Hey Olga,
What is your favourite TOY DOLLS line-up ever?
Alexander Dommerholt, The Netherlands

Oh, a difficult question! there have so many good musicians and performers, every line up has been unique, performances of various songs have been better with some members than others, I dont honestly have a favourite member or line up! eg: Gary funn wasn't the best bass player, but he played acoustic guitar better than any member, and he sang better than most, and Teddy played Glenda better than anyone else has, but he played Wipe Out er, shall we say not so good! know what I mean!?

hey olga,my name is fede im from the faraway country of argentina,i read the message that THE TOY DOLLS are not coming,i have to say that im very sad because i coundent se you when you play here,i was hoping to see you but well i kwon about promoters so i have to say if the band has another chance to play here please try to make an efort because many people here are very disapointted.
still love dolls your friend fede

Yeah, we are also sad not be performing there too, for some reason sorting out an agreement with promoters is extra difficult in South America! But at least I will be there in November as guest with The Lambrusco Kids, hope to see ya there!

Hi Olga, well for me writing this email is something i can't describe....you're my favourite band!! My name is Clayton and i'm 22yrs, from Malta..I don't know if you know where is Malta..it's just a small island in the mediterranean but the punk scene here is not bad. I play in a band which is likely THE TOY DOLLS and the bands name is TOY DOLLS in maltese( PUPI TAL-LOGHOB).....we're not good as you are of course!! You should come ones to Malta and we organize a gig for TOY DOLLS here!! it would be really great......and a dream for us to see you perform here...i've sent you one of our songs..it's a punk cover....well hope i'll receive a reply from you....cheers and keep going on like this lads!!!
Maltese TOY DOLLS Fan

Yeah,I know where Malta is, I wanna go sometime! Its popular with British tourists, everyone says how nice it is!
Best of the luck with the band mate, for some reason I couldnt hear it! I am flattered that you named your band after ours though! thank you!

Hey Olga,
Do you think you will know when you play your final gig? or will the dates just fizzle out? My point is that if you do know, do you have any plans to make it a bit special for yourself, by maybe inviting ex band members, guitar techs and all the people that contributed to your success over the years. There must be hundreds of people that have had some input over the years and it would be a real treat for them ( and you ) to be at the final gig and then drink the night away to celebrate the end of a musical era that has bought much pleasure to thousands ( if not millions ) of people for the last 27 (?) years. This is not so much a question as a suggestion so if you don't reply, I understand.
I wish you all the best for any future projects you undertake, and enjoy the lack of stress from not being the boss for a while.
I hope your well.
All the best
Dom ( wurble )

The final show is in Spain on October 22nd! though I would like to do a show sometime with all the old guitar techs/musicians etc, nice idea, twould be nice. It would take a bit of organising! cheers for the idea!
For now I just wanna rest! but I will bear it in mind for sure.

OLGA : It's a simple question , Do you like jamaican music ?? not the modern reggae!  classical ska , rocksteady or early reggae??? I'm a great TOY DOLLS fan from spain , but i also play in two jamaican bands. :):)

A simple answer, yes, I enjoy all music, except Disco! Hope to see you in Spain! enjoy playing with 2 bands! its healthy and good for ya.

hi Olga, can you help me for some tickets for the concert in Utrecht, Holland. I want them for a present for my boyfriend. please please, please.
regards, Frieda.

I think maybe you have been looking at the 2004 dates! please check! there are no gigs planned for Utrecht! sorry! 2 spanish gigs next week, if you can make it!?

Just a quick one, will there be any more of Olgas guitar lessons in future updates and if so do you take requests? There must be hundreds of TOY DOLLS licks and riffs Id like to learn
Dom ( Wurble )

Dont worry, the guitar lessons will continue! I love doing them to be honest! requests are welcome of course!
Though there are 100s of TOY DOLLS licks that I am still trying to play properly meself!

Hi Olga!
Do you have any contacts with the past members like Pete Zulu or Flip ?

Hi! I talk to Pete Zulu about once every 8 years! as for Flip, I aint seen or heard from him since around 1986/7!! would love to see them both soon.
I will be meeting up again with K'Cee soon, and Marty and Dean again too. I talk with Baz from time to time.
I would love to meet up with everyone to be honest, its been too long!

Hi Olga,Cody Fae Dundee Here wondering if you would be playing in Scotland in the near future, Saw you in Dunfermline years ago which still brings a smile to my face.

I remember Dunfermline! I enjoyed it, unfortunately OUR LAST TOUR? hasnt taken us there! God that was a long time ago, how old are you!?

Dear Mr. Olga,
I am a young guitarist from the U.S. who adores THE TOY DOLLS.  A little while ago i took your CD "One More Megabyte" to my guitar teacher in hopes that he could help me learn "Devil Went Down to Scunthorpe."  We searched everywhere for sheet music or tabs for the song but none could be found.  I'm not surprised there aren't any accurate tabs of your work out there, because it is so fast and so good.  Well, last monday my teacher finished tabing up your song by ear.  We have worked for nearly three months trying to replicate the master piece by ear.  My teacher has tabbed nearly six pages! of "Devil Went Down to Scunthorpe," and, Mr. Olga, we were wondering if you would take a look at them and help us out a bit.  The tabs would be for instructional use only (by the way my teacher praises the harmonics and the hammers as well as many other techniques you use), and we're dying to know if we're even close to the right thing.  Could we send you a copy of the tabs via mail or email if its not too much trouble?
Thank you for reading this E-mail from a fan.
Ms. Wilcox, Phoenix, AZ.

Hey! thank you for the compliments! cheers!
Unfortunately i dont have the tabs for The Devil Went Down To Scunthorpe! It took me ages trying to copy the original version! I had to make half of it up! I know how ya feel! might be quicker and easier if you try recording yourselves playing it, slowly, then I could have a listen. good luck!

Mike "Olga" Algar,
Long time listener, first time writer. I have been a fan of THE TOY DOLLS since I can remember. My closest friends and I have realized that one of the common interests we have is the need to hear toydolls at least a couple times a day. Are you ever coming to san diego or anywhere within a 10 hour drive of san diego? I missed you by a day at wabash hall when u played with the adicts in 2003. I was hoping you folks were gonna be at the wastedfestival but it was cancellled anyway. Either way, you have a plethera of fans here in souther california and we'd love to see ya. One of our local radio stations has finally started playing your tunes over the airwaves. They play nellie. My personal favorites are bowling barmy and fiery jack. I painted the 3 yellow faces on the back of my leather and would love to see you wild folk rock out. You can stay at my house if you make it here so no need for hotel costs. You can even put on a show at my house if you'd like.
Sincerely, boozebag

Need to hear THE TOY DOLLS a couple o times a day! wow! you got it bad!
I enjoyed the gig at The Wabash with The Adicts, bloody hot I remember! thanks for the invitation! Our Last Tour? ends in Spain next week.
But I may be back in San Diego with another band!

hi olga,
maybe this isn't a very good question for your 'olga talkin' section, but I start playing the guitar for 3 weeks ago, and I searched the Internet for tabs of THE TOY DOLLS, but there are very little sites with tabs of THE TOY DOLLS, so my question is: do you have tabs on your pc, and are you able to get them online?
sorry for my english, it isn't very good ;-)
all the best
helger thur

I dont have any tabs on PC, but its something we are thinking about for the not too distant future, theres been loadsa request for them! Hey your english is fine, no need to apologise! well done.

When THE TOY DOLLS were in Oslo last year, I happily took photographies all evening. When I got home I realized I didn`t have any film in my camera! So now I only have the memories of the best concert I`ve ever been to, and no pictures :-/
My question is: will you please return to Norway and do another show? I guarantee you another sold-out concert!
Best wishes,

Oh no! sorry to hear there was no film in yer camera! pleased you enjoyed the concert, I really did, I love small venues like that one! close contact with the audience, nice. sweat box though!
Thats the end of the Norwegian shows I am afraid, we loved it there.

OLGA please tell me mate its not really true is it, your not gonna split before my mates and I get to see you live in the uk, from sunny south wales here, please tell me I havent left it too late. theres an army of us here needing to see you guys live. will there be another gig in the uk soon, or north of france maybe?
yours hopefully, stickers of the band all over my car,
stevie gee

Hey! I am afraid we already done all the French shows on Our Last tour? and you missed them all!? Still two shows left next week in Spain if yacan get there?
An army of you? really?
I will keep a look out for your car with all the stickers on!

Hello Olga,
You said that you where writings songs at lot of your time.
Are there also new songs for an new album in the future.

Yes thats true, not sure about songs for a new album, but songs that will get used in some way, some how, some day, I hope!
Maybe with a different band?

hey Olga !
many many many thanks for keeping on sharing your daily activities with us (i really love these updates), and answering our questions...i would have missed it ! it's really kind to give us so much of your time.
so here's my question! our last album? is one year (-ish) old now, the dvd's 4 months old, and the last tour? is about to finish...
...i'm just wondering what you think about each of those events (compared with what you expected), and about the whole (mh...how to say) "our last ?" stuff. thanks for your answer, and see you in spain !

Thank you very much indeed, I love doing this too!
Good questions! Our last album?
Not a bad album! Barry the Roofer is very nice, sounds like it belongs on Absurd Ditties, the best album!
Some songs are good, some not so good! but overall, not bad!
The DVD, too dark, so so sound, not the best performance we have done, we were much better the following night! but thats always the case, right!?
The tour:
I enjoyed it, great to see old and new fans!
We had some really nice shows, and I was very surprised at the turn out at gigs, THANK YOU! great crowds.
See ya in Spain!