Amazing Mr. Duncan? He is unbeliavable drummer, he can't be compared to Dave the Nut. I believe Dave is a good man, but as a drummer, eerr, not much? I mean in comparison to Duncan. With him, it sounded much more better than in Prague, where I saw you last time. To conlude my muck words about nothing... thank you for you, for wonderful show in Slovakia, for your absolutely amazing achievament and thank you for the decision to pick Amazing Mr. Duncan. This lovely show will be in my heart very very long. I Hope I will see you soooooooon:-) Thank you, Love you. Take care.

Thank you for coming to the show! Not sure about it being the best ever concert! but we really did enjoy it a lot! The Amazing Mr Duncan will be happy with your compliments for sure, and I agree with you, he is rather good! thank you!

Hello olga! I'm a huge fan and i just would like to stop by and say thanks a lot for showing how to play those songs on the videos! that helped me very much as fellow guitarist and i can finally play all your songs CORRECTLY! it's hard enough to teach someone on a song, let alone on video, taking time out of your busy booking schedule. I love playing your music for my friends and hearing "WHOA! Whered you learn that?!"I can always say, "OLGA ALGAR TAUGHT ME!" Hopefully ill see you next time you tour america. if you ever need a band to open for the toy dolls in the chicago area, email me! thanks! and keep shredding! Sam Porter

Sam Hey! Cheers for watching the videos! you should check out Tommy Goobers new bass lessons! very special! We will be in Chicago again for certain. See ya there!

Alreet! Just about the treasured tracks album, is there any chance of resurecting 'Deidres a slag' as it seems to be a forgotten classic. Cheers Kev

Hellooo Kev! We will do Deidre sometime, as for the Treasured Tracks album, thats already recorded and mastered. But keep yer years open for Deidre someday!

olga how the hell duz tommy goober get his hair like that!!? cheers, dean

Good Question Dean! He just dissapears into the toilet as Thomas Blyth at shows and comes out as Tommy Goober!
Olga, my name is Alan, Im from Argentina, Im 22 if you will go to brazil in this year must came here too, there are a lot of toy dolls' fans and will be really great see you at least one more time... your music is fantastic and original, please do my dream come true cheers!!!
Alan Hey.
Our management are working hard on South American gigs as we speak! watch this space we may have news sooner than you think!

Hello! My name is Anna, I'm a photographer. I've made some photos from The Toy Dolls gig in Moscow, may be, it would be interesting for you to see them. Here is link, were you can see the photos. Hope, you like them)
Best, Anna.

Hi Anna, Great Pics, I actually already used them on my Olga Talkin section! hope ya dont mind! Fantastic shots, thanks to you! Take care
Hi Olga, I was a young lad of 22 when I saw a Toy Dolls live performance at the Hollywood Paladium in January of 1986 along with the DIckies. What an awsome show you guys put on I now have my own kids and inflict them with the musical magic of the Toy Dolls. I've also gotten my best friend's kid addicted to your music also. I'm wondering if you have plans to play any gigs in North America especially in the L.A. area. Keep up the fine work, your music is awsome. Eric Lawrence, California
Eric Hey, I remember the gig in Hollywood 1986, January, we flew straight in from our first Japan tour, we were exhausted, and we sucked! The Dickies were great! Cheers for the compliments! Our management are arranging US dates now, news as soon as we get it! Cheers

Hi Olga! I'm an old fan of you from Hungary. I have been to all of your concerts in my country. I heard you going to have a concert in Szeged in August. Unfortunately I have no money for the festivalticket ( I'm an unemployed teacher of litterature), so I would like to know if you need a hand in Szeged? I'm a master of lifting, pulling, pushing and jerking. Think about it, please! See you in Zzeged! Laci

Laci Hi I am afaid we already have a few helpers for the Szeged festival! Really hope you can get there still. I think its gonna be the last in Hungary for a while.
take care
Who's the genuine Fred Olivier? Surely not the Antarctic explorer! Is there an Absurd Ditty about Shakespeare I don't know about? Thanks Olga. - Bill from Seattle, Washington, USA. PS: I try to get as many people as I can to listen to your music.
Hey Bill! Fred is a good friend of ours actually, not such a good song though! Really hope we can get to Seattle, someday!

Olga!!!!!!!are you coming to Croatia????I hope I will be there! Yesterday i bought your cd "Anthology" and it is really great!!!!!!!!!!!On your web site i listened "the ashbroote launderette"and thats my fav song....I dont hve the ticket for your concert here in Croatia but i hope i will be able to buy it.

Hi! I think this question was sent before our recent Croatian show in Pula? what a great night we had there, brilliant. I havent played ashbrooke Launderette, I think we may start playin that one again for ya! I hope you managed to get to the show?
Take care
Greetings from Sweden Olga! Apart from that we love the Toy Dolls and your amazing guitar skills we have a ..maybe a bit different and personal question for you. The thing is that we find you very attarctive, truth! and the question you still have a girlfriend, and how big is the chance to get a date with you? Anna, Jessica and Linnea.
Wow! Anna, Jessica and Linnea, is the offer of three dates at once? surely not!? this is a joke right!? I am flattered! you sure you got the right Olga!?

Hi Olga! The name's Nimrod, I'm 16 from Romania. I would like to thank you guys for coming to this festival! You guyes were the best! I hope I'll see you lads here next year to! I didn't manage to get an autograph from you...I've got one from Tommy, and I've talked to Koen! What's your oppinion about the fans?.....there aren't much punkers here in Romania. I laughed a lot when Tommy was giving the autographs :D...there was a guy with long beard that went to Tommy and hugged him and kissed him all over :D ask him...I'm sure he remambers. Anyway I loved how you and Tommy were playing on those guitars! You guyes rock!

Hi there Nimrod. Cheers for coming to the show, twas a nice one, sorry about the weather that day! Sorry ya didnt manage to get an autograph, yeah Tommy did mention the kissing guy! Thank you very much for the compliments.
Take care

I heard a rumour that you lived down here in Sunny old Torquay? is it true? if so, why? its rubbish. anyway, if you do, come out sometime andi'l buy you a drink or 2! cheers and all the best Mike Porter

Mike Hi, Yep, just a rumour, dont think I have ever been to Torquay! How is it? Defo up for that pint if I ever get down your way! Cheers
Hi Olga, Can you answer me a question that has been going round my head since I saw the group on ToTPs in the early 80's singing 'Nelly the elephant'? Did the drummer at the time ever serve in the Army Air Corps (Army)? I remember being told he did, but I've never been able to confirm it! Thanks for your time, Regards, Thomas
Thomas Hi I dont think the drummer at that time served in the Army Air Corps! Though it was such a long time ago, I could be wrong! it was Little Paul I remember.

hello mate! 10x for havig that picture done whith me in targu mures (romania) i have been waiting for this moment for a long time. how you felt in romania, cause I felt great at your concert and I hope we'll meet again P.S. if you read this message please let me know

No problem! Cheers for coming and good to see ya! we had a lovely time in Romania, a beautiful country, the gig was very enjoyable, I hope we can get back!
Hi. Will u ever play sweden, i mean norway is just next to sweden, why not pop over the border and do some gigs.. Regards Tomas Helsingborg, Sweden
Thomas Hello! We did actually do gigs in Sweden recently, sorry you missed them! but we will be back for sure. Love to all in Helsingborg!

Olga!! I'm a new ToyDolls fan I must addmit, couldn't hear you before coz your albuns are not for sale here in Brazil! I can't believe it ! But, as you must already know, because of your shows with Lambrusco Kids here, you guys are a huge success here! When will you return? Are you angry with us because of that skin who punch you on stage? Pleaseee come back and try to come with Adicts too, then I could die happy! Do you at least have any plans of coming here to play with Lambrusco this year? Thanks for the attention! Sorry about my english! Carolin

Hi Carolin Yeah, I know it can be difficult getting the albums in Brazil, long story... We are working on our return now, news soon hopefully. Dont worry about the punching incdident, that was many moons ago! We really look forward to coming back!
Hey Olga, I've already wrote to you today (about 15 min. ago), and form Brazil and etc... I forgot of asking you this: Don't you ever get tired of doing that voice you do? In Nellie the Elephant your voice (when you say "thank you, about 3 times) is different, you know? It's a normal kind of voice heheh... And also... how old are you? You really seem pretty young! What's the secret for eternal youth?! Cheers! Carolina
Hi again Carolina! When I do get tired of doing the voice, then I will stop doing it! Oh, and yes, thats correct I am pretty young! ha! Born 21st September, temporarily forgot the year however!

Hi olga , i've got a question I must have that song that go's like the final countdown. I must have that song , becouse it's awesome . But i cannot find That album . Can you please tell me te name of that album so i can buy it , Thanks. Wim from the netherlands

Hi Wim, The final countdown is on OUR LAST ALBUM? Good luck!
hello olga. im ash and i live in california. just wanted to let ya know that your music always cheers me up when im having a crappy day so thanks for that. keep up the entertaining work.
Ash Hey, what a nice thing to say, I am glad! thank you.

Ola Olga!!! Is it true that you guys are comming to Brasil next month (september)??? See you Vicente

Hey Vicente, Our management are working on shows for this year, but I confirm there NO shows in September! Confirmed shows will be on the new dates section of this website. Hope to see you there soon. Cheers
hello olga ,when would you play wales love to do the show with you.. cheers best wishes marcus
Cheers Marcus, best wishes to the band. Olga

Hey Olga, i'm Kiki, from Brazil, i just want to know, how can i be sure about you're really comming in September, because i missed you polaying with the lambrusko kids last year... Anyway... Hope to see you guys here soon, and then... this big dream will finally come true!

Hi Kiki, I can confirm that we will not be in Brazil in September, no shows were confirmed for that month. However, our management are working on shows a bit later than that, news soon!
take care
Hi Have you seen the really funny movie "Free Jimmy"? They play "Nellie the Elephant" during a drinking-and-partying-scene. Great song in a great movie :-) Daria
Daria Hi I heard about that yes! I would like to see the movie! Cheers

Hi Olga, I love the ToyDolls, I always miss you when hearing the English team cheered sung in the World cup. The Japanese football supporters are trying to be like the English but their singing voices are a bit high. Anyway, I also loved Snuff so what more can I expect? Come to Japan! I just can't wait seeing Mr. Duncan singing your back-up Oi chorus. He is also my favorite singing drummer. Cheers from the other side of the world, hope seeing you soon, maybe in Shibuya Quattro? Best, Jamchi

Jamchi Konnichiwa Duncan is also my favourite singing drummer! our management are working on Japanese dates now, hopefully early in 2007.
Kio tsukete ne. Arigatou, Olga yori.
Yo Olga, I have been a fan for about 4-5 years and don't really want to travel to another country you have so many loyal fans, play Britain once more. For me? For your old fans? For yourself, because I know you want to come home. Good Luck, hope to see ya soon. Jonny Pop Ali PS. What model was your first guitar? And your current guitar/amp set-up?
Hey Jonny Pop Ali! Nothing planned just yet, cheers for your nice message. First guitar was an Audition, from Woolworths. current gear: Fender Telecaster USA , Marshall JCM 800.

Hello Olga, I am of Brazil and and I am great fan of toy dolls! Your sound of guitar is excellent in all records ! I Have one question for you... I would like to know which its effect in records: Dig Thah groove, in Wakey Wakey and in Our last album! it says me please! I perceive that in our last album you do not use singles and yes humbuckers, is this same?I am very thanked if you to answer! thanks a lot! Toy dolls is the best band of the world! thanks a lot for having formed it

Hi! and thank you! Theres no effects on the albums, on the last album was a Fender Telecaster, no humbuckers! Though for recording I usually use a Gibson les paul AND a Fender Telecaster.
Take care
Hello Olga! Ola from Gothenburg speaking. I've got two qustions:
1: I was wondering why D.T.N was replaced? Not much was said about this on the website.
2: Since Absurditties was such a great sounding album, was there no attempts giving Orchastrated the same sound? The album has indeed some really, really great songs but falls short in the production in my opinion. I think you did recapture the sound for "Megabyte" Cheers Hope you'll be back to Sweden again.
Hi to Gothenburg, Hope all is well in Sweden! In answers to your questions:
1. I decided to do further Toy Dolls shows when I was away in Brazil last year, however, I promised myself that I would only perform if I had a great line up, the shows we done in 2004/5 varied from crap to average, after 27 years you lot deserve more than that!
2. Yes, we did attempt to make Orcastrated sound like Absurd ditties! although we had a different guitar amp amongst other problems and unfortunately Orcastrated sounds awful, Absurd Ditties is my favourite production by far! Megabtye aint bad, I agree! Cheers we will be back in your great country for sure.

hi my name is gabriel and i live in brazil, sry for the schoollbook english its the long time since i've been to the U.S., a guy in the radio here said you were gona make a show in sao paulo, i'm desparate to know if it's true,

If we get the Brazillian shows confirmed, then yes, Sao Paulo will be included for certain, though theres nothing confirmed just yet! Hope to see ya there.

hey, I have a question for you: Why in Toy Dolls bass and drums are changing? They just are losing interest or sth? Waiting for your answer, John Bear from Poland

John Bear Hi, I think you can expect members to come and go over 27 years, and most leave because of jobs, marriage etc.. and yes, some lose interest, especially after long tours. And, if we part company with certain mambers, its coz they either just aint good enough, or swines to be around! Most really nice members, and great musicians are around for long periods of time. Take Marty, Tommy Goober, Dean and Teddy for example. Cheers
Hello Olga Chris from jarrow was gonna ask the same as everybody else when you coming home to do a gig so looks like I'll have to go abroad instead my friend Mick says he played kazoo on the final countdown my sons your youngest fan around this place sinceÊhe was 8 thanks for keeping me amused for the last 27 years
Hello to Jarra! Nothing planned just yet, nice to know some people are still interested though! Yeah, Mick was a demon on the Kazoo, great singin n all, and an all round really nice bloke. Love to meet up and have a pint with him for sure, I owe him one!

Hail olga, how's life on the road? Everything going well or are ya just foolin around and doin a gig once in a while? ;p Anyways, my girlfriend saw you guys about 3 or 4 years ago and the only thing she could remember is that you made the audiance raise their arms on Nelly the Elephant. I would like to see that, so my first question is, is there a video of Nelly? And if there is, any chance of me getting it? Than, my band (including me, surprise!) would like to do some toy dolls songs as Dig That Groove Baby, Spiders in the Dressing Room and My Wife's A Psychopath. Any problem if we do a little tribute to you guys? And if we have some video footage, Ill send it to ya in a flash. So, thats it for now. I saw youre coming to Germany, be sure to check out Holland to. Greetings from a rainy wet Holland, Valentine (and yes, it is me real name)

Valentine, wicked name, nice one. All well on the road thank you, mainly summer festivals at the moment. I think Nellie is on the We're Mad DVD. I am flattered, would love to hear your tributes! No German tours planned yet, just a festival near Hamburg, looks to be a good one, on 2nd September. Take care
Hello Olga! We here in Denver have an ongoing debate about a particular section of Drooling Banjos. I say that when things speed up you ask the drummer if he's alright? to which he responds by hitting the cowbell. My friends think it's just a random occurrence of cowbell and has nothing to do with the speed change. If you get a minute, please respond to this most burning question. Your biggest fan in Colorado, Brian Luke
Hey Brian. bit confused about your question to be honest! I guess it is just a cowbell being hit at random! Cheers

Hi, I am from spain, and I would like to know when you (the toy dolls) will be here again, thats all, sorry for making you lose your time, jajajaja, god bye.

Hey Spain! We will be back, no plans exactly when yet, we done soooo many gigs there last year!
Some of us have never seen you perform ... forget the perfection thingy .... we need you here and quick. John - near the Ashbrooke launderette
Thanks John! Love to Sunderland.

I heard a song on the radio here in san diego and i loved it but i cannot find the song or remember the lyrics. i remember during the song though there would be rocking out and then there was like a pause of silence and then it would start up. Happened a few times in the song. It was on 91x here. Let me know if u know what it is...thanks! -adam

Adam Hey, I am guessing the song is Nellie the Elephant? maybe?
Dear Olga I've been listening to you guys since the first Toy Dolls EP - - 'She's a Workey Ticket' will forever be in my heart!!! I guardingly own every Toy Dolls recording available in the States. My kids were watching "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" and I heard SABRE DANCE playing and I knew it was The Toy Dolls by your sound and style from the Wakey Wakey album! Well Done! Hope to hear more of you on soundtracks, and of course, future album releases. Maybe you could score a whole cinematic feature?
LoveyafromLA, David
Hello David, Wow, listening since the first EP! a long time ago indeed! I really havent heard Sabre Dance on Scooby Doo, so I don know if it is The Toy Dolls, if you can send in a copy of the recording would be fantastic! though I doubt it will be our version somehow! But I wanna know! Cheers

Hey Olga, Here is my question: I'm a guy from Germany running a video blog on 29th of this month is my girlfriend's birthday and I plan to make a blog entry for her. I wanted to kindly ask for permission to use your song "My baby is a battleaxe" as the background music for this entry, since this is kinda "our song" if you know what I mean... . Since the music will be in a video, there is hardly any chance that people will illegaly copy that song onto their hard drives due to the crappy audio quality it will have. If you grant me the permission I will of course pay all credits to you and your band. Whether I get your permission or not will not affect my loyalty to your band - obiously, because you rock! In case you want to check out who I am, just go to and look for "r3av". Thanks alot for your time, Olly

Hey Olly. Fine by me! Hey, Many Happy returns to ya girlfriend!
i'm sending a music by my toy dolls' cover band, "pitopi". we're a brazillian band. we'd be very gratefull if you could hear it =) she goes to finos, recorded in my room! Piraju (thiago) - Guitar/vocals Tonho (felipe) - Bass/voice Pig‹o (stefan) - Drums/voice bye! and thanks! stefan
Stefan Hi Great stuff stefan! and very best of luck with the band, I am flattered! see ya in Brazil!

Olga, i'm curious about the settings on your amp, and maybe a guitar lesson on 'my wife's a psychopath'(with solo). LOVE that song. one more thing, don't stop making music, you're too young to retire. thanks, Joe

Hey Joe! Will think on the lesson, good idea, not easy though! Cheers for the compliments. amp settings. various from each Marshall JCM 800, but usually... presence 8 treble 5 middle 3 bass 6 volume 3 pre amp 8. Hope that helps!
Hi Olga! We will go to Szeged to see the group at festival again. I take my family with children. We hope we can meet at all and sign our records. Regards Zoli
Zoli Hi Long time no hear! Yes, this time we have to sign those records! we will be out around 20 minutes after our show! hope to see yain Hungary!

Hi Olga! First up: congratsÊwith this achievement:
Second, thanks for a brilliant show in Lillehammer! I know it was your first gig with Duncan and that you had some technical problems with the guitar but to me and the rest of the audience it was a fantastic gig. Huge thanks also for being so friendly and nice afterwards as well! Now to my question (only one this time): is it possible that you will release a live DVD capturing the band on the next tour with the new set and stage routines? That would be really cool. Good luck in Norway tonight! Could not attend this one but will hopefully go to some gig(s) during the next tour. Cheers, Jonas (Maharadjan)

Jonas Hi Cheers, yeah I did see those awards! Hey, thank YOU for travelling so for to see us in Lillehammer! Actually, we are thinking about making another DVD, when we have the new set in order of course, twould be nice, anythings gonna be better than the last one! Cheers, Norway was great, people incredibly friendly!
See ya on the road!
Hi man. I'm Nick from Denmark, and I've listened to your music for quite some time. I think it's great, all in all, and I would really like to play some of it myself. Well, quite frankly I've been there - done that, but I can't seem to find your cover of "When Gary married melanie".. Do you guys happen to know where I could find the tablature for that otherwise brilliant piece of work? Thanks, Nick Oh and PS. Who wrote the original? I saw it in a skate movie once, but haven't been able to locate it ever since..
PPS. Sweep by Denmark, will ya? ;)
Nick Hi We aint done so many shows in Denmark, but the shows we have done have been very enjoyable, hopefully get back soon! As for When Gary Married melanie, this is an original Toy Dolls song, from One more Megabyte album. Which Skate movie did you see it in!? Cheers