Olga, What will you, Tommy Goober and DTN do after the band stops touring?
Hey! Tommy will be touring and recording with his other bands, Vanilla Pod and Goober Patrol (look out for some new GP stuff soon!). He will also be studying Graphic design and animation in Norwich.

DTN will be hard at work building drums, all quality stuff, hand built too! His own drum company is Jalapeno Drums, up in Lancaster.

Me! I will join another band for sure, if anyone will have me!? I have also decided to throw myself into studying more Japanese. More TV work. And I will never stop songwriting too!
Who was the oldest member of THE TOY DOLLS?
Hi! The oldest member must be TEDDY TOY DOLL, I guess he is around 50 now!! Old bastard! Love him and miss him.
Are any of the b and married? divorced? have kids?
All single! No kids! Not divorced or married!
Olga, can you live from THE TOY DOLLS without having a day time job?

Yes I can, though its not easy! Especially living in Central London!

Where do THE TOY DOLLS crew live? I heard they dont live in UK!?

Hey, thats correct, apart from one!
ERNIE, Lighting Tech: Durham, North East UK
MATZI, Backline Tech: Stuttgart, Germany
BERNIE, Sound Engineer: Hamburg, Germany
KOEN, Merchandiser: Brussels, Belgium.

Olga, will you be playing bass with The Dickies again on the forthcoming tour?
On the fothcoming tour, no, but I will be at a few shows to watch for sure! Regarding future shows with the Dickies though, I wouldnt rule out the chance of me playing with them again, I really love the band! I had a great time touring USA, Europe and Japan. I miss em.
Olga, Which country has the most TOY DOLLS fans?
Oh! difficult, I would guess SPAIN or GERMANY maybe.
Have you ever thought of doing an unplugged tour Olga?
I mean just you, or you and Tommy or Gary Funn maybe?
YES! I am considering it now! Will keep ya posted!
Olga, how often do you practice the guitar?
Now, because we have some shows in October, I practice the set 2 or 3 times a week. If theres no tours/shows most of my time is taken up with songwriting, so I am constantly playing the guitar every day.
Olga, what are your top 5 fav TOY DOLLS albums?
1. Absurd Ditties
2. Dig that groove baby
3. Anniversary Anthems
4. On Stage in stuttgart
5. Our Last album?