Hello Olga,
My question is...whatever happened to Kendra? I was a bit too shy (and sober) to ask when we met in Bristol.
I hope you can make it to the Dickies gig in November. It was great to meet you.
Cheers Becky (Wurbles wife) x

Hey! twas great to meet you too! whatever happened to Kendra? God, it was 20 years ago now! will I never live it down!?I will be at a few Dickies shows for sure, ya can count on that! See ya there

hi there,
I was just wandering if and when THE TOY DOLLS will come to holland again, it's been such a long time since i've last seen them. Please come quick!! many many greetings from Hans

Holland! again! we were only there a few months back
I would like to know from Olga, when exacly he will arrive in Brazil. If he will have time to know a very beautiful city that was establish by english men called Londrina. If there will be a possibillity of THE TOY DOLLS to play in Londrina in the future.
I want to tell that there are many bands better than that one that he will join in Brazil, bands like Borderlinerz(from São Paulo); and Cherry Bomb(from Londrina), their website is
I use to write some poems in English, and I would like to show some of them to Olga, maybe he like it at least one of them, then it would be a lyric of a future music composed by him, that would be a kind of cover, you know what I mean.
Well, I want to tell that the best bands used to come from the U.K., and there are some classic brazilian Rock bands that also are great like Legião Urbana that sold 3 times more than the Beatles down here in Br
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
All the best,
Robson Vieira.
Hey! Thank you for your interest! we (my guitar technician ,Matzi and I) in the early hours of November 11th, however we have to go straight to rehearsals! Non-stop work I am afraid!
I am sure there are many great bands in South america, I would love to hear more of them! and am sure you are correct about Londrina, sounds fantastic!
Hey Olga!
I live in northern california. And i noticed that on one of your previous answers, you said that oct. 22nd was your last show. Will you guys tour the u.s? The U.s. LOVES you, so please come here!
Cameron Sanchez
Yeah, 22nd October is the last show, there were plans to get to the USA in September 2005, but it didnt happen unfortunately, I love the USA, last time was with The Adicts and The Dickies.
Hey man, My name's Andy, I'm 15, and I've been a TOY DOLLS fan for years now. I recently found THE TOY DOLLS website, and I hear you're playing your last ever shows just now - but where's the UK dates? I live in Glasgow, and I desperately want to see THE TOY DOLLS, and have wanted to for a loooong time now! Please don't give it up until I've seen you guys play in my hometown! Although make sure it's not uff you guys did. We'll even open the show for you if you play in Glasgow! Cheers man, and never stop rockin'!
(PS. Check out my band's site if you like -!)
Andy Sonic Master / Cyster Scalpel
Hey, Enjoy New York, its one of my favourite cities!
Very best of luck with the band, as I have said many times in the past, UK is the most important place for us because its where we come from! in which case we wanna be fantastic to play there/here! unfortunately we are not!
I love England, dont get me wrong, I just wanna be extra proud of what I do here.
The last tour of UK I done was with the Dickies in 2002, I was very proud of the set/line up and performance, and I was very happy to UK because of that.
Hi there
just a short question:
what was the point why you decided that this is the last TOY DOLLS -tour & album? Was it a very hard decision? Saw you this year in Nuremberg and Rothenburg, sad that you didn't go outside after your performance in Rothenburg enjoyed the evening very much though!
Oh yeah in december Peter & the Test Tube Babies will play in Nuremberg/Hirsch in december..will I get to see you there? ;)
Thanks for 2 great gigs and a lot of wonderful records and a great message board - sad that its offline
Tobi (Telly_Addict)
I decided to call it all OUR LAST....? before we started rehersals in early 2004! Yes indeed a hard decision! We always go outside to talk with people after the shows, sorry I missed ya! Wish I could be there to see Peter and The Test Tubes, brillant, I wont be able to make it I am afraid! enjoy it! Thanks very much for your compliments.
Say hi to Peter Test tube!
Hello Olga, my name is V’ctor, from Argentine and is a great fanatic of you. My favourite disc is Absurd Ditties also. as is your preferred song of the disc absurd ditties? VICTOR
THANK YOU!! I agree that Absurd Ditties is our best album! you are correct! Best song on Absurd Ditties for me is Alecs Gone.
Hi Olga,
Paul here in sunny Portsmouth, UK.
When you going to play the UK then? Hope you can soon?
We all pogo'd [including my Dad] to 'Nellie the Elephant' at my wedding reception in 1987, however I've since been divorced and had been forced to join 'Fathers 4 Justice'.
Heard you on the early Oi! album & 1st saw you at the 100 club in early 80's and have some photos i'd like to show you. Strange men in soldier attire supported you that night. Mensi was there and so were some of The Adicts.
Please write a song for my son Samuel!! who's 15 in April 2006. Not seen Samuel since June 2004. Samuel and his mates believe you're tremendous and he has a poster from your 'More Mega' tour in his bedroom although he has not seen his bedroon since June 2004.
My Fav songs are Jimmy Saville, Hanky Panky and Alec is gone.
Please keep playing as you have more fans than you'd ever realise!!
Love you all.
Paul Robinson and fiancee Kate xx

Portstmouth always brings back memories of my says with the Dickies! Sorry to hear of your divorce. I loved the 100 Club, we had some great nights there for sure! I hope you can get to see Samuel soon, good luck there mate. I like Jimmy Saville and Alecs Gone too, I cant stand Hanky Panky though! Would love to see the photographs! Take care

steve gee here TOY DOLLS stickers all over the car etc.
after this tour, do you think you and the band would get together and do a gig in the uk? always loved punk.... pistols, SLF, ramones and all the rest of em, only the last year i first listened to you and the band, wow , she's a leech is blasting at this moment. Can/could you get together again for a gig in south wales. something as great and awesome as THE TOY DOLLS needs to be continued and never completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the venue sorted and will pay for it, loads of us here (army) to see you guys, how much can i pay you?.... I need you.. listening to your music and songwriting has truely changed my life. before i die I must have a dance with you and the guys. please help me out here buddy, its a bit of a jimmy saville request i know, but the venue is sorted and a place for you to stay is also. (not far from cardiff) porthcawl. quote me happy please, shut up steve, you'll be on your knees next. f**k I already am!!!.. anyway please answer this Question as you did the last. I'll remortgage the house if it takes it...its gotta happen man. cheerio. and toodlepip love you but dont wanna f**k you loads of respect steve gould south wales
You just mentioned three great bands, especially SLF!
Shes a leech eh? not many people mention that, I quite like i Our Last Tour? finished last week in Spain. Thank you for the offer though!
I am really flattered that our music changed your life, cheers for that really. Remortgage your house! thank you. Infact a HUGE thank you!
Hi there olga, i'm from argentina,
my name is patricio patrick in your language :)
the reason of this words are, to thank you, and the whole members of THE TOY DOLLS for the music that you create, I would like to tell you that at the moment I have dig dag groove baby, absurd-ditties,one more megabyte and, coverd in TOY DOLLS albums. In the words of ashbrooke
absurdlutely explendid albums, mindblowing in deed, I really enjoy them and i never get tired of listen to them. but one of the problems that i have is to get them ( really difficult here in my country, I hate that!!!!), can you tell me how can I get the rest of the albums??, if you don't know don't worry, is not your fault. one thing that i'd like to tell you is that the first song that i heard of you guys was the Toccata in Dm. when I hear it i was completly astonished , and the only thing that i said was " is there more songs ??" jaja really amazing you guys
well, I'll be waiting for you answer as soon as posible, thank you for reading this words, I really needed to do this because you are amazing man thats the trouth, one final question it is for sure that you'll be coming here with the lambrusco kids?? thank you a big big fan from Argentina patricio
Thank you so much for your kind words! the 3 albums you have are decent ones I think! I am kinda proud of Toccata too, even though I am not the writer! For albums you could try: SANCTUARY, SECRET RECORDS or CAPTAIN OI. They should be able to help ya!
It is confirmed that I will be playing with The Lambrusco kids in Brazil, fingers crossed for Argentina too!
Hi Olga, My name is Demis and I'm from The Netherlands. I was one of the lucky people to be on Utrecht gig where the DVD was shot.... And I also was at Dauwpop.....
First of all I want to say: THANKS for being such a great person and making such great music.....!!!!!!! Now my 3 questions: Do you know if there's a chance that the "Live In Japan" video will be released on DVD in the (near) future??? That would please a lot of TOY DOLLS fans!!!!!!!!! Second question: Captain Oi records (some releases are released through Sanctuary records) has all your albums re-released (Live albums NOT included).... They said remastered, but the only thing they did was, making the music a bit louder (I know this because I also have the first CD releases and with music editing programs I have, like Qbase, Cool Edit and Adobe Audition, I found that out)....
Is there any chance all your albums, including the original first (album) version of Nellie The Elephant and all the singles, 12" 's and EP('s) ever released, will be REALLY REMASTERED on CD ?????? Final question: why didn't you play any songs from the Anniversary Anthems, Orcastrated and One More Megabyte played on the Our Last Tour...????? Maybe there's an option to play one more final gig, play for 2 or 2,5 hours and play from every album a few songs..... And put that concert on DVD....... Or do I have to keep on dreaming/hoping...
Thank you for all your time you spend with your fans..... Greetingzz from The Netherlands.....
Cheers! I am gald you enjoyed the Dutch shows! It would be great if the live in Japan video was released on DVD, we have asked about it but we have no answer yet, hopefully it will be some day! The remastering question is more difficult, Sanctuary own the rights to the old albums and are entitled to edit them in which way they please unfortunately. Picking songs for OUR LAST TOUR? was difficult, there are always songs which people ask "why didnt we play"! we already played a few songs from One More Megabyte on the 97 tour, and with this being called Our Last Tour? we thought a lot of older fans would turn up expecting the early material. Having said that, we did practice Her with a hoover, which I like a lot, but it sounded awful!
hey Olga,
I was introduced to THE TOY DOLLS a few months ago and now are my favorite band. I was wondering what is your favorite band, your favorite song by THE TOY DOLLS , and what is your favorite song you’ve ever heard?
My favourites change from month to month, but now its:
Fav band: Stiff Little Fingers
Fav TOY DOLLS song: Alecs gone
Fav son: If the Kids are United.

Do you have any plans to play the UK or what? Maybe a low-key show in Sunderland. It would be much more fitting than having your last gig in Spain don't you think?
Got to see you in Paris last year and it was great but there are a load of people I know who would love to see you in the UK. Why not play somewhere that never gets bands - like the Ramside Hall or Dunelm House? Why don't you like playing the UK?Is it coz of previous crowd trouble? All the best with your next project mate.

Maybe I will put together a number of ex TOY DOLLS line up musicians and do something someday, like I said before, it will take some putting together, but coud be nice! Most importantly for UK, we have to be good enough to play here! Cheers!

Hi there Olga,
where do i start? #1...What was it like recording turtle crazy with a load of children around you? #2...When you played the uk in 96,how many was there? #3...What do you think to all the horror film remakes?I see their doing the fog now,due out next year. #4...With a yes/no answer,will all of your loyal old/new fans ever get to see the td`s play one final time in the uk? Lastly,THANK YOU for everything youve ever done for all the fans everywhere.Ive never met you,& ive never seen you live,& now my ultimate dream is shattered.I wish you the greatest success in all you do. Many many thanks Olga.... Olgacrackcorn...(aka Mark)
I want to forget about Turtle Crazy as soon as possible, not a proud moment for me! very difficult having kids around! especially 20 of them! having to keep them amused in a recording studio is almost impossible after the first 10 minutes!
1996 in the UK! I dont think so!, the last time was 1993! in London, capacity about 800, great gig, full and boiling!
I dont mind remakes if they are good! For ne japanese horror is the best! well scary!
Yo. Maybe with a few ex members and roadies etc someday.
Thank you very much, cheers.

Hey Olga i just want to know who is really "Dougy Giro" is he your friend or someone else?

Dougy Giro was from Hendon in Sunderland. north east UK, where I used to live, not a friend, just a guy I knew who slept in the street, I talked with a few times, he made me appreciate the simple things in life!

Not really a question more of a request,
can you put up some pics of when you met 3 colours red - i think i heard you mention you had taken some photos!
cheers manda c
Sorry I took no photos that night, anyway we had all had far to much to drink to think about taking pictures! not to drunk to remember that 3CR sounded ace though!

Hi, Olga!!. I'm Gonzalo From Argentina I have 15 years old, I'm a fucking big fan of you since I heard of you guys. My first song I hear was "I'm a Telly Addict" and I Really Enjoyed. Well here's one of my questions, will the band come back to Argentina? I know you came here in November of 1995 in Obras, but I was 5 Years Old and the first time I Hear punk was Green Day at the age of 8 , of course, I Prefer punk of '77 and scotish (Oi!). Another question, Why the people call you Olga? and The last question, do you like The ExPLoITeD? Idiot question, but... I really want to hear what you would say.
Well, that's all for today. I will ask you another things someday. Bye and thank you for keeping the band alive beside the loses of band members and of course, thank you for the Answer Michael!!
GoN The ToY DoLL!

Hey! I have been called Olga since school days! just ALGAR (my suname) spoken fast!
I may be in Argentina with the lambrusco kids, fingers crossed, I love it there.
Wattie is a friend of mine, so I have to say yes!... No, really, I have seen some excellent performances by The Exploited.
Thank you!
Cheers for your ideas! I love Rancid. Sorry we didnt get out there. Take Care.

When THE TOY DOLLS play live what song do you guys finish off with
Gaz Meiklem

Recently we have been finishing with Glenda and the test tube baby or she goes to Finos, followed by the DIG THAT GROOVE BABY theme tune.

Thank you for many, many years of TOY DOLLS tunes. I'm 36 now and have been listening since the "Dig That Groove Baby" album. I may just be the oddball here, but to this this date still, I'd have to say that my favorite album is still "A Far Out Disc". There are not many bands that you can go buy an album and like damn near every song on it. When ever I bought a TOY DOLLS album, I always got my money's worth. That goes for the live showa as well. I still listen to all of the albums regularly, though I had to go and update everything to CD's now. I hope you get the break you so deperately deserve, then get off of your arse and play some more shows!!!!! (especially in the U.S. near Los Angeles).
P.S. I love your video lessons. Not many artists would share, let alone disect their music and break it down for us average Joe's. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Jim.
Thank you for listening! yeah, maybe you are the oddball! I cant even listen to A FAR OUT DISC! pleased you like it though!
We had some great times in L.A. by the way!
Hey, thank YOU!, cheers for mentioning the lessons!

Hello Olga, I just wanted to know : What is the last thing you say to your bandmembers and/or think just before you get on stage ? Do you have some kind of 'ritual' just before all these fantastic gigs you've played over the years ? Once again, thank you for being such a great musician, thank you for 26 years of TOY DOLLS - music and good luck for any future projects ! (TOY DOLLS and other) Alexander Delesie (Herr Docteur Achtung)

I do say things, but its top secret, sorry! Thank you very much for the compliments, i appreciate it. Cheers!
Hello Olga,
I was in the concert of Santiago of Compostela. You plows fantastic although local the there is very bad acoustics I enjoyed I never eat with Glen Matlock and with you.
I would like to know from where an inflatable bottle that you threw to the public came out and that I have picked up. And also who is the girl that helped you to change the guitar in the scenario?. To greeting and to playing continued!!! Jesœs, Spain
Hey, I am really pleased you thought we played fantastic! thank you! You mean YOU got the bottle? wow! can we have it back? (joke) The girl is Matzi, our instrument technician!
Thank you again!
Hello Olga.
Great to hear your playing with the Lambrusco kids.
I spoke to the lead singer at Morcambe festival, and he showed me the tattoo of you he had done. I told him that I was from your neck of the woods (north east ), and how I would love to see you play one more time. It must be a great big honour for the Lambrusco Kids to have you guest with them, as they spoke so highly about you and the influence THE TOY DOLLS brought to their music. I told him to check out the 1st album, and the drawing of us "Houghton Punks", only visible on some copies, but its there! Told him about all the gigs when THE TOY DOLLS first started playing and my memories of all those gigs like yesterday, Howza bout it Olga ? Are you gonna do one last gig in England, preferably the north east.... Shiney Row Club, Newbottle Club, Dunelm House.....the Old 29 is gone, the Wine Loft too, like so many venues all gone, but you lot are still going, not sure for how much longer and I would love to see THE TOY DOLLS one more time. Cheerio and toodle pip (my granda used to say that) Mik (still a Houghton Punk)
Hi! Yeah, i am really looking forward to The Lambrusco Kids shows, a lot to learn though! Its an honour for me to be asked! Some day I may do a show with loadsa ex members in UK! will keep ya posted. Hows life in Houghton? Take care.
Olga, at each TOY DOLLS gig we went to (i mean real TOY DOLLS gigs, not festivals) i noticed the same songs were played between the guest band and THE TOY DOLLS (if the kids are united, ever fallen in love with someone you shoulnd't've, true confessions...) do you give the venue a list of songs to be played, or does it purely happen by chance ? thanks ! marie-laure (pooka)
You are correct, its actually a CD we had made for shows, the venues dont always have the appropiate kinda music, so we thought we would just make a CD of our favourite songs!
See ya!
Hey, Olga!
Just want to let you know one thing: big thank you! I spent last six months in Sudan and without TOY DOLLS I would be prolly in depression all the time ;) Man, your music, voice and lyrics are somehow energizing me. Thanks again! Paul
Thank YOU! cheers, I am really flattered and pleased. When people say these kind of things it is an extra special bonus, CHEERS! Nice comments! thank yoooo!
Hi, Olga!
this question is for Olga's section .... First i want to congratulate you for the very good show you made in Santiago de Compostela... Have you heard the cd from "Los „u TOY DOLLS" i gave you after the concert? What doy you think about the versions?
Gracias !!! sKino

Hi! and thank you! I intend on listening to the CD soon! I look forward to it, just been a bit too busy with rehearsals, Ciaron etc. to sit down and listen to it! very soon though!