April 2006
hey hey hey olga!, my name is victor, i'm a lad form brasil and i went to your concert in sao paulo, and i would like to know what you think about the other groups that played before you that night.you liked them?? thanks for everything. hope to see you again in 2006 in brasil!!
(sorry about the writing mistakes. . .)

Victor Hey! I think you mean the Lambrusco kids gig? I didn't see the other bands before them, I was dying of the heat, in the dressing room! I did hear a bit of the band before the Lambrusco Kids, they sounded excellent to be honest, but I didn't catch their name. Yeah see you in Brazil!

Hi Olga! I am Alexander from Serbia,In "Dom Omladine Belgrade" was great!!! (you have photos from Divna...) Can we see you again in Serbia...PLEASE??? See you...
Hi Alexander, We loved the night at Dom Omladine, pleased you did too, we were really surprised, as we have never been to Belgrade before! I hope we can come back! Nothing planned at the moment, but keep checking the tour dates page!
Olga, I read in one of you're MANY questions on you're website that "the only thing officially over is "our last tour?" tour" so I was wondering if The Toy Dolls are really over now? I would love to see you guys if you aren't over. I understand that you're a busy man in all I would just like an answer to this! By the way...I dig you're groove...olga (if I called you baby it would just be weird since we're both men.)
Hey! Yeah, the only thing that is over is the 1st legs of Our last tour? tour! Now starts the next leg of the Our Last Tour? tour. So, The Toy Dolls aint over yet! Cheers
Hi Olga.. you are the worlds best guitar player ever! no one can play as good as you can! i wondering if you could show how to play the "modern school of motoring" Solo?! everything fells so much better when i listening on your music! your music it's a big part of my life! Tank You Olga!!
What a good idea! twill be featured as a future guitar lesson! Thank you for all yer kind words. Cheers!

Hi Olga! I am a french guy (nobody's perfect) and also a Toy dolls fan for maybe 20 years! Seen at least 6 Toy dolls gigs , including the one at Camden's Dingwall's with great french band LES THUGS back as support band in 1988 or 89. Anyway I am doing this site called http://www.45toursderockfrancais.net, which is about french rock 7" from the 70/80's with hundreds of goodies and basically I'd be really proud if you could take a look and
sign the guest book as I did bets with friends who told me this would never happen no chance! So maybe you'd like the site anyway, whatever I hope that you will be coming to Paris for a date at the occasion of your last tour !!! see yaa (as they say at TOY DOLLS gigs! Olivier ps : my 3 year old son already has his own Toy dolls shirt with the puppet of "we're mad" on it, would you believe that ?!!

A: Hi Olivier! I remember Les Thugs, great stuff. First saw them when they played with us in Geneva, brilliant! Will get around to checking out your guest book! I am sure we will be back in Paris, someday! Take care

Hi Olga! Is there any chance to see you in Poland again? The last show in Warsaw was, as far as I remember, in 1995, a whole decade ago ;) What is the reason that you could not give a performance in Poland? with highest regards, Ende (31 years old fan to whatever end)

Ende Hi! There is a chance of Poland, but nothing has been arranged yet. we would love to come back of course, its not always as straight forward as at seems! things to do with contracts etc. But I really hope we can back, has it really been a decade!? wow! We certainly had a good time there. Take care.

Alright mateys, i know the shiney club is long gone n deed, sniff sniff, but what's the chances of a local gig sometime soon? i know we don't have the likes of the old 29 no more, but id love to have my eardrums split by some decent moosic, and if u could dig mean mr mustard up from the grave as support i would die happy,
yours in hope jim(l'fix it) a bored shiney boy, Mr. fookin Bones.

Shiney boy Hi! So Shiney Club has gone? really? Mean Mr Mustard I remember them! Nothing local planned yet, maybe someday. Don't be bored! some great bands up there, Upstarts, Leatherface, Red Alert etc etc..

hi man, my name is facundo martin neira, i'm from Argentina.. I read other message from an Argentinean, but i need to write this message. To tell you that when you come here i was in 1992 i had only 7 years old so I didn't know what toy dolls is.. I want to tell you that my musical life will never be complete if i don't See you live at a concert, so please, please!! Come to argentina and make us Feel happy with your punk rock style.. Here happiness is being lost every Minute with all our fucking politicians. Is not easy here, but the punk Rock never dies and it help us to keep fighting. I hope you could answer Me.. Hope to see you soon man!! Take care, i'll be waiting for you Faku

Hi Faku. Thank you for your nice message. It was along time ago indeed when we were in Argentina, lets hope it gets confirmed along with the South American shows this year. Please keep checking the tour dates page. Hope to see you there soon!

Hi Olga, how ya doin'? I would like to know if guys wouldn't like to consider maybe a bigger brazilian tour =D Cos i was very happy for the people that could make it to the gig in Sao Paulo. But unfortunately, i live in a small city quite far away from SP. And maybe if guys make a bigger tour i would be able to make it to a gig :) Anyways, congrats for this section, it is really cool the way you treat the fans. Well, bye bye just for now, i hope.

Hi there, I am fine thank you for asking. We would love to do as many gigs as possible to be honest, but its not always that easy regarding contracts/timings etc. Hopefully we should have some news soon. I know our management are working on it now. Cheers!

Hey Olga, Lars from Germany here - I just have a short, but important question: Any chance that we will see a re-release of the GREAT (!) "Live in Japan" VHS on DVD in the future?? It really is a kick-ass, very well produced live show with a damn fine setlist, a lot of power and one of the best band line-ups ever. (I know that you're not completely satisfied with the sound of your amplifier, but I really think that - after reading your homepage comments to all Toy Dolls albums and videos - you're maybe too overcritical sometimes ...) I am sure all Toy Dolls fan would be grateful to finally get theirs hands on this perfect Toy Dolls gig in DVD quality. Please give it a thought! Take care, Lars

Lars Hey. The Japan video is owned by a TV company in Japan, they done a nice job, but at the moment there's no plans for releasing it on DVD. However, maybe in the future, hopefully.

you visit the argentina this year?

South America is being planned at this moment! I really hope Argentina can be included! Now we just have to sit back and wait for news from our management. fingers crossed!

Hi Olga My name is Oliver and I live in Ireland. One of my all time favourites is the Toy Dolls' version of Bach's Toccata in D-minor and I think your live version of it is just stunning. So first I was quiet disappointed when Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik was only acoustic. But then I listened more closely and by now I love that piece. I was wondering if you could put a guitar lesson for both left and right guitar on the net. That would be great. Best of luck and all the best from Ireland. Oliver

Hello Oliver in Ireland, Yeah, I like Toccata too, quite proud of it, wish I had written it! I am not keen on the Mozart piece, nice live, but not on a studio album! I think someone asked about this before, but, Gary Funn played all the difficult bits! so i would need him to help out! Maybe someday!

hi olga, this year sees the final wasted punk festival, to be held in blackpool, what is the chance of the toy dolls doing a set. been a big fan for over twenty years, saw you twice, early eighties in dunfermeline. luv it. dig that groove. GUDGE fae Ayr

Hi! I remember Dunfermeline, wasn't the gig called the Warehouse? nice people up there. Glad we still have your support! cheers. Not sure about Blackpool this year, but I would guess that Wasted will be replaced with something else in the future, sit tight! and Thank you.

What model would you recommend? Gibson Les Paul or Fender Telecaster?

Hi! Les Pauls and Telecasters are entirely different! The Gibson (the one I have is a Les Paul custom) is a Rolls Royce of a guitar, a dream to play with great warm sound, especially good for solos. The Telecaster however is hard work, a thick chunk of a guitar with high higher action, you really have to work at the Telecaster, but the result is best, for me anyway, its extra specially nice for rhythm guitar playing, dampened bottom strings sound wonderful!

Hi Olga, This is Oliver from the USA. I have been a fan of TD since the beginning. I have all the vinyls (I still like the vinyl!) except for the coveted first print EP. I started trying to learn your guitar licks when I was a young lad of 11 (I'm now 32)! Will you please come do a US tour again - perhaps to promote the upcoming album, eh? I can't afford to fly to Norway - I'm a punk! Ha Ha! Cheers!

Another Oliver! Hey! USA gigs are now being planned, keep yer eyes peeled for the tour dates! You were indeed young when ya started!

Olga, you probably wont remember but many years ago, pre nelly the elephant, me and a couple of mates used to help you out on the doors as well as attending all your gigs in the north east of england. There was me (Gary), Geoff, Digger and Fat Bob, who obviously stayed on with you. Do you not feel ashamed that you don't tour the uk any more? It was us who set you on the road and now you seem to have forgotten all about us! I don't expect a reply but it would be nice to get one all the same! Gary.

Gary hi! Cheers for your mail. I could never forget about the UK, its where we live! I love the UK! the early days especially were the most special times of my life. When we feel ready, then we will play the UK. If there's anywhere we need to be our our at our best, its here in the UK! Great to hear from you by the way! I lost contact with Fat Bob a few years back, would be great to meet up with him again, where is he!?

Hi Olga i remember you right from early days christmas early eighties not nelly as i remember in our local cafe it was fisticuffs in frederick st those where the days seen you in carlisle's market hall along with some others bought dig that groove and far out disc then joined the forces now come out of forces went through my old vinyls played you then done a search for you wow you've been busy fair play Olga you showed the lot of them only you and jake burns survived the years kept punk alive to the day gonna get your past catalogue from amazon after hearing Barry the roofer classic olga anyway hope you get this and have a think about a tour in this country because there's a lot of late thirties early forties punx still out there Jake's still doin it cheers olga cheerio and toodle pip. Iain.

Iain Hi, Thank you for that, I worship Jake Burns! Yeah Barry the Roofers a great one, pity about the rest of the album it comes from! Hope to see ya, on tour!

Hi ! This is my Toy Dolls tattoo ! My name is FAD, I'm russian, from Moscow. My punk band is called "Luchi" ("The Rays" by russian). I was make this tattoo in 1997, after Toy Dolls show in Moscow. Luchi - moscow punks

Hi FAD! I am honoured you have a Toy Dolls tattoo! Hopefully we will be back in Moscow, we had a lovely time and we were really well looked after. Best of luck with Luchi.

Hi Olga, I'm Marco from Portugal, been a fan ever since I heard one of your albums (I think it was Bare Faced Cheek) way back when and I was lucky enough to see you guys both times you came over (It's actually a dream come true because I never thought you'd be over here, we usually get the crappy-MTV-style-bands and none of the good ones). Anyway I really enjoyed both concerts and shaking hands with you guys at the end (a real swell gesture on your part, most bands out there only want to shake your wallet), and I've got the Our Last DVD just to watch when I'm missing a fun filled performance (unfortunately the dvd's not that good is it? I mean it could use some better lighting and a lot more camera work, but hey I never thought there would be one out ever so I'm not complaining much). Now comes the question, and I know it's not really up to you but you're the boss so You're always heading over to Spain to play and only came to Portugal twice (both times to a packed house) so when are you getting the boys over here again?

Marco hello. Cant believe you like Bare Faced Cheek! Portugal was great last time for sure. I hope we can include more cities the next time we get there! Not sure when it will be just yet, but I guess we will be back!

Hello Olga ! I want to know why TOY DOLLZ on the album "Orcastrated" ?? Matmat.

Matmat Hi Oh, I guess it was just me thinking it was time for a radical change! it backfired, nobody liked it! sorry!

After following the Toy Dolls from the early years 1979/80 all around the North East at many small Pubs/Clubs including High Fell Club, Gateshead; Newton Park Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne; Honeysuckle, Gateshead; Dingwalls, Newcastle Upon Tyne; Biddick Farm Arcs Centre, Washington and many other venues I am disappointed that there are no gigs planed for the North East for all the fans that supported you when you were just starting off. Please can you arrange a gig up here for all the fans that showed there support for you many years ago. Thanks John.

Hi John, I have special memories of all those gigs you mentioned of course. When we feel good enough, we will be back. I loved the Honeysuckle, I really prefer small pub gigs.

Hi Olga, Sick and tired from putting up with this crap on local radio stations in Zurich/Switzerland I eventually switched to internet radio. Stream ripped Chenky Is A Puff. Haven't listened to such invigorating stuff for months. So of course I'm curious to find out if there's more of you guys available at the music store. Any plans to hit Switzerland? Hope to see you sometime. Thomas

Hi Thomas I think the albums are quite difficult to find in Switzerland, though over the border in Germany its much easier! We will being hitting Switzerland again I am sure, all the shows there have been great, Thank you!

hey olga, do you like the clash? if so, what's one of your favorite songs? looking forward to seeing ya in california!

Hey! Yes I like the Clash! Favourite album: Give em enough rope. Song: London Calling. See ya in CA!

Hey Olga, How you doin? I just thought that if your writing a new album then you may appreciate a few ideas, so here's one to get you started. How about a song about Postmen / women? Let me tell you, its not easy being rude to people that early in the morning but we do our best. Who else ruins your lawn on a daily basis and steals your birthday cards? The list of services we provide goes on and on so I reckon Its about time we got some recognition. Cheers Dom ( Wurble)

Cheers for that Dom! Aye, I have started writing a new album, not sure how many decades it will take to finish though!

Olga, can you imagine a life without the Toy Dolls or even a life without music? Greetings from Holland, Timothy

Yes, I can... peace, no being stuck in back o the van for 10 hours, no sound checks, heaven! I am joking of course! The Toy Dolls will end at some point, its sad and hard to swallow, but I wont live without music, its what I do. Cheers Timothy

Hey Olga My kids (8,11 & 14) just got into The Toy Dolls!!! (god i feel sooooo old), they are desperate to see you live - Please say you will be playing in Leeds soon. I saw you in 1983 at Adam and Eves

Hi! Is Adam and Eves still there!? how old are you!? Pleased we still have some fans in Leeds with yer 3 kids! No Leeds gigs planned at the mo. But sit tight!

Hey Olga, I am a 19 year old fan from Norway. Have listened to your music since i were like 5 or something, my father is a very big fan, and I also grew up to be one! I have probably heard 95% of your songs, have a lot of your cd's myself, and my father has all the LP's, and still I haven't heard a track i did not love! Your creativity amazes me! How can you still write such great songs after 20 years? Are you heading to Norway this year? I have seen some live-shows on vhs and dvd and would like to experience one myself. Ronny

Hey Ronny Thank you for those nice words! I actually write a lot of bad songs too! I can make a list if you wish! Yep, norway is in for May this year, please check the tour dates, the confirmed shows will be up there soon.

Hi man how are you? I'm your italian fan in fact my english is bad as you can see... I'd like to have some information about the toy dolls...I discover you just few months ago but now I love all your songs...and my question is... TOY DOLLS IN ITALY?????? could it be possible??? thanx a lot bye.... Zio Caru

Hi Man! I am fine, cheers! We have played Italy a few times, and loved it! Please keep checking our tour dates list for any future confirmed Italian gigs/festivals.
Hello, I just wanted to know if you are planning a to go on tour this year, and if you are would you be playing in the United States? Their are a lot of Toy Dolls fans here in Sacramento California, according to the kwod 106.5 disc jockey, and it would be great if you could try and play somewhere in California. If not will you at least be playing anywhere in the United States?
Hello! USA is planned for 2006, it would be nice to get back to Sacramento too! last time I was there was with the Addicts, 2 or 3 years ago, twas rockin! Cheers!

My name is Sofia, I am 15 years old and I come from Sweden. I like you a lot. My father listened at you when he was young. Just as you know, my English isn't very good. But I have an project in my school to write about music. And then i chose to write about you guys. Do you have any fact you can send me? I would be the happiest girl in the world if you would do that. I need to know what you did before you started Toy Dolls. Please write back soon, I need it before the weekend.. Love Sofia.

Hi Sofia, Good luck with your school project, sorry if this reply is too late for it? if you check on this website, there's lots of information, biography, history etc, hopefully that will make you the happiest girl in the World! Before The Toy Dolls I played in different bands, Straw Dogs, The Showbiz Kids, Blue Moon. a long time ago!!!!! Take care.

Hi, I'm a big fan of toy dolls(i have all the records, you don't like the orcastrated but I think is one of the best, i love it) and first i'm happy for the long years of Toy Dolls and I hope that you will continue for many more eheh I have a question.. I think there is a vhs live in japan (1993?). and I can't get that film. There is any possibility to "pass" to dvd like you've done with the "we're mad/idle gossip" film.(sorry my english if anything is wrong, my english is poor..) take care, a fan from Portugal

Hi! You are right, I don't like Orcastrated! Its really difficult to get a copy of the live in Japan video, i don't even have a copy meself! and its not out on DVD unfortunately. Will let ya know if it does get released. Hey, your English is fine! keep it up!

hi lads. we are your big fans from croatia and we would like you to come to croatia on tour if is possible.slobo je umro i idemo se napit(get drunk) slobo is dead

Hi, We have only been to Croatia twice, Zagreb, both times amazing, so I am sure will be back next time around!

Hello Olga, The Toy Dolls kick ass! Best 3 piece ever! I cannot wait to see you lads in the U.S. The last time I saw you guys was the One More Megabyte Tour in 99. I live in L.A. Ca. Until then, Stay Mellow, and see you on tour!!! Lee James

Lee James Hello, Thank you for that! look forward to seeing you on the Our Last tour? tour, on the USA leg! see ya in L.A!

Hay Olga, Cheers for the great guitar lessons what we was wondering is how long it took to become a tip top guitarist and did you have guitar lessons or did you teach yourself all your fantastic skills? our new band "flaccid starfish" will be doing some toy dolls covers although we will probably not do them justice, Hope to see you live some time but for now the dvd will have to do! More uk fans from herefordshire! Adam (Bob),Ben (Tuffty) and Brad (The Lad).

Hi Bob, Tuffty and Brad the lad! Best of luck with the band. cheers for the compliments, though I am still learning really! Yeah, I taught meself. look forward to hearing Flaccid starfish toy Dolls covers!

Hey Olga. I've been a huge fan of The Toy Dolls since the mid 80's. I love the majority of songs you do remakes of. What was the hardest song you've done a remake of. Have you ever considered doing a remake of Chuck Berry's "My Ding A Ling". I think that would be a perfect song for you to cover, especially live. Imagine the audience participation on that song! And a big cheers on getting Mr. Duncan Redmonds to join up with the band. One of my fav drummers. See ya when you come to California. Cheers, Kirk

Hi Kirk Interesting question, probably the hardest cover was The Devil Went Down To Scunthorpe, too difficult for me! i had to play it all sittin down, I couldn't stand up to play it! Will think on the Chuck Berry cover! Yip, Duncan is certainly one o'the best! thank you.

Hi Olga. you are the best guitar player ever! You are a hero! i bought the "Idle gossip/we«re mad" and the "Our Last DVD?" dvd's. i enjoy 'em alot, and i love the ABSURD DITTIES album btw.. we'll i wondering when the lessons starts again... could you show the "modern schools"-solo? take care!!

THANK YOU! Modern schools of motoring solo is a good idea, will learn it again! the guitar lessons will begin soon, just putting things together for them now. You take care!

Hello..it's me..Lars. I asked one time if you comes to Norway. But I'm and thirteen years old. Is there a chance for me to see The Toy Dolls if you come to Norway? I must you be eighteen years old? And in that case, is it a
chance that I can get in?I really want to be there.

Lars Hi I am not sure about age restrictions at the moment I am afraid, but if you drop an email to booking and management, maybe they can tell you or arrange something for you. let me know what happens.!

I can't believe you guys are still going! I saw you play at Ouston Barracks in 1982/83 when I was a junior soldier. None of my mates knew who you were but I did 'cause I was into Oi and Punk much to the dislike of one of the training corporals who was a real cunt. We nearly didn't get to the naafi because something wasn't shiny enough or something. It was a good night and a happy release from running about getting wet and fuckin tired. Good luck to you and the TOY DOLLS I'll be digging out my old tapes and jumping around the house in my boots pretending I'm 16 again!

Ouston barracks yes I remember it, I know Freddie hotrock was playing bass! Cheers for your long time support mate!

Hello! Couple of things. Firstly, I have found a website which maybe of interest. Its www.punksreunited.co.uk and it features some excellent dvds. One of which is the complete 'Revolver' programme,who has the Showbiz kids on (pre Olga mind but its still worth the twelve quid!). Secondly, I collect old tv performances from bands (Upstarts,Rejects,Oi stuff etc) and vaguely remember a Toy Dolls performance on Northern Life when I was a kid (Finos I believe) also the tube of course. Could you please list all the Toy dolls Tv performances on the website so I can try and get me hands on them. Cheers Kev Miller.

Kev! I think Ciaron (website Admin) has a list of the TV shows we were one, and intends to have them up on the website later. I will ask him to let ya know the shows! I remember seeing the Showbiz Kids on Revolver, I was dead jealous!!

Hi Kev. As Olga mentioned i do have a list which i'll be making available on the website soon.

Hey Olga, Pete from downunder.Just a couple of gear questions. What made you switch to Les Pauls around the time of the japan video? and What Made you switch back to the tele also what gauge/thickness are your "gaffa picks". Also, I know you've heard this before but the more your asked, i guess the more chance it might happen, but when will you guys get to australia, you know you have a lot of loyal fans here. P.S. I know you don't like it but i think 22 tunes from tokyo is an awesome disc Thanks, Pete

Peter hello, If I remember correctly I was having humidity problems with the Telecasters single coil pick ups at that time, I now use Seymour Duncan pickups, but the Telecaster can still pass out from time to time! my picks are Dunlop number 10. I hope we can get down under eventually! Cheers!

What about the Warped Tour as the US tour?

Hey! we aint been asked to be honest!

Hey Olga, I may have asked this before but I'm not sure, my memory aint what it used to be (at least, I don't think it is?) Do you have any plans to sell Toy Dolls merchandise via the website? With the second leg of Our Last Tour? Imminent and maybe a new album on the horizon there must be loads of people that cant make the gigs but want the goods. I'm sure rive mentioned before that I work for Royal Mail and I admit were crap, but there are ways of providing a reliable service, e.g., a PO box for taking orders and sending things out recorded ( or registered ) delivery. Just a thought! Cheers Dom (Wurble)

Hi Dom We are now in the process of planning a proper merchandise shop, run through this website. will take a little while to sort, but will keep ya informed. Thanks!

Hey Olga, I'm Ruth from Belgium! How r u? I wondered myself where I can buy some T-shirts or other stuff of your band ? and is there any chance that you'll return this year to Belgium or the Netherlands to play another great show? grtz and hopefully see you soon!

Ruth Hi! I am well, cheers! We will be back in Belgium and Holland, not sure when just at the moment. Please read the question before yours! Take care

Hey howzit goin? My girlfriend is looking for a back patch of The Toy Dolls...cause well...she loves em'. Where might someone in the USA East Coast might acquire one of your fine back patches?

Hey! we will have merchandise on the USA leg, later this year, not sure where ya can find a back patch, maybe ROTTON RECORDS in CA?

Hi! my name is Martin Alvarez I'm a big big Toy Dolls Argentinean fan and I would like to ask you this: me and a couple of friends are editing a small magazine here in our city (called Zarate city), and right now we`re printing the #4. this mag is free for all (but first we found sponsors to print it, we don«t have money for that), and talks about music, movies, video games, retro)stuff, mythology, and we also include an interview with some famous people. my intention is try to make an interview to Olga by mail, it would be great, you know?!!!, our first international interview, it would be great man!!! if it's possible to do that, can you tell me please?, so I can send the questions, I know how busy you are, but you can't blame me for try it ;) thanks and sorry for bother you see ya Martin PD: sorry about my english

Martin Hi, Please mail your questions c/o Ciaron at the regular website e-mail address, rather than the Ask Olga section. No problem.

Hey...I'm an engineer at a big studio in the states and was wondering if there was any way you could could give me an email address of the engineer you used or some way to contact him. I love the Toy Dolls but I would like to know a little about how you got that "toy dolls" sound. As I'm sure you know, that awesome energetic sound on your last couple albums isn't achieved overnight. I just would like to ask a couple of questions about the snare sound, bass tone,(yeah..I know Fender and Marshal) do you guys play to a click?, are the drums chopped or is your drummer just a natural. As far as I can tell, trinity heights doesn't have a website. I can find a lot of band s that record there but....yeah. I've seen several TD videos where your drummer seems like he's struggling to keep up (probably your fault Olga for playing so fast) and a couple more general questions. I've already tried googling this stuff but with little luck. I would assume you did everything on ProTools but I'm just curious of the specifics. Studer 2" tape machine? Anyway..I don't even know if you bother reading these things but give my kudos to the studio and thanks for your time. keep it real.

Thank you, not sure of the engineers email, but if you search for Trinity Heights, it may have contact address?
the bass is a Music Man, we have used numerous different snares! Its an analogue studio, and we always play to a click! sometimes toms /crashes are added later. Hope that helps!?

hey olga i'm chad and i'm a big fan of the toy dolls. i really like those sunglasses you always where and i always see pictures of people wearing them i am wondering where can i find those glasses at?

Hey! I am always looking for new sunglasses, sometimes they are given to me by people in the crowd! other times various shops/markets etc. Camden in NW london can be good for glasses!

hi, i'm u'r fan from malaysia.it's difficult to find u'r stuff here.i hope u can send me some mp3 or video of toy dolls.

Hi to Malaysia! There a few videos for download on this website. and I believe more will be added later too. Good luck.

Hello, Mr. Michael Algar (the Best). I Love Toy Dolls, as well as Stones, Clash, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin and Dr. Feelgood... I am of Belo Horizonte, Brazil and would very like to see its band per here one day... I will be twisting so that it is in this year...

Hi Belo, Brazil is planned for this year! things are just being sorted out now. cheers

My name is Walterci Alves, tanks for all! Walterci.

Walterci Alves, Thank YOU!

I have an idea for a great opportunity for your fans like me, to have a great substitute for when you retire, if you are interested plz mail me back (i know this is hardly formal, but i know you are not one for the formalities)

Sounds interesting! you found some anorexic toilet brush with sunglasses who plays guitar?

Hi! I would like the "Our last album?" album. But sadly out in the Western U.S. almost no one has even heard of your band! And some small stores only carry 4 of your albums. Not the one I want! Is there some way I could get the album?

Yes! you can get Our Last album through SOS records in CA. USA. Best of luck!

Not a question really. Not at all actually. Just wanted to say thanks for years of pure joy and entertainment! Craftsmanship, that's what it is! Switching between TD, Tommy Cooper and old Jamaican ska should make anybody's day :) Agree on the Absurd Ditties as the overall best album, but I must say that very few (if any) of your albums are downright downers, I see them all as smorgasbords of fun. Pick a tune here, over there a
laugh... Again, thanks!

Well Thank you for that, you have brightened up my day! cheers Thanks a lot for writing.

Hi Olga My name is Willem Brynard and I'm from South Africa. I first heard the Toy Dolls in 1987 and I immediately loved it. Is there any chance of ever playing in South Africa? I bet it will be a sold out show, just like Violent Femmes who recently toured. Cheers Willem Brynard

Hi Willem. Thank you, there are no immediate plans for visit to South Africa, maybe in the future however, Good to know the Voilents done so well!

Hi dude! I'm an old "frog eater" (total Telly addicted) who take much fun with your guitar lessons! Yep, old man, I get white hair & beard now, soon in ashes. So I wanna thank you. I hope you'll make some others soon... quick please I hear 'em digging my tomb !!!!! Too young to die but not too old for rock'n'roll..... or something like that (dixit Jethro Tull) Sorrrrrrrrry for my pathetic english !!! Mic

Hey! The new guitar lessons are on there way! Great English!

Hello! I just wondered, are there any t-shirts available with NO face or anything like that (got one of those), just the logo with HUGE FRIENDLY LETTERS? You know, one colour t-shirts, simple ones... PS! Saw you guys for the second time in 04. Last time before that was in 93 (?). Can't remember, but anyway: It was a true joy, didn't even have to get sloshed to enjoy it! Keep on gutting my gloom :)

Cheers for that! There are plans for a website Toy dolls merchandise shop, new shirts will be up there for ya bit later in the year, will think on the simple design idea.

Hi, I haven't heard much of your live guitar sound but i'm under the impression that you don't use effects pedals. Do you use any effects pedals live?

Hi! I don't use effect pedals other than an Ibanez Tube Screamer, I only use this at the ends of songs for a bit extra sustained feedback, that's it, I prefer just the natural guitar sound through a Marshall JCM 800. hope that helps!?

cheers, i've been a fan for 13 years but never saw you guys live, you should come up to liverpool sometime :D

Yeah, the last time, and only time I think! in Liverpool, was 1985. Hope to see ya there eventually!

Hi there Olga :) fantastic music you create,i just start to listen to you 1 year ago and i am stunned,Toy Dolls is different and very very GOOD MUSIC,but enough of the flatter,i have one question for you,will you come to Iceland sometimes and have concert in Reykjavik??? you have many fans here andicelandic people are the best audience to play for,well i hope you come or i have to go to Norway and see you there or spain even.my favorite song with toy dolls is Bunch of fairies ,yellow burt and all the our last album cd.have a nice day,best regards, Raggi Reykjavik ,Iceland

Raggi Hi! I am pleased ya like this music up there in Reykjavik! I really hope we can get there one day, I will ask our manager about it. lets hope it happens!

Hi Olga Just been looking through the guitar lessons part of the site and what a great idea it is. Learn you're favourite songs with the person that played them. Put's alot of the music business to shame, especially with all the arguments about tabs and royalties and who wants to buy a tab book transcribed by someone else and half of it turns out to be wrong anyway! Anyway enough of me ranting on about pettiness and greed. I've looked through quite a few of the guitar lessons and the first part of tocatta stops after about 2 mins. I've found no problems with any of the others that i've tried so i think the problem might be your end rather than mine. Hope you can sort out the problem and look forward to catching a gig this year. All the best for 2006. Paul

Paul Hi. Thanks! all my idea (not!) actually Ciaron (Admin) thought of the idea. a good one too, keeps me on me toes anyway! I will ask Ciaron to check that Tocatta thing for ya. I am sure he can fix it! Cheers!

Hi Paul. I can't see any problems with the video file itself. Drop me a line if you're still having problems.

Hi Toy Dolls! I cant really ask anything that hasn't already been answered but.. Just wondering if glenda and the test tube baby riff was based on button moon?? Great music and an even greater legacy!! keep on bouncin! Rhys, Hertfordshire

Rhys Hello, I can say Glenda wasn't based on Button Moon! cheers for that!

Dear Olga (please answer me back you don't even have to put it on the site) My Name is Nick i'm 15 and I live in the U.S.A, Tulsa, Oklahoma (redneck city) I am the biggest fan in all Of the midwest probably and I know that you'll be coming to america so i wont ask you that. I have a couple of questions just please send me a e-mail or something back but take your time but not like in 6 months. My 1st question is do you like any of these bands or if you've heard of them: Dead Kennedys (my favorite american punk band), the clash, dead milkmen, (ok i'm going a little pre here). new york doll, richard hell, johnny thunders, mc5, buzzcocks, dead boys, the germs, nofx, bad brains, crass, sham 69, cockney rejects, Iggy pop (with and without the stooges), and oh yeah the sex pistols. if you like the majority of them just say yes if you don't have time but if you want to explain that's cool to. My second question is have you meet any of those bands or any of your idols and who. My third were can i get some of your shirts and dvd's and do they work in the us. My last if some time in the near future can the band that i'm in send you a cd or some thing the bass player loves the toy dolls but not as much as i do he loves spiders in the dressing room me to but i cant figure out like those little interludes i know the chords and solo but if you could help me out thanks. Biggest fan in the midwest Nick p.s: please send me back an e-mail i would really like to talk with you again.

Nick hey, I love The DKs! Sham and the Buzzcocks also! in fact I like all those bands you mentioned! Yes, I have met a few of the members of these bands, some are friends of mine. Maybe best to contact SOS Record in CA regarding DVD/ shirts etc. Yeah, please send ya CD to the Website Admin, Ciaron. tell ya what, will put spiders in the dressing up with the next set of guitar lessons for ya! Hope it will help. Cheers.

Hi. Drop me a line at the website e-mail address.

hey Olga how old are you now

Off the top o' me head.... I cant remember!

Hi Olga I'm Fabian (from Belgium), and i'm a great fan of yours. I've seen you 3 last year on Pukkelpop. You were great! I hope you come back soon to Belgium, so that I can come back sooon. Good luck!

Hi Fabian, Pukkelpop was enjoyable for sure, thank you, hope to be back in Belgium again! take care.

Hello Olga would you maybe also play again in Graz in Austria on the our last tour 2006. That would be very nice, the toy dolls got a lot of fans in Graz, because you are amazing. yours FLo

Flo hi, Graz is such a pretty City, we always have a lovely time there. I don't think we will be there again on Our Last Tour? tour, however, hopefully another tour will include your beautiful town!

when you wake up in the morning,what's first thing you used to do? call florence?

Of course, you guessed it!

The french water Badoit is using Nelly the Elephant for her advertising ! What a surprise !!!! But it's not your voice, who sings ? I wish to see you soon in France ! BaT'NTman

Hey Bat'ntman. I know nothing about this advertising I am afraid! cant help you there! would like to hear it though! Cheers!

Hello there, just wanted to say this: on youtube.com you can watch some videos of the lambrusco kids with the king himself on guitar - its probably interesting for your fans. But what happened to Dave? why won't he play the drums on the forthcoming tour? he was so cool I think its a big lost for the toy dolls...what will he do now? hope I get to see you again soon, the shows I've seen last year were fantastic! anyway good luck with the tour, all the following albums and the masses of dvd's you hopefully gonna release. cheerio, tobi(telly addict)

telly addict Hello. Not sure what Dave is doing now, I know he is always busy building his own hand built drums (JALAPENO DRUMS), and its all quality stuff I can tell ya. The next gigs we will be joined by the Amazing Mr Duncan, truly amazing indeed. Cheers.

hi, i've just seen a french tv advert for gazeified water with one of your audio single ; music (and water) wake up a "droopy" painted on the glass !!! I hope there will have "big money" for you... i really hope to see you again in "le transbordeur" (villeurbanne - france ; i drunk much beer there !!!) Buznik

Buznik hi I am afraid we don't know anything about this TV advert! sounds interesting! would love to see it! We will be back in France for certain! We also drank much beer there! Cheers!

Hey Olga! This is Tim from Germany. First: Sorry for my bad English, but I'm only a little school-kid... My question: I'm only thirteen years old and I like your music very much! But the other people in my school don't think so, they think your music is only stupid shit... How can I tell them that you are the best band and not these stupid boybands? Greetings from germany, Tim

Tim Hallo, Cheers for your email, good to know you like The Toy Dolls music! Don't worry about the other kids! everyone has their own opinion! most o' my mates don't like The Toy Dolls music! See ya in Germany!

You're one of the best guitarist out there in my opinion., but a lot of the tracks have other instruments. Piano, second guitar, banjo, etc.. Do you play these as well or pick up a sessions guy.

Thank you so much for that! I play the second guitar, banjo, acoustics etc, but we get a session guy to play the piano, apart from the piano solo on Deidre's a Slag, I played that meself, badly!

Oh my god!!!!!!That what I said when I saw a publicity for a mineral water (badoit) It was nelly the elephant , so can you explain me that???thank you and toy dolls is the best!!!Hermann from france

Hey Hermann! Sorry cant explain it! I know nothing about it? I guess its a different band maybe? Cheers

hi olga! when will you come to japan(nagoya)? we can not wait for LIVE!

Hi! O genki desuka! Watashi tachi mo, Nagoya ni ikitai desu! Our manager is trying to arrange Japan dates now, hopefully we will know soon! Kiotsukete ne. Olga yori

Hi olga , my name is james , and i want to tattoo the cover photo of WE'RE MAD anthology , but i can't find it in a good resolution!!!! i really need it !! can someone of you send me please :'( :'(

Hi, Perhaps Admin (Ciaron) has something, I hope he can answer this one! Take care

Hi. I'll get something over to you as soon as i can!

Hi Olga ! We need no answer for this mail, we just wanted to tell you that the concert we've been to at La Laiterie in Strasbourg was fuckin' cool and we'd like your last tour not to be your last tour ! See you next time in France why not for les Eurokennes de Belfort ? I live 15 Km from there David

David Hello, Thank you for that, we didn't expect Strasbourg to be so successful! a great night we had there.
Will see ya next time in France for sure!! Cheers