Hey Olga, my name is Teresa, and I was just wondering if you could tell me when your next concert is going to be, me and my boyfriend missed the last one at Spain in October? Where is it going to be and when I think that your great an would be grateful if you could tell let me no, thanx for your help, I love you all you are amazing will be really grateful if you could let me no thank you all my love Teresa. xxx
Hey! Cheers for your interest! There are no concerts confirmed at the moment, but the website will be the first to know of any future confirmed shows.

Hi my name is Teresa and I am a big fan of yours, I think that you are amazing, I love you all, anyway I was just wondering if you could send me a signed autograph of TOY DOLLS for me, I would be so happy if you could do this for me? If you could do this for me I would be really grateful, if you need any money for this autograph I would be glad to give this to you, just e-mail me please. Thank you for your time all my love Teresa.. xxxxx I love you all

Hi! at the moment we don't have any signed photos or anything, hopefully in the near future we will have some ready, they will be free.
Ask me again in a few months. Cheers.

Hello, I recently picked "We're Mad!" and I have to say, I adore it, the guitar work is awesome, not to mention the bass and drums as well. So I went to check out your website after a friend o' mine told me about it, I was impressed, very impressed. After checking it out for a little while I stumbled across the "PLAY GUITAR WITH OLGA" section, "Could this be true?! Olga.... teaching me to play his songs?!" I said. Yes! it was true! I love your lessons, great teacher, but lets get down to brass tacks here, my question is, where did you pick up your guitar! I love it, the colour! The style! Its great!

Glad you like We're Mad! That's an old one! Pleased you are impressed with the website, that's all down to Ciaron, this site's webmaster! The guitar lessons were his idea too! My guitar? I bought it many moons ago! Sunburst originally, then red, and then yellow!

Hello, what's up?!
I don't know if it's the email I can ask it, but anyway.
First of all, I'm one of the biggest fans you guys have here in South America, Brazil to be clear. And I'd ask you Olga, one thing. I know you're coming to Brazil soon, and I got the ticket cause I won't lose this gig for nothing, even if I die before this one, I'm gonna be there... Here's me "wish": I would wanna know, how much is, and if it's possible you bring to me OUR LAST DVD? Cause there isn't none of them here yet, or forever. So please, hit me back even if you won't bring the DVD. But after all, try to do it for a fan.
Thanks Joby.

We didn't take the DVD because these were not THE TOY DOLLS shows, they were Lambrusco Kids shows, but, you can purchase it from

Hi, Neil from London,
I have all your CD's, but as you know there are some early tracks / b sides etc that are currently unavailable on CD, any plans to issue them, or maybe post them here as downloads.
PS don't worry about the turtle song, we can all live without that one!

Yeah, I agree with you about the Turtle crap! I believe that every single track that has been recorded is available on CD somewhere! Good luck!

Hi Olga met you and the lads after the Lucerne gig in Switzerland last year (the Irish folk!) it was great to meet you and you were all very nice the gig was great too.
Our Last Album? is very good
Just wanted to say thanks for so many years of great music we still have the CD's to listen too, and enjoy your retirement from THE TOY DOLLS! Best of luck with your new projects!
Do you go to many gigs in London will you go to see the Fingers this Xmas?
All the best

Hey, yeah, I remember the Lucerne gig; I enjoyed it, nice place. I remember you Irish folk too! How ya doin?
Our last CD isn't that good really, but thanks! It ain't bad! I think I am a bit busy with various things over Xmas, though one of these days I will get to see SLF live!!

In 1982 I spent many nights following THE TOY DOLLS to places such as the Smugglers at Annfield Plain, when the line up was Flip, Happy Bob and your good self. I then joined the Police Cadets at Durham Constabulary where I used to correspond with you by letter, to find out about gigs etc (I still have them in a scrapbook). To my surprise you released a song called PC Stoker - which has a very strong resemblance to my name Stokoe and obviously at the time I was a police officer (and still am) is this all just a coincidence or was I some inspiration for the name.......I've wondered for many years.
Also during those early days you used to sing a song, which was a favourite of mine, called 'I Can See You' what ever happened to it?
Best Wishes

The Smugglers eh! I remember it well! I'm afraid PC Stoker isn't about you! PC Stoker lives in the north of Durham nr the Redhills hotel, sorry aboot that!

Hi Olga
I don't know if you get these emails direct or if they go to Ciaron first (They do go direct to Olga. Ciaron) but hopefully this will reach you one way or another.
When we met in Bristol I recall you saying that if you made it back here for The Dickies gig you may well be on your own and up for a few beers.
If you cant make it or your with some mates, no problem, don't feel obliged to ring, Bec and I have tickets for the gig and will be in Bristol early for a few beers and your more than welcome to join us.
Anyway, Hope you have a great time in Brazil, I look forward to seeing the pics on the website, (will the new red Telecaster get its first outing?)

Hey Dom,
Bit late for this reply, sorry! I couldn't get to Bristol, What do make of the new Dickies line up? Really good I think.

Just wanted to wish you good luck with the Lambrusco kids
Marco 'Froggy' Vorgers

Well, thank you! It was a blast indeed!

Hey Mr Olga!
How are you?
I'm so glad that you're coming to Brazil!!!
I just can wait to see you or even meet you! I'm a big fan of THE TOY DOLLS and a huge fan of you.
I made some gifts to you and I'd love to give it
Could I have your e-mail so we can meet here in Sao Paulo?

Mirella! The gifts are fabulous! We had a wicked time; we enjoyed every minute of being there! Cheers

Dear Olga:
My son Alec's (he's 5) favourite song is "Alec's Gone".
He's a bit concerned though that after all these years you are still unsure of his whereabouts. He wants to let you know that he's still here in New York City and you are welcome for tea any time. He also would like to know if there are any plans to write a song about his 2 year old brother Maxim ?
Cheers, Gary.

Thank you for that info! And I shall certainly think about Maxim in a song! Cheers

I'd like to know if you're gonna make more shows around Brazil except for the ones in Sao Paulo or Pirassununga. But don't worry, 'cause you're gonna have my presence in Pirassununga (Pirassununga is the land of 'Cachaa' - Brazilian typical liquor).
I'm asking this 'cause I live too far from there.
Thank you a lot. (Sorry for my English)

Hey! Dont be sorry, your English is fine! Only two shows this time, with the Lambrusco Kids, hopefully more in the future. Sorry ya couldn't make it.

Olga...I'm Brazilian.. And I'm so curiously... when THE TOY DOLLS come to Brazil.... We are very anxious to your answer...Please tell us if that is possible and if THE TOY DOLLS have plan to come to Brazil, thank you so much... Please if be possible Estipulate any right date to come to Brazil... Thank so much
PS Sorry for the grammatical errors ... Thanks!

Anything is possible! We had such a good time with The Lambrusco Kids! As soon as anything is confirmed it will be announced on this website! Thanks!

Would it be possible to add titles to the lessons, rather than guitar lesson 1, 2, 3, 4...etc. Maybe it could be like "Idle Gossip part one" etc...? It would make it loads easier for us poor saps still on dial up. It would probably be easier to archive as well. I haven't had time to down load all of them, but if you have done "Wakey Wakey" intro or outro, what lesson number would it be? Thanks for you time. Jim.

Sounds like a good idea! Please drop an email to Ciaron , I agree with ya, ta!
I will get that sorted now!!! Ciaron

HI OLGA, sorry to keep hassling you mate its Stevie Gee from south Wales again. Firstly I'm not going to ask you when you're coming back to perform anywhere in the UK I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Next I have so much respect for you regarding all of the song writing and playing you've ever done, and also the time and effort you put into this website answering questions from anyone who's anyone like me eh. I have every album you've ever sold, and I can honestly say there is no song that I can fault, apart from worst things happen at sea cos me dad died at sea, that's not your fault though I fucking loves you. I gotta listen to you everyday, fuck me I'm starting to sound gay. Just wanted to say I throw bashes here in my house often, and my daughter who's not even 3 pogos with me in the living room too your songs, we jump in the car (stickers all over it) and she says "TOY DOLLS DADDY..... TOY DOLLS!" I've been too busy with my "hard work" Thai wife making babies and stuff to get to your gigs. First song I ever heard was on a tape "punk mix" it said on it, pistols, crass, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, (SLF)- 78rpm, they were fantastic in Cardiff a few years back, at the end of the tape there was Spiders In The Dressing Room and Nellie. Since then like I said it changed my life. Great musicians, the lyrics, haha fantastic. Always put a smile on my face!. A BIG SMILE MAY I ADD. Rupert the bear, what do you think of that song?. my heart pulses with excitement when I hear that one, its my daughters fav too. anyways, hope all goes well with the kids, and get your ass back in the uk. surprising lots of mates of mine never heard of THE TOY DOLLS before, now their starting to get a bit upset because you're not about and I've left it too late converting them.... which didnt take much!!!
loads of respect
Stevie Gee
South Wales

Wow! Cheers for all that! Pleased yer daughter likes us! Cheers so much for the compliments, I appreciate it. I don't mind Rupert the bear to be honest!
As for SLF, probably the worlds best punk band in my eyes!

Hello Olga
I booked THE TOY DOLLS on a few occasions in the early 80`s at Feltham Football Club and i am still a fan, just wondered if you remember those gigs ?

Of course I remember those gigs in Feltham Football Club! The first time was with The Upstarts, a looooong time ago! Bloody hot venue! But a rockin' one for sure!

Hi Olga, I'm a big TOY DOLLS fan from Germany. saw u in Hamburg Fabrik last year in October i believe, great show, only the Lambrusco bottle didn't work :-)Remember?
Now my questions: on your older videos I see u playing a Gibson guitar. What's the reason u changed to a Fender Telecaster? I just started playin' guitar, unfortunately I just could buy a Squier by Fender and a 15w Marshall but its ok for beginning I believe. I like your guitar-lessons, I can play the beginnig of Fisticuffs In Frederick Street now, I'm so glad...anyway my second question is what u think about the Ramones and Johnny Ramone`s guitar style? I like them very much (dream of a Mosrite guitar) cause its easier to copy for me.. u play toooooooooooo good. Ok I wish u all the best and hope my English wasn't too bad. Sad u guys retired but I still got my favourite records Fat Bobs Feet and Orcastrated (David's XR2 is great to drive with :-))
Bye Tim

Hey, I have always used a Telecaster, it stays in tune and is stronger than any other guitar I have played, I did use a Gibson for a while, but my heart belongs with the Fender!
Shame about the Lambrusco bOttle in Hamburg! Still, I really enjoyed that night! David's XR2 is nice, not too sure about the rest of Orcastrated though! As for Johnny Ramone, I wished I had met him, he was one of the greatest.

Hello! I'm in France and I can't find your (old) albums anywhere...
Is there a website where I can buy them???
Thanks Loic

Try, good luck.

Hey Olga!
I'm deeply stricken that you guys are coming to the USA like seeing you guys would make my life complete me and my friend bin trying to save enough to go out to see you guys somewhere in Europe. But its not going so well the tour is almost over and I'm not even close to having enough money.. I was wondering if you guys would EVER come to the USA? and out of all of your shows with THE TOY DOLLS witch one do you consider really memorable and totally awesome and different from the rest? well I love you for real.
Take care Much love
From Thomas (Southern California)

Hey, I love all the shows and cities for different reasons! Loadsa special memories of loadsa gigs, Again, as I have said before, If anything gets confirmed for the USA, the dates will be announced on this website!

I have a question would you want to start a band I can play drums or bass, pretty good we would rock and it would be fun I will move to London if I have too are you down?

Hey, I will remember that! Thank you, though I would play in another band, I have never thought about starting one from scratch, again!

Hello from Croatia!
Saw you in Zagreb and then went to Idroscalo, Milano to see you again!!(and NOFX, of course)
1.Back 25 or something years ago, what was your backup plan if playing in the band wouldn't work out? What would you do?
2.Why don't you study some music theory, coz that would be a big plus to your song writing and playing!?
3.What's the point in ending with TOY DOLLS and then saying you're gonna join other bands?
This Ask Olga and Olga Talkin' stuff is great!! No one does that! That's true love for your fans! Bravo!
Good luck with your playing and everything! OI!

1, I was gonna be a policeman or join the Army!
2, Maybe it wouldn't, loadsa my songs/solos are written outta mistakes, that wouldn't happen if I knew exactly where to put me fingers.
3, Joining other bands is good for you, gives ya inspiration, and recharges yer batteries.
Cheers for that! THANK YOU for reading!
In your last show at Brazil (Sao Paulo), the Lambrusco Kids' vocal said that TOY DOLLS is going to come to Brazil in the next year (2006). I really want to know how truth is this affirmation.
In addiction, I'd like to say that you are the best one and we're anxious to see you again and all band. Although the show with Brazilian guys was fantastic, I know there aren't enough adjectives for the real TOY DOLLS and nothing replaces you!
Eternal life for TOY DOLLS!!!
Nothing is confirmed at the moment for Brazil, keep checking the website, any confirmed shows will first be announced on!
Glad you enjoyed the show, I did for sure! Cheers

Dear Olga,
I`ve got two questions.
1) How are you?
2) Do you have plans to come to Munich(germany) soon?(I really hope so!)

Hey, I am fine, thank you so much for asking! No plans for Munich yet, we only just played there last year, but I did enjoy it heaps! Fantastic! Cheers.

Q: First off, we met in California at an Adicts show, when I saw the flyer, I thought it was you, so I checked online and sooner or later, "OLGA ADICT" comes up.. What the hells! That is awesome!
I've been waiting so long to see THE TOY DOLLS come to California, and I missed the show a couple years ago when you came to Hollywood...
Are there any chances you are coming back with another tour? Just tell me!!!! My dream before I die is to meet the ones that helped me pick up a guitar, and one of my influences is Olga. I must send you a track of my band playing Dig That Groove at the Cobalt Cafe in Hollywood, CA!
I'd do anything to see one last glimpse of you on stage as THE TOY DOLLS!
Please, come to California!!!!
Agoura Hills, CA

Hey, just keep checking this website for any confirmed shows! I really did enjoy the shows with the Adicts, they are a nice bunch o guys.

Hope your well,
Firstly, have a superb Christmas, & a fantastic New Year. Now my question.... Why were "Livin La Vida" & "Lazy Sunday" released as CD singles? Finally, if you had the chance to play BASS with the Rezillos, would you jump at it. Merry Christmas Olga.

Cheers, I am very well thank you! Yes Vida Loca and Lazy Sunday were both released as Singles on CD, by Receiver Records.
And for your next question...YES I would love to play bass for the Rezillos, that's one band I would join for sure!

Hey Olga, I saw you guys at Pukkelpop in Belgium (great show by the way). So i guess you know my question now: WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK???
greets Jan

Thanx. I enjoyed Pukkelpop, we missed Social Distortion though, boo hoo! Not sure when we will back in Belgium! The website will keep ya all informed. Cheers

Hi Olga,
this is Alex from Germany. I'm into Psychobilly / Neo-Rockabilly music and also a big fan of your TOY DOLLS. My question: Think about the following situation : The boss of a commercial record company is offering you a contract (Big Money). Your songs would make it into the charts and your video clips would be shown on MTV, etc. The record company wants you to change your music style (more commercial). Would you sign or would you give a shit about it? And another question: Have you ever played on an upright bass?
Take care and best wishes and keep on rocking

Hello, NO, I wouldn't sign, I am completely happy doing what I do, why should I wanna change my musical style!?
Never tried an upright bass, someday I will!
Hey Olga Nik from Brum here, as a lifelong guitar player and fan of THE TOY DOLLS since 84 when nellie was on top of the pops I've got to know something, how do you come up with those awkward rhythm / melody parts. For a genre of music that's slated as being performed by people that cant play and have a go heroes you truly are a virtuoso and absolutely inimitable, is it just a natural thing born of your influences and if so who are they?

Well thank you!! No, I wasn't born playing! Wished it was a natural talent, just spent 15 years of me life stuck in me bedroom trying to be original! Boring eh!?
However, Thank you for yer kind words!